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The publication set is a gift for

I will give a big publication set to people who will support me in content production. You can use pub set in time of Nibiru's coming. Please don't ask too many questions as I'm busy. Do research on the internet and think about what you can do. Check out the posts from people who work on Social Media publishing.


1. Disasters and Disasters: Disaster and disaster types are introduced one by one, measures that can be taken against them, what to do and what not to do during disasters and disasters.

2. Surviving and Bushcraft: The subjects of surviving in difficult conditions that will be useful to people during life in nature and human movements in wildlife.

3. Preparation: What is preparation and the Turkish Preparatory Society.

4. Finding Food in Nature: Finding food in nature using natural resources and using them.

5. Traditional Medicine: Introductions, applications, cures of Turkish and Hun Traditional Medicine.


Of course, one of the topics you will publish is Nibiru.

Nibiru in History: Narrations about Nibiru in historical sources. Transferring knowledge without deviating from perverted beliefs.

Nibiru in Human Resources: Folk tales and expressions about Nibiru in various civilizational strata.

Nibiru in Religious Sources: What is told about Nibiru in sources belonging to various religions and beliefs.

Nibiru Observations: Pictures shared by the Zeta Society and other resources, changes in Earth Science measurements of the earth, changes in space, phenomena in the atmosphere and on the ground.


1. Slideshow videos: Generally not longer than 1 minute.

2. Short videos: You can prepare videos that will not exceed 10-15 minutes by editing them yourself.

3. Informational videos: You can explain the topics written and explained by me in your own videos. You shoot yourself and supplement with copyright-free images and additional videos if possible.

4. Effective Surprise Work: Use your own productivity.

5. 1 minute and Under Video: It is a short information video that you will prepare with a short expression. For example; There can be a separate video for each of the disaster and disaster types. It is up to you in which category and on which topic you will prepare a video.


1. The information, images and music you will use must not be from the copyright holders. You should pay attention to Youtube content production rules.

2. The publications you will prepare should be attentive and original, even if they are not professional.

3. You should use my expressions and my words from the publications you will prepare. You should not use other people's expressions. First of all, it is better to prepare a written text and go through the fiction.

4. If you need advice on your work, you can send a message to my assistant in my internet work.

5. At the beginning of your video, the text and logos of "Turkutopia Community" and "Turkish Preparatory Society" and "With the permission and support of Bülent Abdullah Turgut" should be written. At the back of the video, there should be a text saying "All rights of this video belong to Bülent Abdullah Turgut". Before you finish the verbal narration of your video, you should say "all rights of this video belong to Bülent Abdullah Turgut". You can place the text in front of the video as a few pages / slides and you can also write your own name and surname here. If you don't want to use your real name, you can write your code name or username.

6. Your publications are approved within 1 week after sending. We do not expect professional works, but we do not want citations, bad, sloppy works from other places. We are for confirmation, as long as you are sincere and work properly.


When you reach 250 points, I will send the publication set.

1. Slideshow Video: 5 points

2. Short Video: 10 points

3. Information Lecture Video: 25 points

4. Effective Surprise Study: 20 points

5. 1 minute and Under Video: 5 points


There is no need to apply. Start your studies and send us what you have prepared. You can also send them one by one, you don't have to wait for them to complete and send. Keep a copy of the broadcasts you send on your device or upload them to the backup device or cloud. It will be good to check when your scores are complete. There is no time limit. Until Nibiru arises. But hurry up. Let's register before the quota is full.

Open an account in cloud space such as Yandex Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox, pCloud. Upload what you have prepared into a folder that you will open in this area. If you have prepared different types of publications; Open a main folder and open separate folders in it with the following names: "Short", "Info", "Slide", "Surprise", "1Minute". Send me the home folder link. Make sure the home folder link is shared. When I click on the folder link I should be able to see your files.

Where to send the link:

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