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Nibiru / Tarık

The planet of Nibiru, who made Hz.Nuh's ship and caused the Great Flood, was known by all prophets. Allah warned all the prophets about this special planet. Nibiru / Tariq, which gives its name to a surah in the Qur'an, is moving to its closest position to the world with its 3600 -year -old orbital cycle.


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Second Noah's Ark Project

In a way that I could not understand, I gave my last 2 years to research the issues related to the end of the end of the end and Nibiru. I have done a lot of things in the field of work that could be instrumental in the salvation of people. No one could do this other than me in the world. In fact, all my work was on the "Second Noah's Ark Project". Of course, it is impossible to make a ship at this time. However, by giving information to people, giving advice for people to prepare, creating a number of preparation structures, disasters and disasters by identifying the safest areas in many parts of the world, research and analyzes, identifying special camp areas for possible chaotic and global disasters, I have fulfilled the task against all humanity. Those who knew the value of the value, those who did not know was out of the ship. The fool who has known a lot at the time, but who knows nothing, is not passed through people. We're not going to convince them, but with those who really believe. Just like our ancestor of Noah. He told him that his people were crazy, and they even broke his work at night. In spite of him, Allah helped our ancestor and saved him from bad, immoral, bigot, ignorant, fools. With the arrival of Nibiru, there will be a great destruction. At best, 100 million people will be able to get rid of this destruction with 100 million, pessimistic estimation. I didn't do all this work in vain. Whoever wants to believe what you want. I do not claim to be the Second Noah, but I am one of the grandchildren of Noah and Oguz Kagan. Of course, they will grate me and disparage me because I tell the truth. If it were otherwise, I would doubt the accuracy of what I did. Globalists have been trying to block me for 30 years. Millions of people from 40 countries understood me, but my nation could not understand me and my values. This is enough as a shame to them.


Nibiru with Titles

In different cultures

I have read 300+ foreign books in every field related to astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology sciences. I follow up to 20 astronomy magazines. I follow many websites and groups in this area. I established a few structures called "Turkish Space Observers", "Group of Natural Disaster and Disaster Research", "Group of Natural Security Analysis and Research" and "Watch Tower of Turks". Those who are enthusiasts and want to do research in this field can take part in these groups. I am the only one who conducts research in so many languages and in so many fields in the field of Nibiru, interpreting his findings and creates explanable information. So I am the person who is an expert in this field. People who do not know anything properly have to know that there is a serious researcher who can respond to them if they have the courage to come out today and show random publications.


I am the one who has the most research in this field and has more information. I will not be humble, those who are humble is very unjustly increasing. Our intention is pure and I look at the issue as a Muslim Turk. I examine all of the explanations and bring comments according to my own belief. I make the most logical and valid explanations according to my faith, culture, mentality and values. I can't take everything and adopt everything. There are necessarily what others say in my narratives, but it does not mean that I believe and adopt.

1. What civilizations have come to this time
2. Reflections of the existence of this planet to various world cultures
3. Date about the planet in the history of religions and beliefs
4. Those revealed in astronomy observations
5. Explanations made in special research groups (CMF followers, Zeta Talk Group, Turkish Space Observers Group)


Nibiru is a structure described as a "very special planet / comet star" depicted in different cultural layers and religious / belief models. This cannot be called only planet or comet star. It is referred to with different names in different cultural and religion / beliefs. I gathered some of them. I wrote the Turkish of some names, and I wrote some of them with the name that they are known in their cultural layer.


Nibiru / Planet X / HERCOLUBUS / QOATZALCOATL / Second Sun / Maya Bat Divine / Red-Mavi Kachina / Tarık / Planet 9 / Planet 10 / Planet 11 / Planet 12 / Planet-7x / MARDUK / YAKUP star / Jesus Star / Bloody Moon / NEMESIS ARD'S STAR / BAAL STAR / Wormwood / Hubarkko / (N)EFİLLİM (Anunnaki) House / Tyche star / Star of Eleen / Eleen's Star / Dragão Vermelho / ANKA / Transition Planet / SAQUASOHAH / RED EJDER / Sky Snake / Phaeton / NEMESSIS / Scary star / death star / Pelin


What's going on?

The electromagnetic waves spreading with the arrival of Nibiru before the Flood of Noah warmed both the Sun and the Earth. Sun explosions have also increased. The electromagnetic effects of the Sun on Earth have also increased. As such, the land of the Earth's seed, magma layer, mantle layer and naturally sea waters are warmed. Now they have a fake "people are miserable with a global climate weapon". This has nothing to do with the truth. Prior to the Flood of Noah, the warming of the earth and then extreme heat, drought and famine occurred. Although the special servants of Allah suffer from trouble, they are preserved. But others have experienced various kinds of health problems, madness, sudden deaths. This is what happens today. If you still believe in globalist tales and ignore Nibiru, continue. However, your exhaustion and extinction in ignorance, ignorance and foolishness will be a story for the next generations. In this world, you will see value on the day of the account, as you consume your life without any accurate and proper efforts and deity the globalists. Although Nibiru appears on your hill, globalists will continue to deceive, use, remove the way, and show the facts. You really have this ore. You put oil and honey in the bread of globalists.



Then we ordered him as follows: Make the ship under our supervision and in line with our revelation. Finally, when our command comes and the water begins to boil, together with one pair of animals, take the family to the ship, except for those who have been decided to drown. Don't make a wish for me to get rid of those wrongdoers. Because they are doomed to drown. "


Surat al-Muminun, 27 / The Holy Quran Azim'üş Şan

Throughout the History

Throughout history, Nibiru has repeatedly met with the world and had destructive effects. You can understand them by reading the writings of old civilizations and religious books. As for how it will have effects to date:


If we look at the hadith "Melheme-i Kübra (3rd World War) will be with stones and sticks", we understand that the science and technology in humanity in the hands of humanity will be completely reset. In fact, globalists who trust them will be disappeared with their people. Electrical and electronic systems will burn, modern weapons will not remain, humanity will return to their primitive times. There will be no people and knowledge that can produce the same science and technology. In the beginning of the End Times, everything we have is expected to go. Previously, people will have a large population and the remaining period of astonishment, and then they will have to struggle with the End Times events that will occur successively.


If we look at the hadith "The Sun will rise from the west", we understand that neither the predictions of Carlos Munoz Ferrada nor the Zeta Society are not fully true. Because the poles must completely replace the Sun from the west. As Munoz and Zeta explain, the displacement of continental tectonic plates cannot be born from the west. The theory I put forward is suitable for Islamic narratives and has much more accurate approaches.


If you look at various scientific measurements today:


1. You realize that the magnetosphere is dispersed and from time to time tears and that there are electromagnetic discharge from the Sun and Nibiru to Earth.

2. You realize that the cause of solar explosions is electromagnetic pressures of Nibiru.

3. You have seen in the news that one of the tails of Nibiru was tamble to Jupiter last week and caused some destruction.

4. Schumann resonance has passed out of 7.83. This shows us that it is a major planet factor that disrupts the balance of the Earth.

5. The heating of the core of the Earth and the magma layer, the explosion of the volcanoes, the explosion of volcanoes, and even in various cities, indicates the planetary interactions to us.

Nibiru's orbital cycle times occurred:


Today: the release of the vision and mecüc, the opening of evil dimensions doors, miraculous events
3600 years ago: Zulkarneyn Oguz Kagan and Hz. Ibrahim periods, the gigantic drought and famine in the world, the imprisonment of the vault and mecup in the cave
7200 years ago: Hz.Musa and Red Sea splitting into two
10800 years ago: shifting of the Turkish State Center from Asia to Europe
14400 years ago: the Glacier Age, the Formation of the Scythian Sea, the Formation of Human Teles and the displacement of the Aegean Sea
56000 years ago: The emergence of Mu continent in the time of Er-Kut Kağan
70,000 years ago: Noah Flood

Effects on Earth

With the entry into our solar system during the 3600 -year orbital movement, it approaches Earth at more than 20 points in about 150 years. These rapprochement occurs during the orbit of the two planets. However, at least 1 of these rapprochement is at the highest level. Nibiru's 3 tails are 25 million km long. It is thrown to the door around and around the sun. Meanwhile, queues are aligned for a short time towards various places. With this swinging and alignment, meteors and fire balls (Fireball) with oil on them from the queues to the Sun and planets are thrown. When Nibiru and the world reach the closest point, Nibiru's tails are worth the Earth. From Nibiru to the Earth, the stacking of ironoxitis, electromagnetic storms, extremely hot or cold waves arrival, the distribution of the Earth's Magnetosphere and excessive electricity of the ionosphere, and the ride of radiation burden on Earth. Nibiru is seen as big as the moon. 3 days between the Earth and the Sun remains and the world is buried in darkness. The iron layer of ironoxide for 40 days does not leave the atmosphere. Slow functioning of time, slowing and stopping of the return of the Earth, the complete displacement of magnetic poles, the access of electromagnetic discharge from magnetosphere ruptures, and the emergence of psychological and spiritual changes of people.


Some effects he will have as we approach:


1. Electromagnetic discharge and radiation loads

2. Send meteors, asteroids, fire balls, burning oil particles

3. Atmospheric phenomena and surprising events

4. Breaking the Time-Nesne integrity and the demons of demons and demons become visible (there are people who illustrate the demons and demons in different parts of the world and make video)

5. The increase of natural disasters (3 times increased compared to 1 year ago)

6. Increased psychological and mental illnesses, people to abnormal thoughts

7. Opening of energy channels and size doors from Ley lines

8. The filling of bad demons and demons into the Earth and cities (this is explained in a hadith)

9. Opening of the talismans made during the time of the Prophet Suleyman

10. Increased death rate and decrease in birth rate

11. The stunning of many people, the decrease of leaders and guides

12. Extremely hot and extreme cold weather, day and night temperature differences increase

13. The death of animals in herds


Some of the effects it will make while it is in the nearest point:


1. At least 3 days full darkness and 40 days red sky

2. The destruction of the places between the Chile-Italy-Endonezia triangle, the explosion of the major 30 volcano in this triangle (except 1-2 active currently)

3. Very fast melting of polar and mountain glaciers and floating lands

4. The removal of the North American continent, the Black Sea, Europe and most of Africa like hallaç cotton

5. Cultivation of those with negative electricity on the body into electromagnetic lightning

6. The confrontation of people who do not go to safe areas with great scourges

7. The disintegration of Magnetosphere, Heliosphere and the Ionosphere and the fact that living things become open to every effect and disaster coming from space

8. The Earth's completely somersault, the displacement of the poles, the Magnetosphere began to regenerate within 2-3 months and to continue the Earth's orbit movement

9. At least 3/4 of the people and animals of the world are perished

10. Change of seasons, soil structure, vegetation

11. The occurrence of drought, famine and absence that will last for years



It would be a bit of a sense to say something about it. People from different segments have different views. There is a calendar that I put forward after some of my calculations.


2022 April-May: Nibiru's effects start to increase thoroughly
2022 July-August: The weight of Nibiru's weight reaches the stamps

December 2022: Preparation for transition to a new age


The date of January 1, 2023, which the globalists say on behalf of "Great Reset", actually fits the calendar I made. With Nibiru's arrival, could there be a larger reset? Different places give different dates. The Jews were waiting last December. Christians are waiting at any time. I am waiting for serious developments this winter. We have to wish Allah good. However, there are no years like that. Some talk about history like 2030. There is no such thing. Nibiru's shadow is already falling to Earth. Some nebula in space stems from the fact that structures serve as magnifying.

Physical characteristics

Carlos Munoz Ferrada, Zeta Community and Turkish Space Observers have a lot of research in this area. I stopped watching what this group told because there were UFO and Reptilyan believers in the Zeta community. There are more than 6000 pages in 7 languages, 4000 pages of writing, I have a visual document of over 1 TB and hundreds of books I have acquired. NASA, ESA, ISS, ROSCOSMOS, ZETA, MUNOZ, SITCHIN or others did not guide any of my research. Frankly, I could not learn anything about what they said. As I did research and thinking about it, I started to solve the issues. I followed the Nibiru paintings found by Zeta, the calculations of Munoz, the tablets of Sitchin, the pictures and videos taken by space observation centers. However, my own efforts were effective in obtaining information and explanation. Especially to make the information I have acquired into an explanable information was a very challenging process. Because whoever took this issue in the hands of half -licking something and used ambiguous expressions.


Nibiru's equivalent in Islam is "Tarik". This is a "planetary complex". It is a "Kuasar" structure. It contains black holes in it. The central planet is referred to as "Nemesis girl" or "Nemesis". The size of this central planet is greater than 10 times the Earth. The planetary complex has more than 150 planets and moon structure. These structures extend double spirally from both sides of the central planet. From a distance, the appearance of "bird" or "aircraft" forms these structures. The total mass of the planetary complex is 80 times the mass of the Earth and 8 times the mass of the Sun. The size of the 2 large (major) satellite / month is twice the size of the Earth. It has 3 tails and each is 25 million km long. I also learned that the tails of other comets near the world are more than 200 million km. Nibiru will approach Earth about 25-30 million km. It is extremely dangerous in terms of mass extraction and electromagnetic gravity power between planets. Because Nibiru's tails will touch the Earth or they will approach enough to touch. Carlos Munoz said that these three tails would be worth Chile, Italy and Indonesia.


He writes in Surat al -Tariq in the Qur'an:


1. I swear by the sky and the tariq.

2. How will you know what Tariq is?

3. It is the star that pierces (with its light) darkness.

4. There is no one who does not have a protector over him.

5. So let man see why he was created.

6. He was created from a gushing water.

7. This water comes out between the waist and ribs.

8. Surely, Allah has the power to resurrect him after death.

9. Remember the day when all secrets will be examined!

10. (On that day) man will have neither strength nor helper.

11. By the rainy sky,

12. I swear by the cracked ground.

13. Surely, that Qur'an is a word that distinguishes truth from falsehood.

14. It is not an empty word.

15. Surely they set a trap,

16. I also set a trap.

17. So give respite to the disbelievers; give them some time!

Carlos Munoz "Nibiru comes up with many things known in the science of astronomy. He is an unusual comet star," he said. In Surat al -Tariq, Allah said, "What will you know about him?" says. So this is an unusual structure that brings a star destruction and a new era. In addition, it is said that in Surat al -Tariq, "Let the human be created," if you look at what globalists do to change the human nature and to remove the Geni gene from human beings, you will understand how significant the verse is. In the last verses of Surat al -Tariq, it reveals the judgment of Allah against the actions of the Globalists and Illuminati, the unity of infidels and hypocrites. Because the devil's servants set a trap to human beings. But Allah says that he will send Tariq and show their power by destroying their order. Of course, those who think themselves are good but serve the globalists approach the wrath of Allah.

What is our duty?

1. We correct ourselves, to protect our faith and morality.

2. We act with our minds and the right sciences we have learned.

3. Keeping our pity with the right people and correcting our direction.

4. We adopt our real equity and wise guides and leaders.

5. To take measures against disasters and disasters that may occur and make preparations.

6. We try to overcome difficult times with unity, solidarity and solidarity.

7. We do not dive into every event that may occur, we do not fall into sedition.

8. We are solid stance against the deceit of Antichrist's servants.

More information:


For more information about Nibiru, you can look at the articles and images I shared in comments under the shipment in my telegram group above. You can read Nibiru Book 9th Chapter E-Book. You can look at the publications in our Telegram groups below. You can do your own research. You can see the articles on the blog page.

Today's Risk Factors

Before we started the map work, we thought to shape everything according to Nibiru's arrival. However, in time, we realized that these studies could be a solution to many vital risks. Because the global gang is now at the highest levels that they are trying to do. There were times when sane people might be safer by living in the mountains or away from people. Nibiru is still approaching the world. We believe in this issue. However, other current life risks are increasing. When you consider crossing the countryside, you should look at the world from a wider perspective. We cannot say that this will be or not. It is our strategic analysis. All sane states and analysts plan the necessary measures by making such analyzes. We call such studies "predictions" and Islam "feraset".


In order to be protected from Nibiru, it is necessary to work on maps and find safe areas by considering possible signs and devastating effects as “criteria .. Preliminary preparations must be made against the dangers determined according to each criterion.


1. Fatal Criteria: Disposed magnetosphere, EMP / EMF spread, fire balls, meteor rain, acid rain, earthquakes, hungry animals, destruction of vegetation, fires, natural gas explosions, volcanoes, nuclear facility explosion, mine treatment plant explosion, high magnetic attraction areas, high magnetic attraction power, gigantic, mountain shifts. Water rise after melting, atmospheric fires, permanent change of climatic conditions, displacement of magnetic poles, and the displacement of continental tectonic plates ..


2. Very important criteria: Famine, thirst and drought, extreme heat, extreme cold, psychological and neurological problems, dust clouds, long -lasting darkness, inability to do agriculture and animal husbandry, accidents due to the failure of vehicles, explosion of natural gas lines in cities, poisoning of lakes and rivers from acid, the formation of nuclear sprinkles, the formation of nuclear sprinkles, the formation of the cities,


3. Criteria to be considered: The transformation of cities into dangerous places, the emergence of civil wars, the collapse of state structures, the dragging of people by bad leaders, the dust clouds and storms that occur frequently, the sky phenomena, the games of the jinn and the tricks ..


4. Supernatural criteria: When the Dajjal released chained demons and demons during the time of the Prophet Süleyman, doors were opened to the dimensions of the demons and demons. In the future, these demons and demons will go down to the earth and filled into the cities. Protective angels will go out of the city. Bad demons and demons will strive to provoke and bring people to each other. Many things can be seen, such as the loss of goods, the appearance and disappearance of silhouettes, fake UFO attacks, strange creatures, and unexpected behaviors from people.

Nibiru and my work

I have collected close to 2 TB visual and written data in 3 years. I have made many things explain. I scanned the resources of more than 40 countries in 7 languages. I kept more than 6000 pages. As a matter of fact, I was one of the most important people in the world. I have produced a scientific theory of Nibiru's contact / reunion with the world. I gave Nibiru and his 13 satellites a specific name. This was just one of my interests. Of course, there are a lot of things to produce false and populism. Of course, reptilyanism, anunnakism, alien beliefs, such as the context of completely deviated people have contexts. We tried to make explanations in accordance with Islamic and Turkish customs. With up to 15 main sciences / sciences, we have made narratives suitable for reason, logic, science / science with up to 15 main science / science. Of course, many of them did not even feel the need to listen to us with prejudice and foolish. Super ego, relying on the ridiculous narratives of the type of unconcerned and star polished types will bring their end, they do not know.


The Nibiru Galactic Complex, which has a magnetic field area of 7 billion km, has 13 satellites and has 3 tails, each of which is 25 million km long. Nibiru is currently known to be in Venus orbit. At the same time in the orbit of the Earth .. So it is increasingly moving to the point of intersection with the world. Immediately behind the Nibiru main planet, there is a extinguished dwarf brown year, which provides its own internal energy balance. With this feature, the Nibiru system is also a Kuasar, which is a structure that forms new celestial bodies. 2 satellite outputs in Nibiru were observed before.


3657 -year -old Nibiru orbit movement is examined in 3 parts:


1. Nemesis Star (twin of the solar system) around the system: lasts up to 1000 years. Nemesis is a dwarf brown star and is the sun of the twin star system. Nibiru rotates between these two solar / star systems. Physically, the two solar systems rotate around each other and move in the Milky Way Galaxy delays their progress to the black hole in the center. Because the centrifugal force and electromagnetic interaction formed through this rotation protect twin star systems. Nibiru is also called "Nemesis girl". In Islam, the fact that Allah says, "We have created everything a couple," strengthens our views on the existence of the twin star system.


2. Between twin solar systems: lasts up to 1000 years. It passes in the intermediate area of twin solar systems and is dark.


3. Cycle in the Solar System: It is about 1600 years. It is here to approach the Earth up to 20-25 times. Hz.Ali's Hand declaration sermon in Küp Mosque "Every 1000 years, every 100 years and every 30 years" Nibiru's interactions with our solar system and the world are mentioned. It is much closer to 4-5 times before approaching 20-25 times. 1 or 2 times Nibiru hit the Earth, either passes very closely or passes by rubbing.


According to the lunar calendar in Hz.Ali's Hand Declaration Service, it is mentioned that Nibiru's first noise will be heard in the month of Ramadan. Of course, some signs and signs must be realized.


Some of these are as follows:


1. The appearance of two fire columns (plasma discharge) in the east and west

2. Two months and 2 solar eclipses of Nibiru will emerge

The "lack of shadow of the Kabe", which takes place twice a year, is realized in a greater number of "the sun falls perpendicular to the Kabe"

4. Pressing the Kaaba in insects and various animals

5. In the world, people get horny and persecute each other

6. That year's first day of Ramadan and the middle of the day coincided with Friday


All of these are currently completed. Now we are preparing for the great noise time, the last sign of Nibiru before the emergence.


What is recommended to us in the sermon is this:


During the first approach of Nibiru, namely Tariq in Islam, a great noise will be heard and a huge light will emerge.


1. We will close our doors and windows on the month of Ramadan of the year when noise can be heard. We will move on to our darkest room.

2. We will wear our woolen dresses. Because woolen dresses prevent EMF waves.

3. We will prostrate. Because if you are standing, the EMF waves hit you and damage your internal organs. We will be close to Allah when we prostrate. We will protect our eyes from huge light during the prostration.

4. We will read the prayer of "Sübbûhun Kuddûsün Rabbül Melâiketü Ver Rûh". Because the letter "s" is a prayer that passes a lot. When you read the letter "S", your eardrum closes.


Very probably a satellite of Nibiru or one of Nibiru's tails will probably pass. At that time, a huge light and noise will occur.


In the sermon, it is said that "many people will be blind" and "many people will be deaf". There will be those who miss and die.


I have a lot of information and documents in the fields of human sciences and religious sciences. Our work and preparations about Nibiru, Tariq star, are largely complete.

1. 80% of the Earth will be under water and huge disasters will occur here again. 40% of Turkey will be under water.

2. There will be megatronic earthquakes of 9 and above. The megatronic earthquake that occurred in Turkey in February was the forerunner of these. It was at a magnitude of 13 and the accumulations of cosmic energy on the Ionosphere and the ground surface were detected. Cosmic energy from Nibiru and the Sun suddenly exploded on the ground. In fact, explosions occurred in 4-5 cities and there was great destruction in 20 cities. There was a meteor shower during these explosions, even social media influencers and conspiracy theorists hid them.

3. Most of the world's volcanoes will become active. Even volcanoes such as Yellowstone, Campi Frigrei, Vesuvius, Erciyes, Hasandağı became active. 2 volcanoes in the sea in the Mediterranean and 1 volcano in the sea in the Black Sea have been detected in the last 3-4 months.

4. 95% of Europe, 70% of Asia, 70% of Africa, all of Oceania, all of North America, 80% of South America will be completely destroyed and become uninhabitable.

5. Huge temperatures at the global level are electromagnetic storms from Nibiru to the Sun and Earth, and the Sun to Earth.

6. When Nibiru has passed, there will be 100 million people left on the optimistic estimate, and 3-5 million on the pessimistic estimate. After the Prophet Jesus' descent to the world and his struggle with the Mahdi of Islam, when he becomes the Sultan of Islam, there will be 30,000 people left in the world. In other words, the world population will decrease gradually in 6-7 years at the most.

The biggest problems that will occur in our country during the Nibiru's approach and transition to the Earth:


1. No water to drink
2. Stop the state and municipal services
3. Drought and Opening of Paintings
4. Land shifts
5. Mountain destruction and landslides
6. Floods
7. Huge earthquakes (3 large earthquakes finish Anatolia)
8. Activation of at least 1/3 of volcanoes
9. Human migrations arrive and wild animals come here
10. Food scarcity
11. Internal turmoil and wars
12. The occupations to be created by Israel, Greece, Russia, England, Jewish Kurds and the United States (there was no single soldier vaccine in the US army and are currently around 650000 American soldiers, there are 150+ USA and NATO base in our country, we currently have 250000 soldiers and all of them)
13. Sale of the territory of the country to foreigners
14. Making life more difficult to the Turks

What have I done in the last 3 years?

When the various structures are established, the first thing people expect is an institutional structure, pretension and a center. However, no one thinks about the costs of all this. If you create a system where people from all over the world can participate, it is obvious how difficult it will be to do so. When such structures are established, people are expected to communicate and interact with each other. We did his experiment many times. However, instead of being a constructive, being a developmental, learning, they lost themselves to blur, morale, reduce motivation and fatalism. As we tried to establish a constructive and developmental structure, people went out of our lines and began to mislead us from our aim. That's why we prevented people's communication with each other. Unfortunately, our nation does not have the ability to communicate correctly and properly. So we took care of using the structures only on giving information. Many who heard the word "structure" did not participate in a part of a part of the cowardly, and some of them did not participate, and some of them standing with a civil servant's mindset.


I created 4 buildings to prepare the Turks for the End Times:


1. TÜRKÜTOPYA / TURKUTOPIA COMMUNITY: There was a classification of social layer in ancient Turks for tens of thousands of years in the form of "nation> community> community> height>. First, Seljuk and the Ottoman Empire broke this tradition. In the Republican period, these concepts were completely forgotten to our nation. Our nation, which gradually entered the power area of globalists, has become hostile to its values. Today, most people do not know their own size. Therefore, it was essential that our nation was the roof structure that could bring together conscious, faithful and smart segments. It is the product of a 20 -year ideal and was created for the fact that Turks could be in unity and solidarity in difficult times. 460 million Turks can participate as long as they claim Turkishness values. There are two main orientation projects called "Future for Turks" and "Turks for the future". Although the main principle is a structure for the Turks; Muslims from different societies belonging to Ahl al-Sunnah and Turan elements, which are a certain consistency about Turkishness, can also participate in the structure. The structure does not work with a democratic system. It is managed according to the old Turkish procedure and its leaders are also evident. The participants have the right to appeal or the right to declare a democratic idea. It is obvious that the old Turkish procedure is suitable for us, as democracy is a bad system. Turkish communities and societies in different parts of the world may participate in this structure and declare their views in the Commons Assembly. The last word always belongs to the leader.

2. Turkish Preppers Community: It is the community aimed at informing and conscious of the Turks against chaotic events of the End Times.


a. Preparation for the arrival of Nibiru: With the arrival of Nibiru, state structures will disappear and many people will die. Immediately afterwards, other End Times will occur. Works had to be done to protect some of the sane, frustrated and faithful Turks from the destruction of Nibiru. We thought about it so that our nation is completely destroyed.


b. Preparation for Globalist Games: Until yesterday, the societies and structures that our ancestors fought until yesterday have been transformed into legal structures today and they realize their wars against us within the covered projects. They control 90 % of the world's money. They see themselves as deity. Under the name of YDD, they drag the world to the Great Reset. They made our nation openly. If our nation does not disappear, a new life can be started with those who are disconnected from the network and will not be able to live from the network.

3. Turkish Camping, Mountaineering and Surviving Community: One of the main principles of preparation is to have knowledge, skills and mentality that will adapt to life in nature. In this context, people must educate themselves. In which areas people will train themselves. Recommendations on these issues are chats and broadcast sharing.

4. World Protection Alliance: It was aimed to conduct research and studies for the protection of the world in 6 main categories: Soil and Agriculture, Water and Sea, Nature, Forest, Food, Humanity and Civilization.

​ ​

a. Creating a community of people who have not been genetically deformed: It was designed for people who have not been genetically deformed by various methods and who preserve their human character to continue their lives under a common roof. When necessary, these people can also go on the path of continuing their lives by creating a society that is independent and distant from others. This society can create its own social, educational, cultural, artistic, health, trade and economic order. They can strive for various purposes such as marriage, friendship, cooperation, business partnership, common security measures against possible adverse conditions, creating a common supply chain, and building a solidarity infrastructure.

​ ​

b. Protecting the world from all kinds of disasters and disasters: It is about researching and implementing what is necessary to protect the world from human-made disasters and disasters.

​ ​

c. Preserving our values: It was planned to carry out studies in order to protect our national, spiritual and religious values, culture, mentality, ideals and interests, to live and to teach them to new generations.


c. Establishing a new life after the chaotic times of the End Times: After the arrival of Nibiru was over, it was thought to create a new life with what was left. It is not possible for people to get through such chaotic times alone.

​ ​

The passing of Nibiru is a very slow and wicked process. At such a time you cannot stay in one place and settle in one place. I did some work for him:

​ ​

1. Identifying safe areas for the world and Turkey: The 838-page book I prepared on my work for Turkey comes out at the beginning of August. I also wanted to complete my book on Nibiru, but I was too tired.


2. Camping in safe areas: The ancestors of Turks used to go to the countryside in bad times and protect their families there. We imitate our ancestors. That's why we set up old-fashioned camps. These are with the understanding of organization and coming together when the day comes.


a. 100 campsites out of 25 in 4 stages in Turkey
b. Campsites for Turan dormitories
c. Camping areas for foreign countries where Turks live intensely


3. Flooding maps: I created map sets based on the probability of flooding at 225 meters and 457 meters. We thought of our campsites in accordance with the data on the flood maps.


a. Flooding maps for Turkish coastal cities
b. Flooding maps for Turan dormitories
c. Flooding maps for foreign countries where Turks live heavily.


I am telling you these as an example and useful. There are good people who love Allah in every nation. God does not make everyone aware of these issues. Conscious people are the very special ones.

​ ​

One of Man's main purposes had to be to use science and technology to unravel the mysteries of Nibiru and determine when it would reach Earth. But we are trying to talk to people who think that they have found a field of ingenuity by immersing themselves in the life of this world with negligence, deceit, stupidity, mental retardation and ignorance. People who are hostile to science, religion, values and everything that is important actually make life difficult. At this time all had to be prepared for the coming Nibiru. But people do nothing but hide behind excuses.

When will Nibiru come?


In fact, most of the signs and signs were completed. We will make our observations. We continued our work on the basis of the Moon Calendar (not Hijri Calendar). The month of Ramadan is between 2023 September 29 - October 30.


- In mid -October 2023, we will wait for Nibiru's number on Friday.

- February 2024 - If the number of Nibiru is heard, Nibiru will emerge in Safer.

- Nibiru will move to the point of reunion with the world within 40 days after the emergence, and the weather will darken in the world, that is, the red darkness. Big disasters and disasters will be at this time. Iron oxide will fall to the world. Many people will not breathe and many people will die in a short time from iron poisoning.

- There are 3 days full darkness during the nibiru-world reunion. Nibiru will influence the Earth with all its power. Electromagnetic storms, electrical arcs, oil pillage, etc.

- Nibiru's separation with the world will take 40-60 days. In the meantime, there is red darkness.

- Nibiru's primary destructive effects on Earth will begin to pass within 7 years. The effects may last 800 years. Of course, if the apocalypse was not broken then ..


Those who want to get special counseling can apply. If we have time, we will take care.


The nephew of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) "The Gate of Science" and "Lion of Allah" in the interview with the title of Ali Al Kufe Mosque "According to the moon calendar (the Prophet Muhammad did not have the calendar in the time of the moon calendar was used) Tariq star in the month of Ramadan and Tarik Star in the month of Safer. It is the month of Ramadan in 2023 according to the moon calendar in October. In February 2024, according to the lunar calendar, Safer is the month. Within 40-60 days after the emergence of the Tariq star, the world and the Tariq star will collide. This is our calculations.


Of course, there are some signs and signs before the emergence of Tariq Star. We identified them in the words of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadiths) and Ali's interviews. We also watch signs and signs.


However, I do not just look at Islamic sources. For 3 years, I have been conducting continuous research and observations in the fields of human sciences and religious sciences. I have read at least 300 books and a few thousand articles in 7 languages about each branch of science. I still read and develop myself.


My Academic Fields: Biology, History and Turcology

I am an academician in these areas. I am descended from Oguz Kagan.


Some human sciences I am interested in:


1. Astronomy, History of Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrophysics

2. Geology, History of Geology, Geoarkeology, Geomorphology and Geophysics

3. Seismology (Earthquake Science)

4. Geography and Cardography

5. Volcanology

6. Ocean Science (Oshinology)

7. History and Archeology

8. Mineralogy

9. Cave Science (Speleology)

10. Glacier Science (Glasiology)

11. Geodynamic and Gravimter

12. Geomanyetism

13. Biology and archaeobiology

14. Space Observations

15. Soil Science (Agrology)

16. Jeodezi (location measurement)

17. Geoistatistics, Bioistatistics and Statistics

18. OK formation, esoterism and metaphysics

19. Folklore and Folk Stories

20. Climate Science


Some religious sciences I am interested in:


1. History of Religions

2. The End Times in Christianity and Judaism

3. The End Times in Islam

4. Havas

5. End Times in Buddhism

6. Hadith science

7. Hutbeler and interviews of great Islamic scholars


My frequent technical controls:


1. Status of Schumann Resonance

2. Geomanyetic storms

3. Ion load in soil and in the ionosphere

4. Jetstream currents

5. Ocean currents

6. Stereo A and B with Stereo LASCO 2 and 3 satellites

7. Climate Changes

8. Anomalies and phenomena

9. The axis of the world

10. Magnetic field changes

11. Status of the magnetosphere

12. Earthquakes worldwide

13. Worldwide volcanic explosions

14. World Continental Tectonic Plates displacement

15. The effects of Nibiru on Earth and the Sun

16. Orbit of Nibiru

17. Heat changes in the magma layer

18. Meteorite rains

19. The status of ironoxide and petroian layers from Nibiru

20. The effects of Nibiru's approach on human health


There are more, but I think that much is enough for you. Nibiru is just one of my interests. I am interested in many issues such as traditional healing, alternative healing, nature protection, mountaineering, surviving, natural stones, ethic time science, Islamic sciences, ancestral agriculture. If my financial resources were better, we would have done more and more beautiful studies. We also put our unusual projects into force. I have to set a budget for every load on my own resources. At this point, how long the ones I have was enough .. If they knew the state of 10 years after the states and the rich people would bring me in front of me. For maybe a few years later, none of them will be in the world and the remaining people will be zelil. The protocol of Allah's punishment and perishing is in force. That's why they're all in a blunder..

Watch Nibiru with us

TELEGRAM GRUBUMUZ: Disasters in the World, Astronomy, Geology and Nibiru

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