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How will our country (Türkiye) be affected by the Nibiru factor?

Actually, I did these analyses as an "Update Analysis" as of December 22, 2023. Because as a result of information, pictures, videos, personal observations sent from various parts of Türkiye, we have formed a certain opinion. These are my convictions.

Türkiye is a safer area compared to other world regions. Only if you know where to stop and where to run from. The second Flood of Noah will occur. The world is just waking up. My own societies receive information via the intranet. 15 million people from Han ancestry + 6.5 million people follow the number of people in our schools and 21.5 million people follow our intranet networks. 18 News centers in the world monitor what I have shared for 30 years. From time to time, I get calls asking for my studies. Dec.Dec. They have even called my friends and asked for information. My likes and dislikes in Türkiye, more than 500,000 people follow me constantly, but Globalist social networks show low numbers. They're deleting my followers and deleting some of the posts I've shared behind my back. it follows thousands of politicians and members of local dynasties (belonging to countries) from more than 40 countries. Thousands of people have received investment advice from foreigners. Only the Turks did not know our value. Who can do what to a nation that does not even love itself and can do nothing but push and fight?

Disaster and Catastrophe risk coefficients of continents and geographies according to Türkiye:

Before Nibiru The Arrival of Nibiru

North American Continent x 5 x 50

South American Continent x 3 x 30

African Continent x 3 x 50

Asian Continent x 3 x 40

The Continent of Oceania x 2 x 100

European Continent x 5 x 200

Middle East x 5 x 20

Front Asia x 2 x 5

Balkans x 2 x 10

Caucasus x 3 x 20

These explain that at least 50-60% of the part of Türkiye that will not be flooded is relatively safe, up to 8% of the part that is 70-80% safe from disasters. Other world regions will have to face much bigger disasters and catastrophes. But the one who lives around here lives and goes like that.

The biggest disasters that will destroy Türkiye as of Nibiru's reunion with the World:

The Area That is Likely to Be Destroyed

Megatronic Earthquakes 90%+

City Fires 95%+

Natural Gas Explosions 70%+

Meteorite Falls 60%+

Massive Floods and Water Walks 70%+

Volcanic Eruptions 40%+

Radical Climate Change 80%+

Tsunamis 20%+

Acid Rain 60%+

Iron Oxide - Inability to Breathe 70%+

Electric Arcs 50%+

Other important and deadly problems that people will struggle with:

1. Hunger and Thirst

2. Wild Animal Attacks

3. The End of States

4. The Termination or Recovery of the Armies

5. The Cessation of Municipal Services

6. Real Epidemics

7. Failure of Electrical and Electronic Systems

8. Failure of Weapons with Electrical and Electronic Circuits to Work

9. Looters and Invaders

10. Drought

11. Insomnia and Restlessness Due to the Continuation of Disasters

The things you will need the most as Nibiru meets Earth are:

1. Information and Specially Studied Maps, Prepper's Consciousness

2. Unity Structures / Organizations and Cooperation / Partnership

3. The Person Who Will Be the Leader and Guide

4. Camping Equipment

5. A Shelter to Be Built in a Natural Environment

6. Protection / Safety Against Animals and Humans

7. Various Tools and Materials

Why did Elon Musk postpone his Mars trip and why did he name Twitter "X", why do Globalist billionaires and millionaires come to their shelters, why have Globalists relatively suspended many bad projects, why do the Globalist rich buy large plots of land from Türkiye and make shelters for their millionaire supporters? They all have one answer: "Planet X", that is, "Tariq", that is, "Nibiru".

I have openly said "Nibiru" for 3 years, I said "Tarik and Nibiru are the same structure", I have shared information and analysis about this star that no one would dare to say. Social media phenomena and members of the media hid this star, and some mentioned it covertly. They took information from us and made programs. But they didn't even mention our name and didn't even invite us to the program. No one in the world has told and can tell more than I have told today. I have scanned more than 40 countries in 7 languages. What I know is a thousand times what I told. Those who get information from us and tell it cannot tell even one thousandth of what we tell. We are not recognized because they are well-known and our people are far from giving their reputation to the rightful owner. Those who have a share of us benefit. And there's also this: I didn't just give problems and general information, I also showed solutions and took the lead in implementing those solutions. I have prepared and shared a lot of analysis and research files, and even better, I have created oba organizations and created opportunities for sane people to come together in those difficult times. Dec. There is no second person who can do so much in such a short time. I wish that politicians, the army and the rich would also be sensitive about this issue and get our valuable information. If only they would support us to do more beautiful works by supporting us financially. But there is an indifference in everyone. Many of them ignore me even though they know and know me. Let me tell you this too. Because the fact that they show interest in me means that our nation is waking up. But the information that has been told so far does not even account for 10% of the information until Nibiru meets Earth. It is impossible for those who do not have a serious guide, leader and source of information to see the way ahead. We act with science and science, with faith, with reason, with consciousness. It is impossible for everyone to understand everything we are telling them. everything we have been telling for 30 years has come out, has been seen.

The Man Whispered by Disasters: Bülent Abdullah Turgut

We do all this research and analysis. Unfortunately, people do not read and do not research. They are always waiting ready. And they don't appreciate it when you present it ready.

Types of Disasters and Catastrophes:

1. Natural disasters: more than 100 types

2. Disasters caused by human hands: more than 100 types

3. Disasters and disasters that occur from the sky: more than 50 types

Studies according to Disasters and Catastrophes:

Soon I will prepare the following studies for each type of disaster and catastrophe and present them to people's attention. I can also make short videos and narrations for each of them.

1. Definition of disaster

2. Ways of disaster protection and disaster preparedness

3. What to do when disaster strikes

4. Communication and coordination during a disaster

5. Awareness and education necessary for disaster preparedness

It is not possible to write all types of disasters and disasters in one hand. I write when I think about it from time to time. However, we can list the intensely experienced ones as follows:

Types of Natural Disasters:

1. Forest fire

2. Flash Flooding

3. Torrential Rain

4. Blizzard / Type

5. Hailstorm

6. Acid Rain

7. Earthquake and Destruction (Megatronic Earthquake)

8. Flooding The Land

9. Sudden Climate Changes

10. Drought and Famine

11. Thirstiness

12. Limnik Explosion / Lake Methane Gas Explosion

13. Tornado

14. Volcanic Eruption

15. Meteor and Asteroid Impact

16. Fireball Impact

17. Tsunami

18. Tropical Cyclone

19. Landslide

20. Mountain Fall

21. Avalanche

22. Muddying/ Bogging

23. The Occurrence of Sinkhole and Obruk

24. Soil Collapse

25. Deadly Fog

26. Extreme Cold Weather Wave

27. Ice Storm

28. Solar Explosion and Geomagnetic Explosion of Solar Origin

29. Electromagnetic Explosions

30. Plasma Discharges

31. Cold Weather Wave

32. Heatwave

33. Ground Splitting

35. The Displacement of the Poles

36. Displacement or Fragmentation of Continental Tectonic Plates

37. Unconscious Cutting of Trees and Destruction of Forests

38. Extinction of Living Species in the Habitat

39. The Disappearance of the Magnetosphere

40. Stopping the Rotation and Orbital Motion of the Earth

41. The Displacement of the Poles

Disasters Caused by Human Hands:

1. Zombie Attack / Manipulating and Disabling the Human Brain

2. The Departure of Communication Channels and the Internet

3. The Electricity Is Gone

4. Biological Warfare

5. Chemical Warfare

6. Electromagnetic Warfare

7. Frequency War

8. Bringing the Schumann Resonance to 6.78 Hz

9. One-On-One Hot Battle

10. Psychological Warfare

11. Propaganda War

12. Colonialism

13. Cultural Degeneration and Removal from National Consciousness / Degeneration and Assimilation

14. Attempts to Eliminate Islam and Change the Qur'an

15. Perverted Factions and Mindsets in the Islamic World

16. I Read The Fools of the Ignorant

17. Nuclear War

18. Chemtrails

19. 5G/6G/7G Radiation and Heat Increase

20. Pollution of Freshwater Sources

21. Mining and Marbling Activities

22. Transition to Artificial Food

23. Finishing of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

24. Abandonment of Ancestral Seeds and Ancestral Agriculture

25. Drugs Made from Inorganic Substances

26. Breaking the Logistics Chain and Eliminating the Supply of Goods

27. Making Money Without Regard to Halal-Haram

28. Lying and Hypocrisy in Every Field Do not Deceive People

29. Interest and Paper Economy

30. Excessive Consumption

31. The Struggle of Some People to Control and Rule the World

32. Do not Believe in Absurd and Perverted Ideas

33. Don't Try to Get Information With Videos

34. Changing Ocean Currents

35. Changing the Genetic Structures of Living Things

36. All Kinds of Terrorist Activities

Celestial Disasters:

1. The Arrival of the Tariq Star / Nibiru Quasar Galactic Structure

2. Meteor Shower

3. Fireball Rain

4. A Planet or Comet Impact on Earth

5. Leaving the Earth's Orbit

6. The Sun Burns the Earth with Electromagnetic Effect

Disasters Mentioned in Religious Sources:

1. The Exit of the Great Sufi and the Diversion of People

2. The Coming of the Antichrist and Mass Deaths

3. The Gold Rush in which 9 Out of Every 10 People Died

4. Sudden and Intense Deaths

5. Melhame-i Kubra / 3. World War

6. The Sun Rises from the West / The World Tumbles Under the Influence of Tariq

7. Drought and Famine that Will Last for Many Years

8. Black, Green, Red Death: The Real Epidemics

9. Dabbet'ul Arz

10. The Appearance of Gog and Magog

11. Greek-Muslim Wars

12. The Entry of Russians into Anatolia

Note: In ancient sources, he says "Greek" instead of Greek. Instead of the Russian, he calls the "northern invader". Most of the statements about Russians were also made by parents who lived from the 70s to the 90s.

How are the effects of Nibiru seen in Türkiye?

There are still those who ask "when will the effects of Nibiru be seen" and "when will it come". Does Nibiru need to send a message to you to understand the effects of Nibiru? You can see it by looking at the videos I put in the "Disasters in the World" group that I opened on Instagram. Only a small part of them. Various developments are also described in the Blog areas of our websites. I also get angry with people who ask when Nibiru will arrive. Our job is not to know what will happen when, but to prepare for disasters. I have also explained the omens in the Sermon of the Hand Declaration about the arrival of Nibiru. You can sit down by yourself and figure out which possible months you should watch in 2024. I'm not a fortune teller or a fortune-telling astrologer.

- Until Nibiru appeared

At the moment we think it is 200 million km away. It has also started to be seen with the naked eye from different countries of the world and even from some cities of Türkiye. 2 or 3 tails can be seen in the pictures. more than 200 types of disasters and catastrophes will quickly sweep all over the world.

During this process, the countries and geographical areas where Nibiru's tails are aligned will also become apparent. There will be big disasters around here.

1. The sky will turn red, turn pink and different rainbow-like petro oil light diffractions will be seen. These are all products of debris ejected as a result of the alignment of Nibiru's comet.

2. Loud frequencies and screams will be heard. These are from Nibiru's 13 moons, its Asteroids, its Black Hole structure and other planetary structures.

3. There will be electromagnetic breakthroughs and plasma discharges. Although these do not have much effect at first, they will gradually trigger EMP-related earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

4. Excessive accumulations of electricity will occur in the ionosphere and in the soil. These will also cause the formation of large earthquakes.

The places where Nibiru's tails align in Türkiye:

1-Area A: Georgia, Eastern Black Sea and Central Black Sea

1-Area B: Western Black Sea, Eastern Marmara, Thrace

Area 2-A: Van-Bingol-Malatya-Maraş

2-B Area: Adana-Mersin-Isparta-Burdur

Area 2-C: Hatay-TRNC-Syria

Asteroid rain, acid rain, fireball rain, megatronic earthquakes will be more effective in these regions.

- After Nibiru came into being

The day will be seen as big and clear as next Month. All three tails can be viewed with the naked eye. But when that day comes, the number and strength of many types of disasters and disasters will have reached the ceiling. When that time comes, its distance to Earth will be less than 50 million km. At its closest position to the Earth, we expect the distance to be between 25-30 million km. Dec. Anyway, according to my theory, it will pass by rubbing two tails to Earth.

During this process, the countries and geographical areas where Nibiru's tails are aligned will also become apparent. There will be big disasters around here.

1. The sky is turning crimson and Nibiru is gradually coming between the Earth and the Sun.Dec.

2. The weather is extremely cold, extremely hot

3. The occurrence of megatronic earthquakes

4. Almost all of the volcanoes in the world are erupting

5. Walking by water from the sea to the land

6. Having massive floods

7. The formation of huge tsunamis

8. Having huge hurricanes

The places where Nibiru's tails are aligned on Earth - it will approach the Earth from the eastern direction:

Area 1: North of Japan-Russia-Europe-Atlantic Ocean

Area 2: Japan-South of India-South of Africa-Atlantic Ocean-South America (?)

Area 1 - Secondary Major Area of Influence - in Türkiye: North of the mountains running parallel to the Black Sea and the sea coast

Area 2 - Secondary Major Area of Influence - in Türkiye: Mediterranean region, Southern Aegean, Van-Marash line, Hatay-Syria line

- Let's look at the situation of our country and the surrounding places

Less than 8% of Türkiye is safe up to 80%. The rest is unsafe. A few cities are safe at the highest level in many respects, but many cities are more than 80% unsafe according to the disaster risk criteria.

Flooding risk: It is necessary to calculate both the movement of water from the seas to the lands, the melting of mountain glaciers, and the bursting of dams and the release of the water they hold.

Flood Risk Disaster Risk Safe Area

Türkiye General 35-45% 70%+ 8%-

Marmara 85% 80%+ 10%-

Aegean 45% 80%+ 30%-

Mediterranean 40-50% 70%+ 20%-

Central Anatolia 15-20% 50%+ 30%-

Black Sea 30-40% 70%+ 20%-

Eastern Anatolia 20-30% 60%+ 20%-

Southeastern Anatolia 50-60% 80%+ 10%-

Western Thrace 60-70% 80%+ 20%-

Macedonia 50-60% 90%+ 10%-

Bulgaria 70-80% 80%+ 10%-

TRNC 80-90% 90%+ 5%-

Azerbaijan 60-70% 70%+ 20%-

Georgia 60-70% 80%+ 10%-

Syria 50-60% 70%+ 20%-

Iraq 50-60% 80%+ 10%-

Iran 20-30% 90%+ 20%-

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