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How are we going to prepare?

I could walk around and dust off and enjoy myself. But I preferred to suffer the troubles that my nation would suffer and to produce solutions to the problems. I could have made broadcasts like "We're all going to die" and passed the day. I used to double my follower count with unqualified but mind-boggling posts. As a matter of fact, there are many who do. My goal is not for anyone to worry unnecessarily or be afraid, but for people to prepare for the chaotic times that are coming. Some people may be angry with me. However, you will appreciate that it is quite difficult to take care of hundreds and even thousands of people every day.

I am writing the basic stages of preparation here so that this will no longer be asked. Actually, I've told you many times. Every person is valuable, but it's really tiring to explain to each person separately. I also don't take kindly to those who use the words "worrying" and "being afraid" very much. Because we have been trying for years to give people hope and show them the way. Those who do not understand us use such words.

1. Mental and psychological preparation: It is the first and most difficult stage, and most people look at the mouth of others and say goodbye to the struggle at the very beginning..

2. Information preparation: You need to learn and put aside the necessary information, maps, analyses about the subject from the most basic to the highest point. You can either do this yourself or get the prepared ones. Let me also write some of them with their English names so that it will be easy for you to find them when searching;

a. Survival

b. Bushcraft and Woodcraft

c. Narrow space gardening

d. Survival skills in difficult and unusual conditions: several levels above survival.

e. Blacksmithing

f. Camping

g. Cartography and Cartography

h. The End Times

i. Tariq / Nibiru Star

j. Health, Open Field Surgery and IFAK

3. Location preparation: Where is safe in chaotic times and how will you go where?

a. Where is the safe space

b. Important maps

c. Routes of access to safe areas

d. Cooperation with people who can be trusted in difficult times

e. Safe disaster campgrounds

4. Material preparation

a. Camping equipment

b. Tools-accessories

5. Alarm status preparation

a. At home

b. In The Countryside

c. In The Camp

Obviously, I follow myself without any worries and without fear. I consider myself successful, to the extent and place. All of my explanations are in accordance with scientific and religious sources. I also tell my sources openly, I don't throw around and leave them out in the middle like others. I've told you a thousand times how to prepare for what. I have told it many times on my websites, Youtube channel and social media sites. I'm not telling you personally because I don't have time for this. You can access more by reading what I write and watching my chats.

You can also do all kinds of work yourself at home. However, it is essential that you learn the basic information. You should have at least intermediate knowledge in Geology, Geophysics, Geotechnical History, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrohistory, Volcanology, Seismology and some other branches of science. You should follow the current developments closely. You should have skills in subjects such as mapping. You should learn the science of the Star of Tariq and the End Times well. After that, you can sit down and start working. Or you can get it from the sources of someone who has already worked. It's up to your choice.

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