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If asteroids of various sizes hit the Earth?

90 m

370 m

1 km

20 km

940 km (Ceres)

Comparison of Asteroid impact on earth w.r.t their size­čîá­čĄ» DonÔÇÖt miss the last slide­čĺą

(­čÄą Credits: @metaballstudios_official)

Asteroids of smaller diameters are disrupted in the atmosphere itself. So, the simulated asteroids start off small, from 90 meters enough to create a crater of 1.16km in diameter. Increasingly, the projection of a 100 km asteroid is especially terrifying. That one spews huge projectiles back into space and burns a huge portion of planet Earth. Fortunately, asteroids that size are projected only to have a chance of hitting us every four billion years. We certainly wouldnÔÇÖt want to be around for that asteroid impact.

Coming to Ceres, i guess no one even in their wildest dreams would like to imagine that giant ball hit the surface of earth. Ceres was the largest Asteroid (now a dwarf planet) in our solar system. Its mass is 895 Quintillion kilograms and has a diameter of 946 kilometers. If it ever touches the surface of earth, it will hit Earth with a massive force and send billions of tons of debris into the EarthÔÇÖs atmosphere.

This debris will create rings around Earth that will eventually form a new small moon. Soon after this collision, our entire planet will start heating up and all the oceans will evaporate. This collision will not only wipe out entire humanity but also make Earth uninhabitable.


Nibiru's Movements:

1. Turning, it completes its cycle around itself and waves its tails. During these tosses, the tails are aligned towards the Earth. The movements are so violent that the debris from Nibiru's tails is thrown towards the places where it is aligned on Earth. Electromagnetic waves, electric arcs, radiation, petro-oils, hums, variable frequencies, iron dust, asteroids, fireballs, fragments from the cloudless structure in front of it come into the Earth's atmosphere. All kinds of phenomena cause appearances and extraordinary states in all layers from the atmosphere to the soil.

2. It gains acceleration by vibration while moving in its orbit. It moves forward to a large extent, backward to a small extent. During the progress, it also makes peaks up and down. One of the up or down peaks is long, while the other is short. Due to the electromagnetic interactions between planets, this situation varies Decently.

3. 4 Out of three dimensions. and 5. it also goes into dimensions. He disappears suddenly and you won't be able to see him for a long time. This situation appears clearer when traveling in free space. When interplanetary interaction Decays, it begins to appear in five dimensions simultaneously. Since it breaks the energy barriers, Decoys and demons easily pass between dimensions.

The Speed of Nibiru:

When moving in three dimensions: 260-300 km/h

When moving in the fourth dimension: 200 km/h

When moving in the fifth dimension: 160 km/h

These are estimated values and need to be approached thoroughly to make more stable measurements.

Nibiru - Earth Interaction:

If Nibiru had got stuck in the head, it would have torn the World apart and pulled it into the Black Hole inside. Then the Earth broke up into atoms, reassembled, and came out as a new planet. But according to my Theory of Earth-Nibiru Unification:

1. Nibiru approaches the Earth until it is no more than 5 million km away.

2. Nibiru appears as big and bright as the Moon, its tails are visible.

3. Nibiru approaches the Earth from an easterly direction.

4. As Nibiru passes near the Earth, two of its tails rub against the Earth.

5. The tail that sweeps from the north starts from the north of Japan and sweeps across Russia, passes through Europe and throws it like hallache cotton, comes all the way to the North American continent and retreats.

6. The tail that sweeps from the south; starts from the south of Japan, sweeps south of India and south of Africa, is pulled in the Atlantic Ocean.

7. Two of their tails are currently aligned to Turkey. The first is along the Black Sea line, and the second is in the direction of Van-Malatya-Maras-Adana-Mersin-Isparta. Although its angular effect on these regions will decrease as time approaches, its effect is very high even when it is still far away. The volcanic and seismic activities caused by the Santorini, Capi Fregrei, Yellowstone supervolcano areas will determine 70% of Turkey's future fate. And probably our forecasts will hold up again. We are saying that at least 10 volcanoes will explode in Turkey, M13 + earthquakes will occur in many places, there will be no places that will not be destroyed, 35-40% of the coastal regions will return to the lake due to water intrusion and floods.

8. We think that when Nibiru moves away from Earth, 80% of the land on Earth will become unusable, and only 10% will be suitable for settlement and wildlife. People will fight for the remaining lands and clean water.Jul.

9. We think that after Nibiru passes by, the world's population will drop to 30-40 million, and 1-2 million of this will be from people in Turkey. They will also be people who have been enlightened in the name of the future, have understood the end times, and have taken precautions against great disasters. In other words, smart, intelligent and prudent people..


Equatorial Radius: 6378.1 km

Polar Radius: 6356.8 km


Medium Radius: 120,000 km+

Polar Radius: 100,000 km+

Important Note and Warning:

There are people who mix the information they get from us with the nonsense in their own heads and present it on Internet platforms. We are aware of them. They add everything up. And those who listen to such people and come to us are trying to tell us their sentences, not our sentences. As if we had used those phrases.. There are also those who sell the information they receive from us (├ž) to people of various ranks and business people at high prices. We are also aware of them. I have openly presented information about Nibiru that many people could not even imagine until today. But people with malicious intentions and using us have multiplied. They confuse people and mislead them. We are selective in our words and expressions. We don't want to confuse people by randomly writing and telling them.

From now on, I will not share three classes of information with everyone, including Intermediate-Level Information and Advanced-Level Information, as well as Current Developments. My shares so far are already at thousands of times the level of people in the same field in the world. Moreover, no one else could make the comments and analyses I made. Anyone who wants more information, comments, analysis, current development news should contact me. I'm not going to provide more comprehensive information to people who seriously don't support us in every way.

The most important event of destruction ever is about to take place, and people are in the end times to give themselves the most important test. But the desire to connect to the world and enjoy life has engulfed people. Of course, the desire to obtain information without compromising oneself leads to the lack of protection of our rights and our needs to continue our work. Information thieves steal information from us and publish it without even mentioning our name. After that, anyone who needs information to publish or make news should ask me for an article, visual (image and/or video), news article. No one can use any of my articles and visual publications without my written permission.

We are already writing some books at the moment. By acquiring them, you will gain quite a high level of knowledge. When you get extra information documents from us and participate in the OBA, you will have taken a big step for your preparation.

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