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Türkiye Disaster Recovery Guide

Land flooding after Nibiru's contact with Earth - 457 meters Red areas where to be flooded

There are research, analysis and interpretation studies based on more than 100 disaster and disaster types and more than 20 map types. Today, all these types of disasters and disasters are happening. Increasingly, they increase in number, variety, and strength.

More than 14000 earthquakes occurred in Italy alone last year. In addition, since last year; After the volcanoes of Stromboli, Etna, Vulcano, Campi Flegrei and Vesuvius also took action. In the previous years, an average of 12500 earthquake records were recorded in a year all over the world. Most of the volcanoes around the world have become active. The Schumann Resonance, that is, the Heartbeat of the World, is getting stronger and decreasing. So there is a cosmic fluctuation. Technical data such as Distortion and Splitting in the Magnetosphere, Drifting in the Earth's Axis Rotation, Changes in Jet Stream Currents, Increase in the Loading of Cosmic Energy Ions to the Earth, Distortion in the Heliosphere, Warming of the Magma Layer, Negative Effects of the Earth's Core from Cosmic Resonances show us that the course is not good. I have been studying and following these issues for 3 years. On the one hand, NASA says "There is no Nibiru", on the other hand it says "maybe"; on the one hand, it shuts down the Hubble and IRAS telescopes, and on the other, calls on NASA employees to "prepare for the emergency." Even the Vatican now follows the sky. Unfortunately, the Turks sleep standing up and waste their time in pursuit of nonsense.

From the point of view of human and religious sciences I sought the coming and the nature of Nibiru. I learned it was the "Great Destruction". According to him, I did some work. I have been busy not only identifying problems, but also producing solutions to problems and being a guide to that solution. I started 2 projects named "Future for Turks" and "Turks for Future". In this context, I shaped my work. Of course, there were many people who tried to undermine my work, to denigrate and hinder me, to undermine my work.

Land flooding after Nibiru's contact with Earth - 457 meters Red areas where to be flooded

My work in general titles:

1. Safe Areas Study

2. Analysis of Turkey by Disasters and Disasters

3. Analysis of World Countries by Disasters and Disasters

4. Turkutopia Obaları / Escape Campgrounds

5. Possible Land Flood Analysis

6. Research and Analysis of Understanding the End Times

I embodied my research, analysis and mapping studies, which I previously carried out as "Safe Field Studies", in my book "Turkey Liberation Guide".

This book will broaden your perspective and guide you in doing your own work. It is unique and unique in its field. How you evaluate the book is up to your imagination.

It is highly probable that we will hear the noise and first approach of Nibiru in October of 2023. If this happens, chaotic times will begin. As the astrologers concocted; Statements such as "Turkey will be a superpower between 2024 and 2026" are also completely false. When Nibiru comes, it will cause the death of at least 2/3 of the world's people. More than 80% of the world's land will either be devastated or submerged. Since there will be very little land and water left, people will tend to kill each other. Most of the people left after the disasters will be headless and confused. States and armies will disappear. There will be 3/5 areas left from Anatolia and most of these will be devastated after disasters. How do we know these? Scientific simulations, analyses, geological studies of past times, history and history of religions are our main references. Of course, hadiths and sermons are also very important for us. It is explained in some hadiths that which societies will disappear from where and how. I have mentioned them in my various articles. In other words, we have entered the last turning point of the End Times and nothing will be the same from now on. Everything will get worse every day. The great portents of the Doomsday will occur one after the other, like rosary beads falling off their strings, and even events will occur together. In 7-8 years, everything will be over. During the reign of Jesus Christ, which will be the last, there will be only 30000 people left in the world. We are not running away from death, we want to reach the time of the Mahdi and join him. We want to make our lives valuable and meaningful by serving the Mahdi. In order for us to do this, it is imperative that we get through the process of Great Destruction that Nibiru will bring.

You too may have your own goals and want to hold on to life. For this, the most useful resource for you at the moment is the book I wrote. We have 3-4 months left before the possible Nibiru's page. We do not know how many editions of the book will be produced during this time. Therefore, it will be a great advantage for you to get one of the first editions. The book is 100% original and scientific work. This is a "Disaster and Disaster Oriented Strategic Analysis" study. The secret is not about revealing the information, but about gathering and interpreting the known information in an accurate and effective way.

Land flooding after Nibiru's contact with Earth - 457 meters Red areas where to be flooded

Tomorrow when Nibiru approaches, the electricity and internet will be gone. It would be a great blessing to have a useful book at hand at that time.

If I had published this book in digital format and sold it online, I would have earned much more than I would have earned from the printed book. Moreover, there would be a lot of sales within 1-2 months. But I did the right thing for the benefit and security of the nation, not for commercial concerns. These people were left orphans and orphans. At least, I wanted someone to be a father again, as the grandchild of noble generations who have been a father, guide and leader to this nation for tens of thousands of years. If I had decided by looking at the state of our nation, I would have sold the book to foreigners as soon as I wrote it. Many groups try to protect the states, but not everyone can be a father and guide to the nation. If there is no nation, there is no state. At that time, it was those who fathered the nation who created the state and gave it its power. And when everything is over and I stand before my ancestors, I hope I will hold my head high. I will greet them as I have fulfilled my responsibility and duty. Even Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Muhammad (ASM) are Akkadian Turks and they are also our ancestors. Zülkarneyn Oğuz Kagan (as) is both our ancestors and one of the prophets sent to our nation. Being Wise on the flat, Alp / Alpagut on the slope, Eren on the high is not for everyone.

God bless our nation, our state, our country. May Tengri protect and watch over your bod! Be a wolf on the ground, an eagle in the sky! Do not forget the customs of your ancestors! Don't forget the national values and keep them alive! Without these, man is nothing. In Islam, it is said, "If the homeland is under the enemy's line, the Friday prayer cannot be performed there. Friday prayers are obligatory for Muslims who are free." If you don't have values, you can't protect your religion.

You can buy a copy of my book in Turkish language. Please fill the form below:

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