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Publishing and Oba / Turkish Camp Participation

Only for Türkiye, Only for Disasters and Catastrophes also Tariq / Nibiru I got these at a discount. My offers have an expiration date of 5 days.

PACKAGE 1: 1 map + document set together: 25 EURO

PACKAGE 2: 3 maps + document set together: 40 EUro

DETAILED FLOOD CITY SET: If you live close to the sea, a flood map set with details specific to your city (color shows where and how much flooding will be affected): 100 Euro

FLOODS GENERAL SET: More general and simple (only areas that will be affected by flooding are marked in blue) flood map set: 30 Euro


EFT to IBAN if you want and let me know. You can issue an EFT to the future date. Today PTT does not accept. During working hours..


IBAN: TR07 0080 7000 2651 0736 3920 01

Do not write anything in the EFT description.

When making your notification to me, be sure to send the following:

- Name surname

- E-mail address

- The city which you are living

- Which City or Cities You Want Maps

- Your Open Request (Specify What You Want)

- EFT receipt (if available)

Please send this information by e-mail, do not send it elsewhere:

If you want more, you can check the link below:

Upload your digital documents and maps to your phone, USB flash drive and cloud space (Gmail Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk, pCloud, etc.) within 15 days.

Do not ask questions about publications on social media and messaging applications, and do not share about publications in these areas. Do not share publications with others. Send an e-mail or call for a question.

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