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Weird Sounds are Coming

OMG! Do not be surprised if this happens during Ramadan. Explosion sound and scents Frequencies and scents that will occur with the arrival of Nibiru / Tariq Planet. We have already been saying that these will happen for 2 years and we explain how it will happen. Nibiru, namely Tariq, is 20 times the size of the Earth, but the area covered by the Planetary Complex structure is 8 times as wide as the Sun. It contains many structures. I've mentioned it before in my posts. No one else can explain it as comprehensively as me.

1. It will be in complete darkness for 3 days, the eye cannot see

2. 40 days of red darkness

3. Earth's magnetic field and poles change; the sun rises in the west

4. Sounds occur with very loud frequencies (it has already been happening for the last 20 years)

5. When the iron powder on the tarik enters the atmosphere, "iron oxide" is formed and as a result of its combination with water in the air, acid rains are formed.

6. Meteor and asteroid showers happen; many electricity-using cities disappear

7. It rains fireballs

8. People with a negative charge in their body are struck by electric arcs.

9. Earth and Ionosphere are overloaded with electricity

10. It takes at least 7 years for Earth to recover

11. Plants and animals swap places

12. Seasons change, Turkey transitions to a harsh continental climate

13. The long years of drought and thirst begin

14. There will be a shortage of products (of any kind)

15. There will be 3 big epidemics

16. Electrical and electronic systems disappear and humans return to primitive times

17. Melhame-i Kübra is made with bow and arrow, sword and spear

18. States and armies disappear

19. The global order collapses

20. People lose hope

21. There will be internal turmoil and inter-communal wars

22. There are wars for land and water

23. Ignorance and stupidity increase

24. Dajjal's dominance will gradually get stronger

25. Great Sufyan appears

26. Planet Tariq takes at least 7 years to pass a certain distance

27. The shattered Magnetosphere regenerates, the Ionosphere recovers, the Earth's core returns to normal, the Earth begins to revolve around itself and around the Sun again

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