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Today's realities

I'm not writing to praise myself, don't get me wrong. However, in terms of Earth Sciences, History Science, World Cultures, Religions and Beliefs, Islamic Sciences, Astronomy and Astronomy observations, the existence of Nibiru (Islamic name Tarık / Turkish name Adalas - I gave this name) exists. Although I have proved it, the trolls of the globalists deny, denigrate and ignore. They don't listen or read what I say. They have prejudices in their minds and do not accept things that do not fit into those stereotypes. At this very moment, they put forward such nonsense as the Reptilian belief, the UFO belief, the Anunnaki belief to destroy humans, the Flat Earth belief that would confuse people so that the mindless masses of people who deny the existence of Nibiru are formed. The same operation was performed all over the world. The globalists made it happen. They also bring their trolls and spies into us so that they can engage in "controlled opposition" and distract serious researchers. The world intelligence average fell below 50 points. Such subjects can be understood by "people of at least average intelligence". Idiots don't understand. The man has learned 20-30000 concepts during his 22 years of education and spends a whole day with 10 concepts and 30 words. When you start to explain something to the man with 200 concepts and 100 words in scientific and religious fields, the man does not understand. He has no knowledge of any science or religion other than his own discipline, he has no general culture, he does not need to exercise his mind because he does the same things every day. So man is no different from amoeba. You cannot expect him to understand you. He is estranged from what he does not understand and has hostile feelings towards you. For you are far superior and wiser than him. He's jealous of you and has irrational feelings. He doesn't want you to improve, and he wants you to stay on the same level as that person, or even lower. Inferiority complex, super ego, life alien to what religion tells, lack of research, lack of self-development, smugness, arrogance, immorality are rampant. So don't worry too much. What did his people say to Prophet Noah? "You are a crazy man. There is no rain cloud in the sky, but you say that it will rain. There is no sea here, but you are building a ship. Let's say that what you said happened and the flood happened. mingle with us". But what happened? Those who said they would flee to the mountain drowned. The waters rose 4000 meters. In the last 10 years, the glaciers on Mount Ararat have started to melt. In recent years, this melting has accelerated. They found Noah's Ark among the glaciers. At 4000 meters of Mount Ararat.. They even hide this. They had news until yesterday, we can't find those news today. So don't mess with fools. You make your preparations.

There are 4 things you need. I have been working on them for the last 2 years. Maps, documents and camp organizations.. We are at a very advanced stage. I strive to protect the smart part of my nation (2%). 98% are still in the sleep of heedlessness..

1. Determination of safe areas against floods and various disasters

2. Camping gear

3. Surviving information

4. The ideal of camping in safe areas with like-minded people

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