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Area of Special Interest: General and Personal Security Research, Analysis and Solutions against Possible and Ongoing Disasters and Disasters


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Safe Space Publications Increase your chances by 60%

It includes topics that have been studied intensively for 3 years. It contains various documents and maps. Studies have been carried out for different countries of the world.

1. Surviving, i.e. Documents related to Survival in Nature 2. Important map sets 3. General health, IFAK and First Aid documents 4. Edible plants in nature 5. Survival for the unprepared 6. Safe spaces document 7. Flood maps

What does it provide for you?

1. When electricity and internet are gone, it will be easy for you to access information 2. In a time of great disasters, you have a hope 3. You know what to do in time of great disasters 4. You have a lot of useful information at hand 5. Most people access information via the Internet, and increasingly people are being blocked from accessing useful information, so with publications you will overcome these obstacles 6. You don't bother to collect information yourself and you don't blindly follow the path of what will benefit you 7. You will not travel on dangerous roads during big disasters

A. Escape From Cities

1. Escape from the Cities of Turkey

When it comes to major disasters and catastrophes, it is an escape plan from the cities of Turkey to safe areas.

1, 3, 5, 7 work is done according to the city. Personalized; standard or detailed report can be made by preparing.

2. Escape from World Cities

When it comes to major disasters and catastrophes, it is an escape plan from the cities of Turkey to safe areas.

1, 3, 5, 7 work is done according to the city. Personalized; standard or detailed report can be made by preparing.

3. Family Oba Area

We can plan a special OBA organization for you together with your family members and friends. there can be 10 main participants and up to 100 supporters. In addition, escape plans from different cities are also being created.

4. Consultancies

After you have made an escape study from the cities, you can additionally get counseling and get information on various topics and ask your questions. You have the right to ask only information and questions about the service you receive.

B. Safe Spaces

1. Safe Area Turkey City Maps

Thanks to the Safe Area Maps created for the 81 provinces of Turkey and the TRNC, you will have an idea about which areas can be safer in terms of Geological, Geographical and Disasters, and you will expand your perspective.

2. Safe Space World City Maps

Thanks to the Safe Area Maps created for the countries and cities of the world, you will have an idea about which areas can be safer in terms of Geological, Geographical and Disasters, and you will expand your perspective.

3. Off-Grid Living Documents

There are experienced easy methods of living disconnected from the network and usually in primitive conditions. If you educate yourself about this and develop simple tools and techniques, you can build a safe life.

4. Useful Documents

You can get various documents, folders with many documents, map sets that are necessary to get through difficult times more easily. Thus, you can create your own digital archive and use them at any time.

C. Flood Maps

1. Turkey Flood Maps

Turkey is a country covered with seas on 3 sides and rich in terms of streams. Many places on the sea coasts have also been under sea and/or river waters in the past. water walking from the seas to the lands has been observed during disaster cycles of 10-15000 years.

2. Maps of the Flooding of Turan Dormitories

Since the pressure generated by the Tariq Star will be very high, there will be a large amount of swells in the large inland seas. Turanian dormitories on the Caspian Sea coast, on the sea coasts, and especially neighboring Russia, which will remain under water, will also be flooded.

3. Flood Maps of Countries of the World

Countries located on the ocean and sea coasts will struggle with thousands of consecutive giant tsunamis and the problem of water walking on land as a result of the collision of the Star of Tariq with the Earth. It is known that such events occur partially or globally every few thousand years in the world.

4. Maps of Flooding in Arab Countries

Most of the Arab countries are located on the sea coasts. During the arrival of Tarik Yildiz, these countries will also face very intense and powerful flooding. It is a great advantage to know how much water will enter where to make movement planning.

C. Survival

1. For Those Who Have No Preparation At All

If you do not have any camping equipment and vehicles, the documents containing information about how you can survive in nature can be very useful for you and can help you hold on to life.

2. For Serious Preppers

If you have entered into serious studies as a preparer, publications on topics such as what to acquire, what to do, how to discipline yourself, how to cope with stress are for you.

3. Support Maps

In chaotic and bad times, your most important guide will be useful in your hand and maps prepared on certain topics. So you know how you can act in various situations.

4. IFAK, First Aid and Health

IFAK, first aid and health information that you can use during survival in nature is for you to relieve your troubles and maintain your life by taking the power of nature with you.


The site has not been completed yet, but you can take a look at the homepage and some subpages:

Major Cities of Turkey Disaster Security Studies

Istanbul Disaster Plan Izmir Disaster Plan Antalya Disaster Plan Mersin Disaster Plan Adana Disaster Plan Çanakkale Disaster Plan Samsun Disaster Plan Trabzon Disaster Plan Bursa Disaster Plan Manisa Disaster Plan Muğla Disaster Plan Tekirdağ Disaster Plan

For the Big Turkish Cities Oba / Camp Structures

Oba / Camp For Istanbul Oba / Camp For Izmir Oba / Camping For Antalya Oba / Camp For Mersin Oba / Camp For Adana Oba / Camp For Çanakkale Oba / Camp For Samsun Oba / Camp For Trabzon Oba / Camp For Bursa Oba / Camp For Manisa Oba / Camp For Mugla Oba / Camp For Tekirdağ

From the Big Turkish Cities Escape Plans

Escape Plan from Istanbul Escape Plan from Izmir Escape Plan from Antalya Escape Plan from Mersin Escape Plan from Adana Escape Plan from Çanakkale Escape Plan from Samsun Escape Plan from Trabzon Escape Plan from Bursa Escape Plan from Manisa Escape Plan from Muğla Escape Plan from Tekirdağ

World Cities Disaster Security Studies

New York Disaster Plan Los Angeles Disaster Plan Tokyo Disaster Plan Seoul Disaster Plan London Disaster Plan Berlin Disaster Plan The Paris Disaster Plan Rome Disaster Plan Moscow Disaster Plan Astana Disaster Plan Mecca Disaster Plan The Damascus Disaster Plan Medina Disaster Plan Cairo Disaster Plan Madrid Disaster Plan Rio de Janeiro Disaster Plan Ottawa Disaster Plan Vienna Disaster Plan Melbourne Disaster Plan Mumbai Disaster Plan

Document Sets (Digital)

One by One Documents Small Digital Publishing Package Medium Digital Publishing Package The Big Digital Publishing Package

OBA / CAMP ORGANIZATION Increase your chances by 50%

For those who cannot Decouple huge budgets for facilities or shelters, it is an alternative way to come together in times of Disasters and Disasters. Turkish ancestors followed this path for tens of thousands of years and managed to survive. You will have documents in your hands, maps to get together, ID and Decrypts to get to know each other, code to make radio calls. Moreover, organizations have been organized for oba/ camp structures in many countries of the world.

What does it provide for you?

1. It allows you to unite with people you can trust 2. It allows you to act within the department of solidarity and duty 3. The life of people with different facilities and tools becomes easier 4. It is the best solution for those who cannot build a million-dollar shelter 5. Chaotic without validity period can be left at any time 6. The structures whose basic principles are clear are

Types of oba / camp

Turkutopia VIP Obas Turkitopia Obas of Turkey Turanian Obas of Turkutopia Turkutopia World Obas Turkutopia Arab Obas Turkutopia Gokoba Obas

THE BOOK OF THE GUIDE TO SALVATION Increase your chances by 40%

It is a work that contains basic information that needs to be known, maps that identify safe areas for 81 provinces of Turkey, and security analyses for disasters. It will be effective if it is used together with other studies (Safe Space Publications).

1. Security analysis according to the types of disasters and disasters of your city 2. Important information about your city 3. Identifying safe areas in your city 4. Mining map of your city 5. Map of possible flooding for your city (if any)

it contains information such as.

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