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While the Turkish World is in a painful awakening, the Republic of Turkey is trying to be put into the mold of an Arab state.

If we look at it on a cultural basis, the Republic of Turkey is moving rapidly towards becoming an Arab Country, Arab men with fistanches, Arab women with black sheets, Arab children are walking around the streets like a swarm of ants, Arabic inscriptions are rapidly multiplying on signs, almost the appearance of occupation is exhibited in Turkey.

Even the darkest Turkish Nationalists have been forced to impose a Turkish-Islamic Synthesis, directing their field of view to Saudi Arabia, labeling Turks who do not have a religious faith like themselves as ‘Infidels’ or even foreigners and ignoring them.

Honorable Turkish history, the root of which goes back (10,000) years; Proto-Turks, Huns, Sumerians, Göktürks are almost wanted to be forgotten, bedouin Arab culture, whose history does not exceed (3,000) years, is being tried to be placed in the memories of the new generation of Turkish youth under the mask of piety.

With the imposition of the Turkish-Islamic Synthesis, which was once put in front of the Turkish Nation, which was burning with the Turanian Ideal in the light of the Turkish Idea;

"The Gagauz Turk who is a Christian’

’The Karaman Turk who was sent to Greece, who is a Christian, by the law of Exchange"

’A Hungarian Turk of Hun descent who is a Christian and says that we are the grandchildren of Atilla"

’A Khazar Turk from the Karaim Sect of the Jewish Religion"

‘The living Turks in the Altay in the belief of Gök Tengri’

" Yakut (Saha) Turks in the Shaman faith

‘ Uyghur Turks, some of whom are Muslims, some of whom are Buddhists’

‘ Azerbaijani Turk (Azerbaijani and South Azerbaijani Turks), who are from the Shiite Sect of Islam’

"Anatolian Turkmens of the Alevi Faith who have been trying to keep Turkish Culture alive for centuries’

They are marginalized, almost ignored.

How will the ‘Turanian Union" be established with a worldview influenced by conservative Arab Cultural Imperialism by excluding the Turkic world, which has such a wealth of various religious beliefs.

There is no other nation on Earth that lives in a wide geography, has such a variety of religious beliefs in masses and can maintain the consciousness of being one Nation.

The Turkish Nation is the only nation that has been able to preserve its national feelings for thousands of years, regardless of its religious belief.

Basbug Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who determined the future (Great Turanian ideal) by saying, ’One day we will meet with the Turkish states on the Great Wall of China,‘ is a Turkist in the military and political field, "Whether it seems contrary to you or not, we will unite all Turks one day again.

Everything that happened to the Turks in history will happen to the Turks again. Officers, teachers, doctors, civil servants and students, whose number exceeds tens of thousands, are always people who are kindled with the ideal of Turanism.

A few tramps whose milk and blood are corrupted cannot stand in front of this flood,’because Hüseyin Nihal ATSIZ hoca, a light for Turkish youth, was a Turkist in the field of culture, history and ideas.

Although both great Turkish leaders are unique and unbeatable in their fields, they have never made concessions to their Turkishness due to the anxiety of their personal ambitions and thoughts of power, there has been no break in the Turkish lines. They have not betrayed the Turkish Nation

No matter where they are in the world, no matter what religious belief they have, every Turkish person who carries Turkish blood has to be a ‘Turkist’. The rapidly developing economic and political upheavals around the world are forcing us Turkish people to become ‘Turkists’. "Turkism‘ is not a policy or an interest, ’Turkism" is a food of life that we are obliged to, like bread and water. In order to live, we have to give importance to the food of our body just as we give importance to the food of our soul and our national identity, otherwise we will take our place among the Decayed nations in the historical cemetery.

Until this time; Teoman Khans, Mete Khans, Alper Tungas, Tomris Khans, Chichi Khans, Ash Tigins, Wise Khagans, Atilla, Alparslans, Temurs, Fatihs, Mustafa Kemal Ataturks, Dede Korkut, Ibn Sina, Ahmet Yesevi, Ahi Evran (Nasrettin Hodja), Yusuf Has Hacip, Mahmut of Kashgar, Imam Maturidi, Hace Bektas Velis, Yunus Emres, Ziya Gokalps, Gaspirali Ismail, Yusuf Akçura, Aziz Sancar, Huseyin Nihal Atsiz, Koca Yusuf, Naim Suleymanoglu, the noble Turkish Nation that raised the noble Turkish Nation in Statesmanship, Economics, Medicine from now on, In Space Exploration, Sports, Tourism, Literature, Philosophy, etc. by raising the best in all kinds of fields,we should be the best at the ’level of contemporary civilizations’.

We have to be the best.

Contemporary Civilization does not mean the vile colonial civilization of the West. Contemporary civilization means ’To be the most perfect of the age in which it is located".

If we do not want to assimilate by defeating the cruel games of global occupation, if we want to transfer the honorable heritage of Turkish Culture to the next generation of Turks with the same honor. We have to be the best, that is, to be ‘Turkist’.

"How Happy is He who says I am a Turk!..’’


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