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457-meter Land Flooding Maps Prepared for the USA

"Paid maps" prepared on supercomputers with 5-6 different technical mapping methods and available online provide us with a lot of information. I bought the map service and created an opportunity for you. I have done the necessary mapping work. These are maps that have been brought to a detailed view by zooming in. You see which cities and towns water can enter.

50-70 meters of water rise with the slow melting of the glaciers in the poles and mountains, 225 meters within 1-2 months with the beginning of Nibiru's electromagnetic waves, 457 meters with the complete melting of Nibiru very quickly (a few weeks) (flood) will occur. When it comes to Earth contact with Nibiru, tsunami storms are expected to occur first at 800 meters and as a result of Nibiru's closest point to Earth, 1500 meters.

Depending on factors such as elevation (altitude), education, alluvial plain, water walkways, the water elevation in different places will be of different quantities. Knowing where and how much water will flood is essential. Because even if the place to escape is a mountain top, it will be easy to get stuck in an area such as an island. You can determine the direction of retreat, shelter and escape with Flood Maps. It's a good idea to know ahead of time where you're going. Otherwise, you can be nose to nose with huge bodies of water.

The Netflix Series Ancient Civilizations tells us many things. Massive floods have occurred in the past, perhaps thousands of times. Water has occupied the whole earth. Very few people survived.

If you don't want to face deadly conditions and at least have a chance, I recommend getting the Land Flooding Maps. There was no longer such a long time. Next, sometime between the Taurid Meteor Shower and the End of Summer, Earth is expected to pass into the Last Human Age. So be quick. The state of being cut off from the internet has also become evident. Your access to information and communication with us may be lost. Invest in your future and security while there is time. After a short time, the rest will have already lost all their possessions and will be living nomads. You can be sure.

Hurry if you want to get the 457 meter Land Flooding Charts Set for the USA. We'll send you your maps via e-mail.


Simple Map

Complicated Map

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