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October 13, 2023 - Nibiru Is About to Be Released

"If it's this year," there are less than 2 months left now. After that, it means that it will take 3-4 months for it to occur. It means that it will be reunited with the Earth between 40-60 days after its occurrence. Dec. It seems to Arab researchers and to me that it will happen this year.

Everything is rosy pink for those who are reckless and pursue interests.. We will experience the last great flood that will reduce the world's population below 100 million with an optimistic estimate and 3-5 million with a pessimistic estimate. The sun will start to rise from the west and very few people will be able to stay alive.

Allah has not sent us reason, all the knowledge, wisdom, discovery, clairvoyance, inspiration, intelligence, religious teachings and the knowledge of the end times in vain. He sent it so that we could protect ourselves from bad times. There are those who are heedless, misguided and even treacherous towards their nation, religion and spirituality.

There is no way out for them. Allah sends a great sufi and a great guiding person every 100 years. Along with these come small sufians and small guides. If you are not on a quest, no one will be of any use to you. You will make a request so that it will be presented.

I have made the best chronological classification of the end times processes and shared it. More than that; I have also classified the first stage of the end times.

1. The games of the servants of the Antichrist and the weighing of Muslims

2. The arrival of the great destruction, that is, the Tarik Star

However, I have said "prepare" many times. Because every person determines his own destiny by himself. In Levh-i Mahfuz, only the time of death does not change. This does not matter to the unbelievers and the unintelligent. They live as if the life of this world will never end.

Maybe it's the last time for you to prepare. Pictures and videos of the Tariq Star from the SOHO LASCO 2 and 3 satellites now show that it is getting closer. Everywhere in the world is being destroyed by disasters and catastrophes. Tariq's frequencies are disturbing people's psychological balance.

I have made thousands of shares in my Youtube videos, Telegram Group, Instagram Account, Facebook Account, Website pages and Blog section. If you leave your work to the last moment, the last one is left to frost. Because when the Internet and electricity go away, you can't do anything.

The Studies I Have Prepared:

1. Maps of Flooding Turkish Cities

2. Maps of Flooding Countries of the World

3. Obas / Camps of Turkey

4. Arab Obas / Camps

5. Obas / Camps of the Country where Turks Live

6. Surviving Documents

7. Safe Area Maps

I also founded the Turkish Preparers Community, which does the most preparation in the world. He who knew his worth knew. I sat down and wrote a 1000-page book. I hope he will come out soon too. Whoever is attached to what will be tested with it. We are not connected to the world.

Our problem is to be able to protect our lives and our loved ones against the bad events of the end times. What if it's time for death! But if not, we do not want to stay in the middle of a great uncertainty and absence. Everyone, measure and weigh yourself. There is no preparation at the last moment.

Let me make my warnings so that when the day comes, neither someone else will judge me negatively in their head and neither I will conscientiously say "I didn't do anything". When you say the stock market, interest, fortune telling, saving the country, conspiracy theories, don't forget the Islamically very clear Tariq!

People who are very enthusiastic when committing all kinds of sins abstain when it comes to acting with religious explanations and reason, and fall asleep heedlessly. This shows how justified a struggle we are in. He who is heedless will be caught suddenly.

My hope is that; I hope that the Star of Tariq will announce its noise this year and come next year. It is known that even when the noise is heard, many people will die, many people will lose their minds, many people will become deaf, and many people will become blind.

After the formation of the Tariq Star, megatronic earthquakes, tsunamis, further intensification of volcanoes, mountain collapses, landslides, boiling of the seas, etc. a lot of things will happen. Eventually, the poles will shift and the Sun will rise from the west.

The reunion of the Star of Tariq with the Earth will trigger great destruction and extinction. Whoever has prepared for what he has done will be rewarded for it. And whoever has lived in heedless sleep, even his punishment.. There is only trouble and trouble for those who do not come to their senses.

Those who claim to be afraid are not afraid at all. They speak with a mouth habit.. The person who was afraid would give completely different reactions. Everyone, do your repentance and check how you are preparing. We are approaching the days and months when dry words will no longer pass.

Check out the Latest Studies page:

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