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Nibiru visibility

While the nation was wasting their time because it was election, economy, holiday, entertainment, the Globalists signed the WHO's slavery agreement and the Nibiru / Tariq Star began to appear from everywhere. It is very likely that; June-July months are pregnant with major disasters.

Nibiru now opens up to 8-10 degrees to display. It's like that in many parts of the world. Many disasters and disasters happen. Globalists and those who deify the Globalists still say that this is the normal state of the world. Globalists call it the "climate crisis".

Everything that happens has only one cause: NIBIRU. No matter what anyone says. If the Count of Nibiru is heard in the month of Safar (end of September-end of October), perhaps one-third of the world will suffer heart failure, one-third will either be blind or deaf, and one-third will be stunned.

The evil jinn and demons underground will come to the surface out of fear, but this time they will scare us. Memorize the prayers to be recited and what to do. No more jokes. Follow me from anywhere too. I became the Man Who Whispered Disasters. I have the most important news, wait..

I hope we will continue to lead the way until the last moment. If we do not die, we will continue our guidance. There is no one else to guide and lead in such chaotic times.. States, armies, worldly loves.. Goodbye to all of them..

There's a lot you don't know yet. Jinn attacks, metaphysical events, demolitions, flooding on land, megatronic earthquakes... Sleep is forbidden for at least 7 years. Many people will want to die, but they will crawl. There will be times of torment for unbelievers and hypocrites / dishonest people.

At least 40 + 3 + 40 days Longing for the Sun, suffocating heat / cold, lungs filled with dust and iron oxide, hungry, thirsty, mineral-free, vitaminless, crying a lot, full of bad smells. When Nibiru passes, the world population will exceed 8 billion. It will drop to 3-5 million.

Gog and Magog appear after the Mahdi's reign. Since the reign of the Prophet Jesus, only 30000 people remain in the world. Jesus Christ rules them. Almost all the events of the End Times take place within 8-10 years. In the meantime, there is no period of comfort.

Disasters and disasters come one after another and one after the other. Science and technology go.. It is returned to the Stone Age. 95% of the world's land is destroyed or submerged. Wars are fought over the remaining 5% of the dry and habitable area and the water resources there.

Some say "The Son of the Rocks is coming". I don't know if it's a Stone Age child. But there are no such things in the prophecies of the ancient Turks. Some say "it will be 2-3 years of trouble, then we will be the leader of the world". What if they were to become leaders in the destroyed world? You won't find frost.

Some say, "8-10 years go bad, then everything gets better and you live comfortably". They are ridiculous.. I don't know where they come up with such things. Everyone is chasing empty dreams. People from the commons are babbling even more. They talk nonsense and break the record for nonsense.

We have the prophecies made in the time of the ancient Turkish Khagans. What I've been saying for 20 years has come true. For the last 10 years, we have been including prophecies. It's exactly what we said. Our most important source of information is the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (ASM) and the Sermons of Hazrat Ali.

How do those who reveal certain things speak? What do they have in their hands, and according to what are they throwing? Empty statements will get you nowhere. They only steal people's time and confuse them. All of our statements have sources.

I don't get into spiritual matters at all. If we enter it, they will be crushed under Sufism, Cefir and Havas. Get to know the End Times well. Learn it from the hadiths and the sermons of Hazrat Ali. Look at sources such as Ibn Kathir, Naim bin Hammad, Imam Bukhari.

There are 3 Suras that speak of Nibiru: Tariq, Dukhan and Necim. Read them well. Because soon you will face what is told in them. Prepare mentally and financially. Follow the right people and get guidance. For many people, the end of the exam is approaching.

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