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Natural Stones

The branch of science that studies the world of stones is called Gemology. Since there are plenty of natural stones in our country, many people find, extract and sell them. At the same time, stones are also brought from sellers abroad. However, the quality of each stone is not the same. It is also better that the stone is not processed. Even if it is processed, it is necessary to know whether it is a natural stone or not. Experts in the business say that there are also laboratory-produced or coloring stones. You need to know which type of stone they can process and which type of stone they can't. It is important that you buy a stone from reliable sellers so that you do not suffer financial loss and benefit from your stone.

Stones according to their material value:

1. Full precious stones: These are stones such as Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Turquoise. The raw ones are cheaper, but the jewelry ones can be sold for hundreds of times the money.

2. Semi-precious stones: Agate / Agate are stones such as Citrine, Amethyst.

Stones in general:

1. Balancing Stones: These are the stones that remove the radiation and electrical charge from you and your surroundings. They make you relax.

2. Effect-Enhancing Stones: They serve to strengthen the effect of other stones that you use.

3. Stones According to the Purpose of Use: It is essential that you choose according to what you want to use your stone for. "Series of stones / bracelets according to horoscopes" is completely for the Sunday and does not benefit you from the horoscope aspect. It is important to identify the stones for your temperament and needs.

The duration of the effect of stones:

As soon as you start using the stones, you can't expect them to make amazing changes to you immediately. Because it can take time to find the regulatory stones for vibrations/ resonance in your body, organs, and psychology. For example; although I have tried many stones, 2-3 stones have produced very good effects on me. I also felt this in myself. It may take some time for stones to have a positive effect on your body.

Types of stones according to use:

1. Raw / Raw stones: These are stones that have not been processed and made into jewelry. Those used as desktop ornaments are usually able to polish by thoroughly thinning the stone part. However, the back of large toothed quartz stones, that is, the actual stone part, can be thick. If there is more than one layer, it is called "tape".

2. Obelix: Obelisks are table ornaments in the form of pointed obelisks in Egypt. It can also be used to hold it in the palm of your hand.

3. Chakra applications: Pandula is a tool in a method that is usually used in chakra applications. It is also common to use stones of 7 different colors for 7 different chakras. These are called "chakra stones".

4. Bracelet: For adults, it is a string of bead stones strung on a flexible string with a length of 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 cm. It can be a combination of different stones, or it can also consist of the same stones. The sizes of bead stones can usually be 6, 8, 10, 12 mm.

5. Tambil: These are stones with a shiny surface formed by drumming and polishing of raw stones of small sizes.

6. Array: It is formed by cutting real stones or combining powders of stones and Decoupling 45-50 of the bead stones obtained by combining them with a special chemistry and stringing them on a flexible rope. People buy their own bracelets, necklaces, etc. they use it to make. there may be jewelry stone sequences even smaller than 6 mm.

7. Kabashon: These are stones obtained as a result of drumming and poising a heart or round-style stone to make medallion-style jewelry in general.

8. For ring: These are stones that are usually prepared in a fairly small size and shaped to become a ring stone.

9. Pendant: These are small stones set for necklace making. They are sold in the form of a "pendant tip".

10. Sphere: These are round, drummed and polished stones with a diameter of more than 2.5 cm meters.

11. Eggs: These are stones shaped like eggs.

12. Orgonite: It is a bioenergy generator made by using a balancing stone with several semi-precious quartz stones. They usually fix it using epoxy. Such an application is not very good for releasing the energy of the stone.Tue. However, by using copper wires, the energy of the stones is released outwards.Tue. Pyramid-shaped ones are the most common. You can do it yourself.

13. Plate: It is usually the cut version of large agate / agate stones with a thickness of 5-10 mm. It is used decoratively.

14. Tower: It is the state of the stones given the form of a tower in single layers or floors.

Cleaning of stones:

Over time, your electricity accumulates on the stones. Therefore, it is not appropriate for more than one person to use a stone. There are some methods used to remove electricity from stones. However, you can't use every method for every stone. Some methods are as follows:

1. Burying in the ground

2. Do not soak in running water

3. Cleaning with vinegar

4. Cleansing with incense

The real questions:

- Where can I get a stone, where is it safe?

- Which stones should I buy, which ones are good for me?

- What should I do to remove the radiation and electricity inside my house?

- From the Nibiru arcs, relatively, what stones protect me?

I've covered the topic of stones that protect from Nibiru in conversations and explained why they are important.

Of course, everyone can choose and buy stones for themselves by doing research on the Internet. I gave basic information about the stones. It really takes a lot of time to research stones. Even though I'm used to it, even researching for myself takes quite a lot of my time. You can sit down and you can research and make purchases. There are honest sellers and there are those who do not exist.. There are also expensive sellers, there are also those who give a high-quality one at an affordable price. For example, there are also those who sell a large stone mass for X liras, and those who sell it for 3X, 4X liras..

Asking a general question is different from asking a question for a personal need is different. People can steal other people's time by thinking about themselves, but they don't think about the spiritual and material rights of that person.

"I can't do it myself, can you help me?" if you say that, you will take up my time. Then you should buy me a gift of a stone too. When you start asking questions, we need to take time off from our daily work and take care of it, and our own affairs are disrupted. I'll also tell you what kind of stone I'll accept.

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