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Tarık Star (aka Nibiru, Hercolubus)

Picture: Tariq Star in his real form.. During one of their last arrivals, the interplanetary electromagnetic waves and arcs became so violent that the main structure of the Nibiru Galactic Complex, the Nibiru / Nemesis Red, suffered a major Decapitation. That's the way it is now. This structure is the predecessor planet of the small galactic system in which it is located. This is not just a simple star or planet. it has an electromagnetic field circumference of more than 7.5 billion km, 3 tails with a length of 25 million km, more than 150 planetary structures, 13 satellites larger than Earth, a Black Hole structure, a huge and dark electromagnetic cloud in front of it. It is a structure of high iron and rock origin. The main and predecessor planet Nibiru is 20 times the size of Earth. There are also other numerical data. I will also share them in my book.

General Information

In Geological Historical research, "stress and change" have been observed in the soil layers every 3500 years. Changes in the shape of the soil, glazing of the soil, dimensional differences in the formation layers of the soil, petro oil rains from the sky, iron oxide dust heaps have been found. You can say; "It may have happened in some places, it may not have happened everywhere".. in the examinations conducted in 7-8 different geographical areas, it has been determined that the same type of soil stresses occur. Moreover, at that time, oil or petro-oils were not used. A situation that gives the appearance of rain in the soil and will create traces of several meters is only the fact that they will have come from the sky. Detailed information about this is provided in the Ancient Apocalypse documentary.

In Naim bin Hammad's original book Al Fitten, Hazrat.In the original "Al-Bayan Sermon" that Ali (ra) read at the Kufa Mosque, Christians mention "Wormwood about the 7 Trumpets", the Star of Tariq is mentioned by name in some Hadiths, in some Suras in the Qur'an (such as Tariq, Duhan, Najm). However, this star is mentioned in the books of Researcher Author Zecharia Sitchin, Sumerian inscriptions, stories of the Red Sea Hoppi Tribe, Ancient Egyptian narratives and many other places. in 3 years, I have scanned the resources of more than 40 countries in 7 languages. By eliminating crazy crazy stories, I got logical, rational, holistic narratives. I have reviewed the observation images and videos of SOHO LASCO 2-3, Stereo A-B, ISIS and ESA satellites. I realized that the celestial body referred to by names such as Tariq, Nibiru, Nemesis Red, Planet X, Planet 12, the Second Sun means the same thing; it is the lost / unobservable planet of the Solar System in the capacity of an exoplanet. Because its orbital motion is 3567 years, it is not possible to find such a long-term observation and information distribution structure. Already, when he came last, he destroyed even the cities of the Babylonians and Sumerians, and since this destruction occurred all over the world, the tablets and stories written by the remaining people have been able to reach today. Different societies in different parts of the world have given different names to this star. There are scientific studies conducted by the US Navy, NASA, ESA, the American Astronomical Society about this star since the 1910s. The star stays in our Solar System for about 1600 years, and after spending 1000 years in the Deconference, it enters the Twin Solar System Nemesis Star System. It also stays here for about 1000 years. During the 1600 years it has been in our Solar System, it has come close to the Sun and Earth at least 20-25 times and then moved away. 4-5 times the rapprochement happens much more. Eventually, it comes close enough to collide with the Earth 1 or 2 times. It touches the Earth with its tails. In Graham Hancock's "Ancient Apocalypse" documentary series, he describes the effects of Tariq Yildiz, but does not mention his name. The place where the documentary is broadcast is the Globalist platform, and moreover, the so-called scientists treat the man as a madman. That is why he avoids giving the name of the Tariq Star that made the impact. Globalists know this star very well and they don't want ordinary people to notice it. They built huge shelters for themselves. Many of them are in those shelters even now. They left their stunts or clones in their place.

The number and strength of disasters and disasters have increased a lot in the last 2-3 years. in 2022, over 14000 earthquakes occurred in Italy alone, and the Campi Fregrei supervolcano woke up. The total worldwide average of earthquakes is about 12500.

It would be unlikely to briefly describe all these years of research and observation. However, let's tell you a little bit so that the seriousness of the job is understood. Although heedlessness means nothing to those who are asleep, Hazrat.It is certain that we will encounter a disaster similar to the one in the time of Noah (as). Hz.In the time of Noah (as), the waters had risen by 4000 meters. It is estimated that when calculations of polar glaciers, mountain glaciers and the humidity in the sky are made, the waters on Earth can rise up to 457 meters. One of the reasons for this estimate is the ones found in Geological layers in geological historical studies. He has previously shared several Geological reports. At the same time, if you watch the documentary "Ancient Apocalypse", you will see that I am right according to what is described in the documentary. We looked at these:

1. Geological Historical Research

2. Accounts of Previous Civilizations

3. Narratives of the History of Religions

4. Descriptions of the Findings about the History of Astronomy

5. Astronomical Observations

Some of the publications that have been detected and shared by space observation centers so far are:

1. The impact of a tail of the Tariq Star on Neptune

2. The Star of Tarik's disintegration of a small structure located in the Sirius Constellation

3. Sending huge plasma discharges and electrical arcs from Tariq Star to Venus

4. The fact that the Star of Tariq causes huge explosions during its passage near the Sun

What started with the arrival of the Tariq Star?

1. Electromagnetic explosions

2. Radiation elevation

3. Sudden large earthquakes with an increase in the electricity levels of the ionosphere and the earth

4. Plasma discharges

5. Iron oxide rain

6. Acid rain

7. Asteroid, Meteor and Fireball rains

8. Megatronic earthquakes (M9+)

9. Sky phenomena

10. Lava coming out of the middle of cities

11. The activation of major volcanoes in the world

12. Sudden temperature changes and changes of seasons in the world

When will it arrive?

That's the question everyone is wondering.. Hz.I translated and explained Ali's (ra) El Bayan Sermon into Turkish. Here he mentions some omens and signs.

1. There will be a Solar eclipse 2 times and a Lunar eclipse 2 times that year

2. The shadow does not appear in the Kaaba 2 times that year

3. That year, a pest raids the Kaaba

4. That year there was a big earthquake in Damascus

5. In those years, there would be a war of 5 Arab Kings

6. In those years, the Levant region was mixed

7. 1 Of the Holy month of Ramadan of that year. the day and the second week of the week fall on a Friday

8. That year the Kaaba was flooded

9. In those years, the Arabian deserts flourished

Hz.In the time of Muhammad (PBUH), the Arabic Lunar Calendar was used. The Hijri Calendar was not used. According to the Arabi Lunar Calendar, the 2nd month of Ramadan. On Friday, after the morning prayer or the Friday prayer, we were given the advice "close your houses, cover your doors and windows, put on your woolen clothes, prostrate and recite the Subhun Quddus prayer, protect your ears and eyes".

The tail of the Tariq Star or one of its moons will pass near the Earth with great light and noise. after 3-4 months, in the month of Safer, the Star of Tariq will appear. After that, there is a red-hot doomsday. The worldwide population of people will decrease to 3-5 million. The rest of them will fight for the very little land and water that is left. Before the arrival of the Tariq Star and during the transit, there will be no place that has not been destroyed, and more than 70% of the World's land will be flooded. In the Bible of Christians, the subject of Wormwood is mentioned in the mention of "7 Trumpets". "During his arrival, 1/3 of people, animals and plants die, when he arrives, 1/3 of living things die, and after he passes by, a large part of living things die," it is said.

By looking at all these, it is up to you to check whether the signs and omens of the Star of Tariq are OK in the year you are in, if it is OK, to be present as a precaution, and to make your preparations without them. Don't look at people who don't understand these issues talking about them to get a place on social media. None of them can show the source. There are a lot of people who share what they took from us on the right and left and add everything together.

The President of the Arab Astronomical Society and Astronomy lovers in Arab countries make observations of the Tariq Star with more than 250 telescopes. According to them, this year is okay. But if he doesn't come this year, they're definitely looking at next year. Jews and Christians have been waiting since last year. The proclamation of the State of Zion and the appearance of the Antichrist also depend on the arrival of the Star of Tariq. According to Muslims, the emergence of the Mahdi and the Prophet.The descent of Jesus (pbuh) to the earth also depends on the arrival of the Star of Tariq. In the near future, 4 different sayha will be heard at 3 different times. One of them will belong to the Star of Tariq, the other to the Mahdi, and the other two will belong to Gabriel (as) and Satan. These are described in religious sources. Since the unbelievers and corrupt believers will multiply in the End times, there will be few believers in them. So-called Muslims will not be interested in these issues at all and will be caught in heedlessness. There are precautions that need to be taken mentioned in the hadiths. But they will also be respected. The globalist media will not inform people about this and will block those who inform. Because the Globalists want the world's population to decrease. Tarik Star will do this job properly with the name "Destroyer / Destroyer". Globalists rely on the shelters they have built.

The process during his arrival

It is stated in the Hadith that when the noise of the Star of Tariq is heard, many people will be blind and many people will be deaf. This noisy mother is called "sayha". After becoming Sayha, the Star of Tariq will appear within 3-4 months, and after that, greater disasters will occur. As we get closer to the Earth, disasters and catastrophes will surround everywhere. There will be no place left that has not been destroyed. The megatronic earthquakes that will occur will be in the form of "earthquake storms" and the smallest will be M11+. The world will begin the cleansing process.

1. The process before the sound is heard will take place behind the Sun, and those who are at the appropriate angle 1-2 times a day will be able to take images for up to half an hour.

2. The process of hearing sayha: States such as confusion, deafness or blindness, loss of mind will appear. It will most likely bring great disasters with it.

3. The process between the hearing of the Decrees and the occurrence of the sayha: There will be a question of the emergence of very big disasters.

4. Appearance: Its three tails will be clearly visible and it will look as big as the Moon. It will cause the onset of very big disasters.

5. The period between its occurrence and impact with the Earth: It covers a period of about 40 days. Dec. During the first week of this period, you should pack your belongings and make your way to your safe areas or obas. It will get darker and darker and there will be redness. With the precipitation of iron oxide, the celestial object falls will increase in speed. People will have difficulty breathing. The waters that are in the square (lakes, seas, oceans, rivers, teas, etc.) will be poisoned.

6. Impact with the Earth: According to Carlos Munoz Ferrada, its three tails will hit the earth. According to my theory, it will rub two tails against the Earth and pass. I showed you on the maps where to rub it. However, this impact will cause great physical damage to the Earth. there will be complete darkness and redness for 3 days. It is a time when disasters peak.

7. The first Deceleration from the Earth: this process takes between 40 and 60 days. It is the time when great disasters continue. The darkness and redness will continue.

8. Its complete separation from Earth: it will take more than 7 years. It is a relatively easy time for intelligent and knowledgeable people, but for others it is a time full of death.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not have time to tell each of the people who have just discovered us and what we have written separately. We have made many posts on Social Media, video sharing sites and blog areas of our websites. You can learn various information by looking at them. Or you can wait for the book I'm going to write about the Tariq Star. We have no obligation to prove anything to anyone and convince anyone. Do not ask questions about the Anunnaki either. The Anunnaki are a genie society that lived on Earth before humans. Most of them were placed on the Star of Tariq by the will of Allah and sent. We don't believe in things like Flat Earth, Reptilians, aliens, Anunnaki creating humans. Believers are also not interested in us. We are making statements that keep our feet firmly on the ground by looking at the humanities and religious sciences. We do not believe in hypothetical, made-up nonsense that has no sources. First and last name, profile picture, the stories of people who are not clear whether they are a serious researcher are already considered non-existent for us from the very beginning. Do not confuse us with others. Social media phenomena from all over the world are taking what we share and serving people with the nonsense they add on top of it. They just keep talking and talking without knowing anything about Astronomy, Geology, the History of Religions, General History, Symbology, or any other branch of science. And when we say these things, they call us "smug". I'm the most expert in this field, and I don't have time for ridiculous things. He who seeks true and accurate knowledge gets what he needs, but those who keep talking nonsense gather only fools like themselves around him.

Bulent Abdullah Turgut (BAT)

Turk Alpha Centauri

Turkish Space Observers (TSO)

Astronomy Researcher

Nibiru Versatile Researcher and Expert

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