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For those who want to trade

For those who want to make money, I present the cooperation offer. It may be possible to prepare a number of items and put them on sale. You prepare samples of the items and send them to me. Let's present them to people on our site and in our videos. I will express my own ideas on the concepts of the items you can make.

For example, 12 planets and the Sun. Reliefs, three-dimensional items, etc. depicting our Solar System. can be done. There may also be items depicting the Nibiru Galactic Complex.

There are two types of cooperation:

1. I don't want a share of sales, I just want people to make money. Of course, in the meantime, I am trying to produce interesting materials. Our main concern is that Nibiru also takes its place in the items you make. For this, you need to send me 3 samples per concept product. I will use them in promotions so people can see what they are.

2. By signing a contract between us, products can be sold on our website. As such, you can use our logos and names on your products. If this happens, we will receive a small proportion of our expenses and royalties.

Items of my own opinion:

1. Items made of wood: You can work as you wish by shaping the wood according to your horizon of thought.

2. Natural stone items: You can produce bracelets, necklaces and ring type items using natural stones. A Nibiru concept item can also be crafted from a solid stone mass.

3. Image: By making original paintings, you can offer neat copies of them for sale. There are also computer pictures, pencil drawings, oil painting drawings..

4. Clothing: Items can be created by painting the Solar System (including Nibiru) and only Nibiru, especially on items such as t-shirts and hats.

5. Souvenirs: You can prepare various souvenirs with a Nibiru theme.

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