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When a major disaster or catastrophe occurs, you are likely to be one of the following:

a. From Your Soul

b. From Your Property

c. From Your Loved Ones

c. From Your Job

d. From Your Friends

e. From Your Home

f. From Your Workplace

g. From Your Hopes

You can get some of them back with money. But if you think that even buying property today is a huge amount of money, for many people, a Disaster or Catastrophe will perhaps be the last moment to hold on to life. If the time is up, death is a right, but if the time is not up, there is crawling in that uncertainty and running out. If you don't care and ignore it, you will be the culprit of the desperation that happens to you. The era is not the era of spending a lot of money for showing off. God has not given us all the knowledge, reason and religious expressions in vain. How consistent is it that people talk about reason, science / religional science, belief and do not prepare for Disasters and Catastrophes?

Turkey is the most dangerous geography in terms of Disasters and Catastrophes. About 8% of our country is a geography that can be considered safe. The rest is unsafe in terms of Disasters and Catastrophes. If you are looking for a Decently safe area, it is an area between 1-2%.

If you do not prepare for Disasters and Catastrophes and do not take your precautions:

a. If the living areas disappear, you will not be able to build a new residential area on your own

b. People don't know what to do, you're left in a daze

c. It is too late to organize in advance with the understanding of unity

d. You won't find people who can trust each other

e. You will not be able to get the information to set up a safe camping area at that time

f. You can't know if your location is safe compared to other places

g. After the disaster has passed, you will not find comrades who will join forces and build a new life

h. Even if you want to migrate to other places, you don't know if it's safe there

i. You will not have access to vital information that will be necessary during Disasters and Catastrophes.

What happens if an extraordinary star such as Nibiru / Tariq Star touches Earth?

1. Living spaces are completely destroyed

2. The death of a large number of people

3. The disappearance of technology

4. Due to the chaos that will occur, people will ignite war

5. Decrease in the amount of usable soil and water

How are we going to save ourselves?

1. We will prepare: Information, Camping Equipment, Planning, Analysis, Evaluating Possibilities. We have been working on Information, Analysis and Evaluation of Possibilities for 3 years. We have prepared many documents and maps.

2. We will take care of the timing: most disasters have a development process. We will be cautious by following the processes. If necessary, we will go outside the building and, if necessary, to a safe area outside the city.

a. Before an earthquake happens, there are excessive electrical charges in the Ionosphere and in the Soil. You can see them with an application like Windy. In addition, before an earthquake occurs, there is electrification in the air (such as static electricity in the hair) and gray cloud formations.

b. Earthquakes occur before volcanic eruptions, and water vapor outflow from volcanoes occurs.

c. There are stages before Nibiru comes into being. We've told you all this. We will complete our preparations immediately after the Nibiru day and we will move to safe areas no later than 1 week after the Nibiru event.

3. We will participate in organizations where we can be a union: the Oba / camp organization is the most affordable, safest and easiest to participate in this regard. If you try to buy or build a shelter, the cheapest one is over $ 100,000.

What we will pay attention to

You must have learned that no one can be trusted anymore. The issue of trusting others ended in the 1980s. Never share with others the things that should only remain with you. "Don't give away your secret, your friend, and don't forget that he has a friend too.." Not everyone has to know everything about you. In particular, never share information and documents that belong to you and should remain secret on the Internet. Everyone in the world is never your friend. Don't be so naive.

1. Do not mention the names "camp" or "oba" at any time or anywhere. Even if you go and set up the campsite, don't tell anyone.

2. Do not share the information and documents you have about the Oba / camp organization with others. Especially when you come to the gas.

3. Don't expect someone to say "come on" about to go to the Oba/campgrounds. As soon as you catch the appropriate condition, change your position and move to the campgrounds.

4. Buy camping equipment in advance as soon as possible. Because in chaotic times, you should not expect others to come and take care of you.

5. Do not post on the internet about oba/camp topics and do not try to meet with oba/camp participants. We have tried the issue of camp participants talking to each other many times, and each time people have bragged to each other. Leave the meeting and interview business to the campsite. Human dialogues are not for our nation.

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