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Nibiru Researcher BAT

Nibiru / Tarik / Hercolubus / Coatzelcoatl / The Second Sun - The Second Sun / Destroyer / Planet X / Planet 12 / Nemesis Red / Red Kachina / Red Dragon

Bulent Abdullah Turgut / BAT

Nibiru Observer, Researcher and Analyst

- more than 40 country scans in 7 languages

- more than 2000 books and documents

- digital archive over 2 tb

- more than 5000 information sharing

- more than 3000 technical data analysis

- writing more than 3000 pages of articles

- more than 2000 Future Predictions / Future Vision

- 5 pieces of personal theory / thesis and technical research

You can access our publications from here:

Some of our works:

In the context of preparedness, we are doing studies by thinking about the safety of our friends in chaotic times. Some of our studies are directed to Turkey and some of them are directed to the countries of the World. We are conducting studies in 3 categories: Turkic World, Arab Countries, World Countries.

- Turkutopia Society

- Turkish Preppers Community

- Disasters and Disasters that Come Naturally, Through the Sky and by Human Hands

- Disaster Risk Analysis / Studies for 12 Coastal Cities

- Escape from Cities in Disasters / Studies for 12 Coastal Cities

- Obas For Some Cities in Disasters / Studies For 12 Coastal Cities

- Turkutopia Obas

- Survival, Off-Grid Living, Gardening, Bushcraft, Woodcraft, Blacksmithing Information

- Land Flooding Maps

The Written Book:

Türkiye's Guide to Salvation in Disasters

Germany's Guide to Salvation in Disasters

Books That Are Being Written:

- Separate Disaster Safety Books For 12 Coastal Cities

- L9 General Assembly Areas Guide Within the Scope of Turkutopia Obas / Not Within the Scope of Oba, But a Guide that People Can Use in the First Place

- Nibiru / Tariq

- On the Trail of Healing / Deciphering Healing Methods Used Worldwide

- Surviving

- Preparation for Preppers

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