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Global Threats Today

What are we preparing for?

There are currently 2 different major and chaotic dangers. If measures are considered and preparations are made for both of them, if unity is achieved and a struggle is fought, it is not even a job to get over the bad times with the help of Allah. We have yet to reach the Doomsday, but in the process of the End Times, many important people will appear and change the course of the world. Turks have compared similar situations many times over thousands of years. Since we are still alive, our ancestors were successful. We will follow the path that they are following. We will fulfill our covenant with Allah and our loyalty to our ancestors by removing the unbelievers, those who are obsessed with perverted human beings, those who are with the hypocrites, those who cooperate with the unbelievers from our lives. 85% of the people in the world are of Turkish origin, but their ancestors have been made to forget them. If they also remember their ancestors, our union will be stronger.

1. The Dajjal Global Project: The Globalists' New World Order and One World State, One World Religion, the Great Zion Project, Satanist Doctrines and Goals are based on the scenarios of a Great Reset and Global Extinction for all humanity.

2. The Arrival of the Heralding Star: it is an omen of the Mahdi's departure and an indication of the Divine Great Destruction. A special star sent by Allah to put an end to the perversions of people in the world and the harm to life is currently in our Solar System. It is likely that it will collide with the Earth in a few years.


More detailed information is available in the blog areas of our websites and on our Youtube channel.

Technical data:

1. Describing:

a. Quasar Structure (Planet-Giving Structure)

b. Mini Galactic System

c. The Planetary Complex

d. Comet

e. The 12th of our Solar System. The Planet

2. Magnetic Field Width: 7.5 billion km circumference. This indicates that it affects an area of more than 1.5 billion km in diameter. As of January 2024, its position has decreased to 150 million km. The Sun, Mercury, and the Earth are in a direct and intense magnetic field. Mars and Jupiter are under the influence of a second-order magnetic force. The number and strength of disasters will increase as they approach the Earth. We expect it to reach maximum levels by July 2024. After that, supervolcanoes erupt and megatronic earthquakes (between M9 and M13) occur.

3. Number of Queues and Lengths: 3 pieces with a length of 25 million km

4. The Appearance:

a. Nebular Structure On The Front Side

b. The Central Planet with Apple Bite Deformation Formed After the Collision with Tiamat

c. An Extinct Brown Dwarf Star/Black Hole In the Central Magnetic Field

d. More Than 150 Planets Lined Up in a Double Helix on Both Sides

e. 13 Major Satellites, Each Larger Than 2 Times the Size of the Earth

f. 3 Tails with a Length of 25 Million km

g. Billions of Tons of Piles of Stones and Dust

h. Billions of Tons of Iron Powder

5. Light Wavelength: The light it emits is defined as "Red Wavelength Light". In other words, you cannot see this star with the naked eye or simple devices without getting very close or coming out of the sky (it should appear at an angle of at least 10-13 degrees from its position behind the Sun). You need to have a professional telescope and technical devices. You also need to have Special Lenses and Infrared Filters.

6. Movement Style:

a. Its Movements in 3 Dimensions: movements with a speed of 320, 260, 200 km; Orbital movement forward, self-rotation in the form of an arc, slightly backward in the orbital line.

b. 4. and 5. Movements in Dimensions: It has been calculated that it has a speed of 200 and 120 km here as well. These can be determined by spectral analysis.

Turkish Nomenclature

Foreigners give names according to themselves. I also gave names in the Turkish Way. I made simple drawings. A foreign man is making similar drawings to this. What is missing from us? I thought it was better to give names in a way that our people would understand. I gave my name to one of the 11 satellites. They gave the names of Carlos Munoz Ferrada and Zecharia Sitchin to 2 satellites. I canceled them all and gave them names from our core values.

Nibiru Home Planet: "Yiwu" Adalas (Atlas)

13 satellites:

- "Emir Timur" Bozkurt

- "Genghis" Ahal Teke

- "Mete" Gökböğür

- "Oguz" in Red

- "Er-Kut" Maple

- "Turgut" Target

- "Wise" Turkestan

- "Tomris" Makes you cry

- "Tugrul Bey" Anatolia

- "Tuğurul" White Walker

- "Red Wolf" Alpagut - "Ibrahim" Halil'ur Rahman

- "Muhammad" is the Most Trusted

- Black Hole

- Dark Nebular Structure - Ahead Ahead

What will be the impact?

3 from the point of view of the heavenly religion, the world is currently experiencing the last times before the Apocalypse, and its name is "The End Times". In front of us is the Apocalypse process, which we see as the Divine Great Destruction. The comet, called "Tariq" in Islamic sources and "Wormwood" in Christian sources, will come and end most of life on Earth. After this star has passed by, the Sun will begin to rise from the west. The star will approach the earth from the east and 2 of its 3 tails will rub against the earth. 95% of the continents of North America, South America, Europe and Oceania will disappear. More than 70% of the Asian and African continents will disappear. 90-95% of people, animals and plants will die.

How will the tails of the star make contact with the earth?

The way the tails move is in the form of moving both forward and rotating. The approach of the star to the Earth will be from the eastern direction. Accordingly, if you do a simulation, there will be a picture like this that comes out in front of you:

1. Tail: It will enter from the north of Japan and pass to Russia. It will progress from Russia to Europe. The tail will be pulled from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Tail: It will come from the south of Japan and cross to India. It will move from India to the middle of Africa. After contact with South America, the queue will be pulled.

In what sources is this star mentioned?

Islamic Sources:

- Naim bin Hammad - Al Fitten (Original Copy)

- hz.Ali's Sermon on Kufa - Al-Bayan (Original Copy)

- Suras of Tariq, Najm and Duhan in the Noble Qur'an

- Conversations of Islamic Scholars

Sources of Christianity:

- The Bible

- The Kolbrin Bible

- The Book of Enok

Historical Sources:

- Sumerian Tablets, Pre-Asia

- Oghuz Khan Tablets, the Great White Pyramid in Xian, Today's China

- Vatican Archives

- Archives of the Ancient Turkish Kun-Bil Dynasty

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