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For Beginners - Our 1st Starting Point

The turning point in my life, which has lasted half a century, came after I turned 40. I experienced unimaginable things and discovered the most important meaning of my life. To be a COMPASS for my nation in the End Times. Because at the worst of all times, many people would go astray and many would rush to their destruction. When the Star of Tariq collides with the Earth and the Sun rises from the west, the Great Sufyan, the Antichrist, Dabbet'ül Arz, the 3 Great Epidemics, the Great Drought Years, the Turkish-Greek War, the Globalist Projects / Games, Gog and Magog, maybe in 10 years the population of the world We know it will drop from 8 billion to 30000. In this process, I started works to carry a community from the smart part of our nation to the future. Ours is a well-intentioned, diligent, project and plan-based work carried out on the path of our ancestors, in the light of the teachings of the Hadiths and Islamic elders, using human and religious sciences, by reasoning and foresight. It would not suit us to do nothing and surrender to fatalism and play the tricks of the Jews. We will try to fight until the end by doing what is necessary for our Islam and Turkishness. But globalists, but Tarık Yıldız will drag the world into chaos. Before that time comes, we will also make our preparations. We know that it is not the apocalypse that is approaching, since all its portents have not come out. We will experience what we call the "Period of Destruction and Depopulation" and what Christians call the "Apocalypse".

- Some say "if the world is going to disappear, what is the need for preparation". Our religion and national genes tell us not to give up until the end. Jews and globalists want us to surrender easily and perish. That's why we believe that those who say "what is the need" are mindless and globalist trolls.

- Some say "pray is enough for us, if we are going to die, nothing can prevent it". Our aim is not to escape death, but to defy death and to be one of those who help Mahdi by getting through this process. We don't have a problem with living forever. Moreover, such statements are not "belief in fate, but the head of fatalism".

- Some say, "You are making such preparations because you are afraid." Fear in certain doses keeps people calm. But we are the children of our ancestors. Even if we are afraid of something, we rein in that fear.

- Some say "we die and we survive". What if you don't die but crawl? We are at the beginning of the end times. If you show intimidation immediately, you will die and be resurrected every day when more severe disasters occur to you. Also, if you die with such intimidation and surrender, your hereafter will not be good. There is no room for anger in religion.

You may be a reckless, surrendered, weary, exhausted person. The life of the world is the place of examination. No one promised to give you this life on a golden platter. On the contrary; It has been said that you will be tested sometimes with your possessions, sometimes with your loved ones, sometimes with diseases, sometimes with troubles. Even if you want to live by ignoring what is happening, do not prevent your loved ones from preparing for bad times. Let the Star of Tarık come or the games of the Globalists, while our country has a rich geography, it is also a dangerous place that is constantly in contact with many disasters and disasters. Let your loved ones prepare.

The number and power of disasters and disasters has been increasing in the world for the last 40 years. This is caused by cosmic energy. There were constant solar flares, and it was getting more and more powerful. But no one was saying what caused the changes in the solar flares. According to what he understood from our research, the Star of Tariq stays in our Solar System for 1600 years and during this time it comes close to the Earth at 20-25 points, 5-6 of them cause quite severe effects, but 1-2 of them were destructive. There were sources that said that many destructive and destructive events in history were due to the Star of Tariq. Surah Tariq and Surah Necm gave clues about this star in the Qur'an. This star is mentioned in the works of important figures such as Naim bin Hammad, İbn-i Kathir, Imam-i Bukhari and Hazrat Ali.

When I started to deal with Tarık Yıldızı, no one else in our country was talking about this issue. Over time, local and foreign personalities began to present what they learned from me on the Internet, by producing their own jargons and adding absurd narratives they received from other people. There is no one else in the world who still knows as much about the Star of Tariq as I do. Although a few communities are quite advanced, they contain thousands of people and do not have the perspective of Muslim Turks. Moreover, there are many wrong aspects in their theories.

We are not debating whether the Star of Tariq will come and bring destruction to Earth. These will happen, we're sure. It has started to be seen in the telescope and professional camera shots we have already done. Outside of us; Many people within the Zeta Society and some groups of 200-250 people in the Arab World are observing the Star of Tariq with telescopes. The forms of the demolition process that have been put forward in theory are different.

a. Carlos Munoz Ferrada's Theory of Destruction: 30 major volcanoes erupt between the Chile, Italy and Indonesia triangle. The three tails of Nibiru (Tariq) collide with these three lands, and the region between the triangle is destroyed, and the surrounding places are greatly damaged. The Black Sea and its surroundings disappear. CMF is the person who does the most research and calculations on Nibiru. NASA wanted to incorporate him and silence him, but he did not accept the offers. After he died, NASA removed his publications from bookstores, libraries, and the Internet. Those who followed the path of the CMF formed secret groups and continued their research without informing the outside. According to the CMF, when Nibiru arrives, more than half of the world will be destroyed by tails slamming.

b. The Zeta Society's Theory of Destruction: The Continental Tectonic Plates are slipping away and the Magnetic Poles are shifting elsewhere. So pole shifts/displacements happen. Meanwhile, many volcanoes in the world erupt and big earthquakes occur. However, the hadith "The sun rises from the west" is not met in this theory. The woman who founded Zeta had a car accident in the 80s and said that at that time aliens abducted her and chipped her. The woman believes in aliens and is waiting for the day they will come and take her. There are people within the Zeta Community who have received updated images of Nibiru from NASA. That's why I only use the group's resources for those pictures. Zeta also found the issue of 225 meters and 457 meters of land flooding. I was also satisfied after Noah's Ark was found at 4000 meters of Mount Ararat. In Zeta's statement; After Nibiru has passed, the Sun rises from the north in the Middle East.

c. Bülent Abdullah Turgut's Theory of Destruction: My theory has some fundamentals:

- Nothing will happen to spiritually protected places. The most important of these are: Oguz Kagan's kurgan in Cihan, Mazar-i Sharif, Hejaz region, Masjid-i Aksa region (the mosque will be demolished to reveal the Temple of Zion), some places in Anatolia, Istanbul was built by the ancient Turks. established a small area

- 225 meters and 457 meters of water will enter the land. I explained the reasons for them in the most correct way. Apart from these, I also said that waves up to 2000 meters would hit the ocean shores in the form of tsunami storms, and that these tsunamis would stay between 800 meters and 1500 meters in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

- Even if the Continental Tectonic Plates shift, when the Magnetosphere lifts for a certain period of time, the Earth will do a complete somersault by the power of Nibiru and the poles will shift. Thus, in the Middle East, the Sun will be able to rise from the west.

This star has been expressed in different cultures, civilizations and religions. How do we know it's the same star?

a. godly spiritual

b. devastating effect on the world.

There is only one star representation. When we compare the expressions and shape descriptions used in those cultures, civilizations and religions for this star these days with space images, we realize that they are the same.

Regardless of anything I write and explain in the videos, he does not stop trolls with prejudice or just to demoralize me and raise questions against me in the minds of the people around me. Those who have just discovered me do not look at my old publications and ask immediately. I can't answer because I don't have time.

In religion, it is advised to "pay attention to the balance of excess and understatement". So you will be in balance between recklessness and radical attitude. You will go the middle way, not the extremes. Do not worry about such matters completely and spend your night and day with this, continue your daily life and at the same time continue your preparations. If you talk to your relatives about these issues all day, their minds will swell as well.

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