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Personal Safe Area Finding Services

We live in the End Times. Omens and signs of the End Times are described in the sources of Christianity and Islam. When the "Destroyer", which is expressed as the Star of Tariq in Islam and the Star of Wormwood in Christianity, hits the Earth, most of the people will have died and disappeared. It is likely that there will be only 3-5 million people left. They will also fight their last fight. We are making efforts to prepare for such a time at work. Our goal is not to escape death. Our goal is to fulfill our duty of servitude as a sincere Muslim and to protect our loved ones from the evils, disasters and disasters of the End Times, and even to try to protect ourselves as much as possible from the miserable and destructive effects of the End Times. A sincere and intelligent Muslim already takes his precautions first, and then puts his trust in Allah.

The advanced dimension of our work. If you want to determine whether your own place is safe or if you want to determine a place to go somewhere other than the city where you live, take a look at these studies. There is no such opportunity anywhere else.

A. Location-based studies: Do you have your own place? Your house, workplace, land, field, vineyard, garden, chalet, summer house, etc. in the village, countryside, where you live or in another city. Whatever you have or where you aim to go, we carry out a Safe Area Identification study depending on the location.

In particular, we determine the degree to which the location is favorable for you based on the risk criteria and local resources determined against the possible types of disasters and disasters identified depending on the arrival of Nibiru. We make a security risk assessment for disasters and disasters of the location where you settle or want to settle. For this study, we need to Decipher the plot, field, house, workplace, etc. you need to provide the GPS coordinates of your location.

1. Basic Analysis: It is usually delivered between 1-3 days.Dec. as a report between 1-3 pages, it gives you the first impressions on the main topics.Dec. Together with the report, you have the right to 1 hour of counseling. You can ask questions about the study.

2. A Little More Detailed Analysis: It is usually delivered between 3-7 days.Dec. as a report between 15-30 pages, we will show you why the reasons are given by Deciphering a little more. Together with the report, you have the right to 1 hour of counseling. You can ask questions about the study.

B. Studies based on technical measurements: As we mentioned above, fundamental analyses are not studies based on technical measurements. When it is requested to do such studies, we conduct analyses that will take 2 weeks together with 10 professionals who are experts in their field. Of course, we also have to make significant payments to those professional owners.

C. Determining the place to go: If you intend to leave the place where you live and migrate to another place and want to be in places located in safe areas, we will also help you for this.

1. Determination of a single location: delivery in 2-3 days + 1 hour consultation is the right. You tell us which geographical region you want to be located in, and we prepare a report by choosing for you. You can make your decision by looking at the report.

2. Alternative three location determinations: delivery within 7 days + 1 hour consultation is eligible. You tell us which geographical regions you want to be located in, and we make a selection for you and prepare reports for up to three cities. Cities can be within the same region or in different regions. We are determining this in our meeting with you. You can make your decision by looking at the report.

About the Right to Consulting: The questions you will ask in Consulting should be related only to the work we do, requests and requests for information on other topics should not be included. In other words, the consultation only includes questions about whether you understand the statements in the report you received. "How is it there, is it good here?", "how do I find a safer place?", "how should I act here?" style questions are not answered. There will be no end to the questions, and we will have lingered in vain. There are many studies and public statements that we do. You can also evaluate them. It does not mean that you can get all the work we have in a single consultancy.

Take action while it is calculated:

It is possible for you to access really quite affordable studies at the moment. As of October 1, it will be much different. You can get started by having a preliminary interview with Mr. Ertuğrul. It works against you every day. Perhaps even it may become difficult for you to communicate from October due to the conditions that the globalists will create.

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