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In the process after Yasef, the first Turkish structures that appeared and had a management mechanism were referred to as "Akyazliler" and "Akyuriyenler". It dates back to more than 60000 BC. What were the phenotypes and physical characteristics of the Turks like at the time of these?

They were blonde, tall, solid-built, leg muscles were well developed and had green-blue or Novichok eye color when they stayed, they were wise natural people. Later the Turks:

1. Those who stayed in Anatolia and Asia Minor 2. Those who migrate towards Asia 3. Those who migrate towards Europe 4. Those who migrate towards Africa

they left about to happen. The Turks have made 5 great migration waves within 60000 years. Each of these occurred due to various disasters, wars, political upheavals and fights to acquire a homeland.

In Turks, the State is the Only One, and it cannot be established and managed without the support of the Central Power Dynasties in that state. One of its MGHs is named Kun-Bil Noble Dynasty and the other is Familiar Noble Dynasty.

85% of the people in the world come from Yasef ata Turks, 15-17% from Ham race, 2-3% from Sami / Aramaic race. Societies in the world; different lengths and societies of Turks have occurred as a result of accumulating, changing and creating a common life in certain regions layer by layer throughout history.

Phenotypes of today's Turks:

1. Karluk Phenotype: Slanted eyes and dark-wheat-colored skin 2. Kipchak Phenotype: Caucasian with white skin and slanted eyes 3. Oghuz Phenotype: Caucasian, white or wheat-colored skin, flat eyes

The formation of these phenotypes does not come from their mixing with other societies, but from the soil and living conditions of the geography in which they live.

The Turks have not mingled much with other societies. What if it's already fused, what happens? 85% of the world is already of Turkish descent

"Çakır / Blue Close to Green", "Green" and "Blue" eye colors belonged to the Turks at first. Arameans and the Ham race do not have these eye colors. In addition, the tamga and the sound of "-ng" are also derived from the Turks. It is still used in many societies around the world. For example: "So-ng" actually becomes "The End". It is a Song Dynasty name originally belonging to the Turks.

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