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Surprising event in Istanbul - Nibiru queues passed from the sky

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Before evening in Istanbul, a huge cloud (?) passed in front of the Sun and caused it to get dark for 10 minutes. Then the sun reappeared. What's going on, Sir?


The tails of Nibiru now pass in front of the Sun. Signs of the beginning of darkening on Earth.. Here is the fragment.. Do not be surprised if there are longer darks soon.

Could anyone else explain this? Only one is Bülent Abdullah Turgut.

Nibiru last watching April 17, 2023

One of the explanations drawn in 2019 - Nibiru transit effect


Surprising event in the evening in Istanbul: It didn't get dark, the sun came up

After a hot and sunny day in Istanbul, unexpectedly in the evening hours, thunder and heavy rain began. It was stated that the time was 19.40 in the image reflected on the camera of a citizen and it was illuminated with the sunrise. The image became a hot topic on social media.

After a hot and sunny day in Istanbul, an unexpected thunderstorm began in the evening.

The image reflected on a citizen's camera became the agenda on social media. Stating that it was 19.40, the citizen said that the weather was bright and said, "My God, forgive us".

In the video, the citizen said, "It's 19.40. At these hours, it's normally dark everywhere. Now the sun has risen. Repentance bismillah. O Allah, forgive us, O Lord. There is no such thing. It was dark all of a sudden. The sun rose again on that side." made statements.

Rainbows were also seen in some districts. Meteorology stated that the rainy weather will continue in places throughout the week.

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