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BAT is On the End Times Calendar/Forecast

Everyone has fallen into the trouble of making a calendar. God knows best. If I were to think a little about which event might occur in which year, it would be best to draw a picture like this:

Summer 2024 - The Proclamation of the Great State of Zion, the Appearance of the Temple of Solomon and the Erection of the Statue of Solomon

Autumn 2024 - Nibiru's Sayha

2024-2025 - The Beginning of the Drought and Famine Years

2024-2025 - Sudden Deaths of a Large Part of People with Real Epidemics

2024-2025 - The Filling of Evil Jinn and Demons into the Settlements

2024-2025 - Sufyan's Exit

2024-2025 - The Exit of Dabbatal-Arz

2024-2025 - Middle East Conflict and Turkish-Greek War

2025 Spring - Nibiru Comes into Being and Many People Become Blind or Deaf, Many People Die Suddenly

Summer of 2025 - Nibiru's Tails Rubbing against the Earth and Great Destruction

Summer 2025 - The Silence of Technology and the Return to Primitive Life, the Death of Hypocrites

Summer 2025 - There are 5-6 million People Left in the World, Most of the Turks Will Disappear

2026 - The Coming of the Antichrist and the Domination of Darkness

2027 - The End of the Antichrist and the Third World War

2027-2028 - The End of the Zionist Jews

2029 - Hz.The Sultanate of Jesus (PBUH) and the Beginning of the Last Century of Bliss

2030 - Hz.The Death of Jesus (as)

2069 - The End of the Last Century of Bliss

2070 - The Apocalypse

The end of Turkey is also coming with the World of Nibiru. There will be no such thing as a state in the world anyway.

Nuclear Weapons will not be used. There is no Nuclear War.

Most of Istanbul will be flooded. During the Great Earthquake of Istanbul, the city will turn into rubble. Cities such as Kocaeli, Sakarya, Tekirdağ, Yalova, Zonguldak, Çanakkale will also turn to rubble.

Uludag will explode, gas and dust will cover the area with a diameter of 200 km, lava will flow towards Kütahya and there will be a lot of problems for Anatolia.

Cyprus will be flooded.

At least 10 volcanoes in Anatolia will explode.

NOTE: There are many people who forget that we live in the End Times. If you read the Hadiths of the End Times, you will understand that this time is already the worst time in the world. If you don't want to hear and see bad news, unplug the internet and TV. You cannot make people up to your liking, you will take care of yourself. If you don't want to see and hear bad things, you can't block those who report and receive news from the world. You're going to turn off the Internet and the TV, look how happy you're getting.

You look at the comments of people; you think that they are all married and Allah is waiting to help them. Is it possible that people who have not been able to distinguish between right and wrong, friend and enemy, truth and falsehood more, and who have not even made the order of maruf - nahy- anil munkar, are their own worship and sincerity in their religion acceptable in the sight of Allah? Have those people who do not make a sound about all these bad things and even support people who are not real, have they reached the consciousness of being a real Muslim? Have they been able to sleep heedlessly and to be a guardian at the same time? He does not want a guide to the visible mountain. In the ranking of Islamism, the state ranks 85th and our people ranks 165th among the countries of the world.

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