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A brief look at the real history

Why is it that there is information and documents about our history up to a certain time, but it is difficult to find anything about before? Because there have been huge disasters, that is, global resets. Many settlements and artifacts were buried meters below the ground.

About 30,000 years ago, a major global disaster occurred. The state center of the Turks was in Eastern Turkeli (China) and in Asia Minor. He was working as a "yabgu" in Pre-Asia. The Turks had to migrate to the west and move the state center due to disasters. The state center was moved to today's Eastern Europe. Archpriest St.A settlement was made around St. Petersburg. Again, due to the impact of disasters, today's Vienna was founded and this place became the Capital. When the period of the Scythians approached, he became the Chief Fish around the Crimea.

The yabgus of the Turkish state were the Khanates; the Thracians and Scythians were on the European side, and the Targits and Sakas were on the Asian side. There were also Caucasian Turks. about 15,000 years ago, there was a global destruction again. There have been floods and water walking from the seas to the lands. The western part of today's Russia was flooded and it was called the "Scythian Sea". At that time, it was possible to travel by ship from the Aral Lake to the Caspian Sea and from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. Previously, the present-day Aegean Sea was above the present-day Aegean Region and was land. Today's Aegean Region was the sea. When the volcanoes in the Aegean Sea became active, the place where today's Aegean Sea is collapsed, today's Aegean Region remained above. Most of the sea waters filled into the present-day Aegean Sea and some of them formed groundwater. Archaeological studies conducted today have found flooded settlements in various parts of the Aegean Sea.

Due to devastating disasters, a part of the Scythians and Thracians landed in the south. They settled in Anatolia, Asia Minor and Africa. There have even been those who have gone as far as India and Southeast Asia. Thus, the principalities called Anatolian and Pre-Asian civilizations were formed. There was also control of the central Turkish state structure at that time.

What we call Sumerians; He is the grandson of Scythians. After them come the Akkadians, and after them the Babylonians. They are successive lineages, that is, they are the same society. The written and spoken language is also Turkish. We cannot expect the way of writing and speech used then to be the same as today. There are also differences due to the mouth structures. The people of the civilizations we are counting were people who could get along by talking to each other. They were using the same language. The first English dictionary was written about 150 years ago. The Turkish version of the words was 90%, the rest were slightly modified Turkish. Turkish was the only language spoken in Europe and Asia 5000 years ago. Some historians say this openly now.

If you try to learn our history from Arabs, Chinese, Rustics, Pharisees, Americans, Europeans, Jews, you will learn false history. Just like today. 2 Hungarian Jewish researchers claimed that the Khazar Khanate accepted Judaism as a religion. All the history books began to say "The Khazars were Jews". However, Jewish Historians in Israel have proved that this is not true. If you declare the whole country Jewish because there are 3-5 Jews living in the khanate, you are ridiculous.

Today, those who tell history by looking at genetic haplotypes are talking nonsense. I am also a Geneticist and I know the subjects well. 85% of the societies in the world are already of Turkish origin. Haplotypes do not show you the differences. It just shows the different soil types and mineral types that work into the genes of people in different geographies. For example, genetic historians show Azerbaijani Turks as Pharisees.. For this reason, they claim that most of Anatolia consists of Pharisees.

When you look at ethnic maps, there is also a great heedlessness. They make a place where there are 3-5 people from a society look like the sovereignty area of that society. For example, they refer to the areas where 3-5 Armenians used to live as Armenian territories and supposedly claim rights on behalf of Armenia. How many Turks are there in Armenia? Or how many Turks live in places where people from different ethnicities live. For example, although there are 20-25 Turks in a place where there is 1 person from a different ethnicity, the Turks are ignored and that region is shown as belonging to that different ethnicity. In the CIA Factbook and the European Statistical Institute data, the populations of people of different ethnicities have been gradually inflated over 25 years. While the population rate of people from a different ethnicity in our country was 2-2.5% in the 2000s, it has been increased to 30% today. Of course, by making it up at the desk. People from this ethnicity also show traces of civilization belonging to Turkish history as if they belonged to them. They are writing a false history.

Evidence of these can be found in the archives of the central power Dynasties of the Turks, in the pyramids built by the Khagans and Khans (there are more than 2000 tablets in the Oghuz Khan pyramid in Xian), in the archives of the thieving Vatican (there is a 56 km warehouse, archive and library under the Vatican, which only a few people can enter). In the last few years, 2 Stories of Atam Korkut, who has never seen the face of the day, have been extracted from the Vatican archives. There are also Turkish state records in the archives of the central power Dynasties. But I don't know if you can reach them there. When the world is in this state, they also do not open their archives to everyone. Especially when the Turks are denying their originals..

There are also geological and biological records of the information I have described. Only if you research and know the interpretation will you come to the right conclusions. In the world of globalists, it is almost impossible to find anything from education or cultural accumulation.

In recent years, an invented expression has been "what is called Turkish is the unity of the peoples who have lived in Anatolia for thousands of years". In other words, the Turkish Nation is ignored and an absurd concept is being invented. about 10 years ago, an inscription stone was found in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. It was determined that the age determination was at least 15,000 years old (fifteen thousand). The text on it could not be read, but it turned out that it was an old form of Root-Turkish Tamgas. There has been no news since that inscription stone. Unfortunately, there are no real historians in our country. The "Double-Headed Eagle" flag of the Seljuks came out of a chest in a man's house in Altai. There is no voice in our historians again. They are brainwashing people with historical sequences to distort the pharisee. The guys who go to China all the time are adopting the history that the Chinese have made up. They also talk about something called the "Göktürk State". There is no such state either. It is a Chinese invention. The Turkish Nation is the oldest in the world and the nation that invented civilizations.

There have been 5 great Turkish migrations throughout history (the last 60000 years). The Turks have gone all over the world. Hz.The nation and race of Sam, one of the 3 sons of Noah (as), made the east of today's Africa their homeland. These used to be green and beautiful places. Their language evolved over time from Root-Turkish and turned into Aramaic. Hz.The nation and race of Ham, one of the 3 sons of Noah (as), settled on the eastern coast of present-day India and the southern parts of present-day China. Those who settled in the southern parts of China became Pharisees. Their language evolved over time from Root-Turkish and turned into Hindu. Hz.The nation and race of Yasef, one of the 3 sons of Noah (as), settled in present-day Asia Minor and Anatolia. And then, as it multiplied, some of it spread all over the world. However, there have always been Turks living in their homeland. The second largest homeland of the Turks, that is, Atayurdu, is the Eastern Turkic, that is, today's Chinese territory. The Chinese are also of Turkish origin, but they are corrupt. Their true homeland is Yunnan province. They have occupied other places from time to time. Gog and Magog are half Turkish, half Chinese looters. Oguz Khan put them in the cave. The cave in Kyrgyzstan has also been identified. The language of the Turks is Root-Turkish and the alphabet is Root-Turkish Tamgas.

Arab is not the name of a nation. It is the political and social union of 8-9 different remnants of society that managed to survive disasters. Of these, up to 10% are Sami, the rest are Turkish communities. It is the Phoenicians who invented the Arabic alphabet, and they are the Eastern Mediterranean homeland of the Etruscan Turks, that is, their governorship. It is the Turks who invented Arabic. The language of the Samis is Aramaic. It was the Turks who invented the Persian alphabet. The alphabets of the world's languages originate from the Root-Turkish alphabet.

Mongolian is also not the name of a nation. The word "Mongol" is the name of the union founded by Genghis Khan. There is no such thing as a Mongol in history before Genghis Khan. The same applies to the word "Uyghur". There is no nation or society called Uyghur. The word "Uyghur" is the name of the Turkish union founded by Oguz KHAN. Before Oguz Khan, you will not find such a thing as a Uyghur.

If you have any questions, write in the comment, I will try to answer as soon as I find the time.

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