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Guide to Disaster Relief in Turkish Cities - Analysis and Map of 81 Cities

The first edition of my book sold out before it even came out.. Except the Qur'an; 21. it is the most important book of the century. you can get information from the address. Apart from my work in the world of business and education, I have also been working as a Research Writer for a long time. In the last 3 years, I have distributed 60000 pages of information to people for free with 40 country scans in 7 languages. My team also helped me. I am continuing my unique work for my nation, the world and humanity. My book came out of Flora Publishing House. You can ask them questions by phone about the printing and acquisition of the book. I am continuing my studies on a very wide scale. You can also support these studies. Thus, you contribute to the development of people who work and produce.

Be sure to get it from the next edition. We don't know how much it will be printed. They are printing from week to week. To Pre-Order, you can buy it from the following link:

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