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Introducing Our Works

In order to better understand what our studies tell you, you should get documents and books from our studies. it is impossible for us to fit 43 years of experience and research into a short introductory article. If you also look at the Blog areas of our websites, you can access a lot of useful information. If you contact us without having basic information, you will be asked to obtain basic information. You cannot understand the importance of our work without realizing the age in which you live. We are at the beginning of a chaotic era. It's getting worse day by day. If you also want to take precautions and prepare, you can evaluate our work. There is still a long way to the Doomsday process, but there is not much time left for the Divine Great Destruction process. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take action as soon as possible. In order to prepare, you will need to obtain information, maps, camping equipment, tools and equipment. Before the Internet and electricity go away, global and local product supply stops, it will be in your best interest to take measures for yourself and your loved ones before everything gets into each other. You can make a good start by buying our Salvation Guide book. Then you can think about joining the oba organization. Obas are not facilities, they are an organization to bring people together in chaotic times. Dec. When you participate in this, you will receive a package containing many documents, maps, IDs, passwords. When the day comes, you will know where you need to go. It becomes a hope and a goal for you. We do not run away from death, we take precautions as we are commanded before trusting.

Leadership and Management:

Chairman of the Turkutopia Society

Chairman of the Turkish Preppers Community

Chairman of Turkish Space Observers

Turkutopia Obaları Project Head

Understanding the End Times (End of Times)

We are in a time that Muslims call the End Times, Christians and Jews call the End of Times. Devastating disasters and catastrophes are occurring all over the world. You can take a look at some of them through this Instagram Group: /. The globalist elites have built shelters for themselves and are now retreating to these shelters. The projects implemented within the framework of the New World Order are increasingly making life difficult. On the one hand, the legendary Nibiru Star, which will form the Hadith about the "rising of the Sun from the west", is approaching the Earth. In Islamic sources, they call it "Tariq Star", Wormwood in the Bible, "Hercolubus" in Latin America, "Neberu/Nibiru" in Sumerian, "Nemesis" in Greek and various names in other civilizations. Now images of Nibiru have started to be taken in our country as well. So Nibiru is happening more and more. The real cause of the disasters and catastrophes that are happening on Earth is the Nibiru Mini Galactic Complex. This is a planet of our Solar System. There are 12 planet names listed in a Hadith, and there is a Date among them. There is a Surah of Tariq in the Qur'an. Tariq is mentioned implicitly in suras such as Najm and Duhan. Nibiru's destructive effects will increase even more in the coming months. When he passes by, there will be a serious decrease in the world's population. This is not the Apocalyptic process; it is the "Apocalypse" process, which is expressed as the "Divine Great Destruction" before the Apocalypse. According to the narrations in the Hadiths, there is a period of about 50 Hijri Years until the Day of Judgment. All the great signs of the End Times in Islamic sources in the next 6-7 years will be over.

Preparation (Prepper Activities)

There are people in different countries of the world who are especially preparing for the Apocalypse process. Some of them continue their work as Survivors and some of them continue their work as Preppers. Not only people and communities, but also states are preparing for such scenarios. We see that structures such as the US Army, CDC, FDA, FEMA are conducting very serious exercises, simulations and preparations. The Russians, the Chinese, and the British are also making very serious preparations on these issues. These are long past being Conspiracy Theories and have been proven. If you look at the right sources, you can see the facts. In the globalist media, everything is powder pink.

SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan): Everything goes together

TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It): The destruction of the way of life as we know it

WROL (Whitout Rule of Law): The destruction of legal order

Our works

We have been carrying out studies for 3 years in order to prepare for the Apolcaypse process:

1. Documents: Surviving, Off-Grid Life, Prepper Life, Bushcraft, First Aid, IFAK on topics such as.. We are gradually deepening and increasing our work.

2. Research and Analysis: On topics such as the End Times, Nibiru, the New World Order..

3. Books: We started with our Salvation Guide book, we are also preparing our Nibiru book. We have other book works.

4. Organization for Chaotic Times: We think that when chaotic times come, the whole place will collapse and there will be a lot of chaos. Very serious events are mentioned in Islamic and Christian sources. It is not right to stay sedentary at such times. That's why we also made Disaster Camp Plans and Organizations. When chaotic times come, we will act as nomads or semi-nomads. Since it would be unwise to settle down and stay somewhere, it is a million percent more advantageous to be in a community with people we can trust.

5. Updates: It is essential to conduct new research and analysis by observing developments.

Where you can buy our Salvation Guide book:

If you want to be a preparer and are chasing an opportunity:


Our Websites:

We have several websites. On these websites you can find information about our work, as well as access thousands of important articles and videos in the Blog areas of the websites.

Access to My Website: More convenient access with the Space Mobile App:

On Social Media We:

Telegram Group: BAT Turkey:   


How Can You Access Our Information Resources and Disaster Camps (Obas)

After you know what studies we do, you can contact us and tell us that you want to become a Preparer and send your request. You can send your publication requests and/or oba participation request.

For Application:

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