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The most important guide and analysis book of the End Times after the Qur'an for Anatolian Turks.

A treasure trove of humanities and religious sciences that can be instrumental in the survival of Anatolian Turks from many disasters and catastrophes. The equivalent, the wife, the work of strategic analysis like no other. it is an unusual and very important book that has considered 3-4 stages by thinking together, researched measures against disasters and types of disasters that come by more than 100 natural ways, through the sky and by human hands, which contribute to a good understanding of Decadence of Anatolia, one of the few lands that will remain on Earth and what will remain of Nibiru, 3/5. We did not reveal the unknown, we drew the roadmap of the future using the humanities and religious sciences.


We have done our work and created this book to guide you for your own research and decisions. After that, it is your business that you will know. God always knows the best of everything.

Survival Guide

Introductory article about the book "Security Analyses of Turkish Cities Against Disasters and Disasters that May Come Naturally, Through the Sky and by Human Hands" called the Survival Guide prepared by BAT. Flora is out of Book Publishing. It became the best-selling book in the "Review" category of 2023.


TYPE: Printed Book / Book with Cardboard Cover and Bandolier



PUBLICATION NAME: The Guide to Survival

TYPE OF PUBLICATION: Scientific and Religious Strategic Analysis, Research and Interpretation of Disasters and Disasters that May Occur Naturally, Through the Sky and by Human Hands. Inside there are maps of studies conducted on safe areas of cities.



I . General Information and Explanations:

1. General information about chaotic times and the types of disasters and disasters that are ongoing in
the world.
2. The use and understanding of analysis and commentary articles.
3. A list of websites and centers that can be viewed for updates, information retrieval and observation.
4. Branches of science used for studies.

II. Information and Maps of Cities:

The places included in my book and the analysis-interpretation are;

1. 81 Provinces of Türkiye
2. Istanbul Asia
3. Istanbul Europe
4. Manisa Akhisar
5. Turkish Cyprus
6. Macedonia
7. Western Thrace

Spiritual Armors;

Prayers and verses that should be read during chaotic and troubled special times.
Information found in the Analysis and Comments section of Cities;

1. Urban lyrics (3 pieces)
2. Turkutopia Society and Turkish Preppers Society city information
3. Comment on the General Situation of the City
4. Evaluations out of 5 for the Main Disasters Risk Factors
5. City official communication and transportation information
6. Turkutopia - City
7. City Safe Area Map
8. City Sectors / Area Map
9. City Overview
10. City Safety Ratings
11. City Safe Space Rates
12. City Earth Structures
13. The Number of Shelters in the City
14. Is there a Safe Cave in the city?
15. The general physical geography of the city
16. General assessment of the city
17. City potential top-tier risks
18. City Security Degree
19. What should be done
20. Moving away from an unsafe area

To Contribute More To Your Preparation


JUST TO GET THE BOOK:ş-rehberi-özel-renkli-basim

To Contribute More
To Your Preparation


We send gifts from our digital publications to those who receive books signed by the author. These are digital publications, i.e. PDF, Word, picture style, and files are sent to you via Telegram. You save these files to your Saved Messages folder in Telegram. Then you will know. Files are sent once. My phone is broken, I have lost files, excuses such as my Telegram account has been closed will be invalid. According to him, it is your responsibility to save files to your computer, phone, cloud space. You should do this within 15 days at the most. The publications we will send are materials with material value. It is forbidden to share with others or to open discussions on the Internet. The material value of the materials sent is many and many times more than the value of the book you received. Materials are not sent to those who receive the book from Flora Kitap, they are sent only to those who receive the Signed Book from us. The cargo belongs to the buyer. We procure the book from the publisher and send it to your address by signing it. Only for Türkiye or with your international cargo account number.


1. Safe Area Map, Physics Map and Political Map of the city where you live
2. Camping E-Books
3. Mishine Coil Document



Although the titles of the books are the same, the parts related to the special works belonging to the cities are, of course, different. For some explanations added later and for areas such as "junction points", "assembly zones" specified in the book, the following are also sent in a separate document:

1. Radio Call Codes
2. Passwords
3. General Calling Codes

PUBLICATION NAME: City Disaster Risk Plan - City Disaster Recovery Guide
TYPE OF PUBLICATION: Türkiye's Guide to Disaster Relief are complementary works of our book. 15 Different studies were conducted for 14 Coastal Cities and Hazardous Areas (some cities on the Eastern Anatolian Fault Line). It is a work that should be under the hands of every person in our country. It has high critical importance.


General Information
Basic Scientific Disciplines in Our Studies
Statistical Data
Important Personal Cards
General Information of the City
City Survival Information
Special Disaster Gathering Areas For The City
I . Flooding Situation
II. Escape Plan from the City
III. Inner-City Meeting Places
IV. Partial Safe Areas of the City
In Disasters
Contact information
Short Biography
Logos of Turkish Preparers

Notes Blank Pages: To take your own notes

Introductory Article

In the era of chaotic disasters and disasters, the biggest blows in Turkey will be taken by the places by the sea and the cities that we define as Dangerous Areas (places where the Eastern Anatolian Fault Line passes). About 40% of the area of Turkey will be flooded, and the places mentioned as Dangerous Areas will be ravaged by megatronic earthquakes. While more than 80% of our country will be ravaged by gigantic disasters and catastrophes, all of it will be destroyed by megatronic earthquakes and electromagnetic waves originating from Cosmic Energy. Turkey has a very beautiful geography and geological structure, but it is dangerous at a high level. The one who says "there is no earthquake there" is wrong.

I have prepared special Disaster Risk Plan studies for 15 cities and Dangerous Areas. Each of these are actually summit studies conducted in this field. Because it includes plans that have been thought out taking into account many factors such as wars, disasters, disasters, the arrival of Nibiru. Ensuring unity and togetherness, joint movement are very important works in the context of creating mobility. In fact, it was created by combining 7-8 different studies. This way, people will not need to look at more than one publication.

1. Adana Disaster Risk Plan - Adana Disaster Recovery Guide
2. Mersin Disaster Risk Plan - Mersin Disaster Recovery Guide
3. Antalya Disaster Risk Plan - Antalya Disaster Recovery Guide
4. Muğla Disaster Risk Plan - Muğla Disaster Recovery Guide
5. Izmir Disaster Risk Plan - Izmir Disaster Recovery Guide
6. Manisa Disaster Risk Plan - Manisa Disaster Recovery Guide
7. Çanakkale Disaster Risk Plan - Çanakkale Disaster Recovery Guide
8. Balıkesir Disaster Risk Plan - Balıkesir Disaster Recovery Guide
9. Bursa Disaster Risk Plan - Bursa Disaster Recovery Guide
10. Istanbul Disaster Risk Plan - Istanbul Disaster Recovery Guide
11. Kocaeli Disaster Risk Plan - Kocaeli Disaster Recovery Guide
12. Tekirdağ Disaster Risk Plan - Tekirdağ Disaster Recovery Guide
13. Samsun Disaster Risk Plan - Samsun Disaster Recovery Guide
14. Trabzon Disaster Risk Plan - Trabzon Disaster Recovery Guide
15. Hazardous Area Disaster Risk Plan - Guide to Disaster Relief from Hazardous Area




1. Explaining the developments in the world
2. A basic view of the issues of the End Times in religious sources
3. The process of Nibiru's arrival
4. The reasons for people's different and irrelevant perspectives on issues
5. Answers to important questions that stick in the mind
6. The functioning of the End Times process
7. Nibiru in various sources
8. The scientific and scientific (religious sciences) fields that I am interested in in this field are
9. Nibiru's effects on Earth
10. Calendars
11. Basic topics of preparation
12. The paths that people have in the name of survival in a chaotic era
13. Strategic roadmap for disaster recovery
14. Why people don't believe in Nibiru, it's mind-boggling
15. What are the Turkutopia Obas
16. Disaster Library
17. The sources we follow
18. Basic scientific and religious disciplines in our studies
19. Meteor, Asteroid, Fireball, Comet
20. The structure of Nibiru
21. The rules of Physics of Nibiru's impact on Earth
22. Natural disaster graphs of the World in the last 100 years
23. The state of the magnetosphere
24. Cookies, what do they mean
25. Answers to today's chronic lies
26. Types of disasters and disasters
27. The greatest destroyers of the End Times
28. Today's global risks
29. Important Personal Cards (These are forms for you, your family, and your animals to keep records while preparing for disasters. They are vital at critical times. The forms also include a Tactical Combat Casualty Notification Card and a Health Examination and Intervention Card in Natural Life. They were prepared by me.)


A. General Information of the City

1. Possible dangers of the city
2. Major disasters and catastrophes that have occurred in the city's past
3. What happens if there is an earthquake in the city

B. City Survival Information

1. BAT Working Dog Tag
2. City Turkutopia Leadership and Management
3. Special oba packages for the city
4. An opportunity for those who want to join Gökoba

C. Disaster Gathering Areas for the City

1. General Information
2. Locations determined by GPS Coordinates
3. Plans of action in chaotic times
4. For example, Oba Protocols (so that everyone can apply them on their own)
5. Lists of preparer needs
6. The importance of the guide in the end times

C. Works

1. Flooding Situation: Answers the question of what will happen to us in the event of flooding

2. Escape Plan from the City: Recommendations on which direction you should head if chaotic disasters start suddenly, locations indicated

3. Inner City Gathering Places: In order for people to be united and in solidarity in the face of all kinds of unexpected events such as major disasters, war, global challenges, the meeting points within the city were specified as GPS coordinates

4. Partial Safe Areas of the City: Safe areas defined within the city, neighboring cities or safer cities during possible major disasters, as coastal cities will usually be plagued by major disasters by more than 70%, location specified


1. What should I tell children about disasters, how should children prepare
2. Do not question with your society what will happen during disasters


To Contribute More
To Your Preparation

We send gifts from our digital publications to the recipients of this digital publication. These are digital publications, i.e. PDF, Word, picture style, and files are sent to you via Telegram. You save these files to your Saved Messages folder in Telegram. Then you will know. Files are sent once. My phone is broken, I have lost files, excuses such as my Telegram account has been closed will be invalid. According to him, it is your responsibility to save files to your computer, phone, cloud space. You should do this within 15 days at the most. The publications we will send are materials with material value. It is forbidden to share with others or to open discussions on the Internet. The material value of the materials sent is many and many times more than the value of the digital publication you receive.


For Those Who Have Acquired 1 E-Book:

1. Safe Area Map, Physics Map and Political Map of the city where you live
2. Camping E-Books

For Those Who Have Acquired 3 E-Books:

1. Safe Area Map, Physics Map and Political Map of the city where you live
2. Camping E-Books
3. Mishine Coil Document
4. Health Folder
5. The Flood Map Set belonging to the city of Survival Guide You received

For Those Who Have Acquired 5 E-Books:

1. Safe Area Map, Physics Map and Political Map of the city where you live
2. Camping E-Books
3. Mishine Coil Document
4. Health Folder
5. The Flood Map Set belonging to the city of Survival Guide You received
6. Türkiye Caves Folder

What Are These Books Useful For?

To set off on the adventures of the End Times, you should definitely take the following things with you: Turkey Survival Guide book, City Survival Guides e-books (what you need), End Times Guide E-Book, Nibiru E-Book / Book.. Without these, it is very difficult for you to understand what is happening in the End Times, to find your way and to see ahead. 

At a time when massive/megatronic earthquakes, economic devastation, global genocides, supervolcano eruption, massive floods, mountain collapses, massive landslides and more than 200 disasters and disasters are continuing, it guides you to unite with people you can trust, to safely survive the destruction processes, to stay away from geologically and atmospherically dangerous areas, it opens your horizons. All of the studies were conducted within the framework of science and religious sciences. Since the Tariq / Nibiru / Wormwood / Hercolubus Star will make the most destructive impact of the End Times (it is described in Hadiths, in the Sermons of Hazrat Ali, in the Bible, in the Kolbrin Bible, in the Book of Enok, in Sumerian Tablets, Hindu Legends, Mayan Legends and many other sources), we also keep an eye on him. By looking at the atmospheric and Geological change data, we are studying the effects of this star on the Earth and our Solar System. Now in many countries, this star has also become visible to the naked eye. However, it is not always possible to see it because it still continues its orbit in an angular position behind the Sun. However, when it fully emerges from the East direction at an angle of 13 degrees, we will now see it as big as the Moon and we will also be able to watch the movement of its tails. Our books give you information about the End Times, Nibiru, Disaster Emergency Action Plan and what can be done to save yourself. This City Survival Guide books are one of the complements of our printed Turkey Survival Guide book. Along with these, be sure to get our digital publication called the End Times Guide. Our Nibiru book is still being prepared. If you send us your requests (what you want), it will also be motivating for us. We are making efforts to get through the End Times, which is the most dangerous and deadliest process, with the least harm and safely. The Star of Tariq does not bring the Apocalypse or the destruction of the Earth. But the Divine is initiating a Great Reset for the Earth. Very few righteous people will be able to come out of this process. They will also be from smart, bright, serious, diligent people. Dry-dry Islam will not be enough in this process. Because even in the Hadiths, messages of "prepare" are given constantly.

Why are City Survival Guide studies only for certain cities?

About 60-70% of the population of Turkey is concentrated in coastal cities. Moreover, there will be water walks from the seas to these cities. In the same way, earthquakes also occur in these cities. The greatest damage will be seen by these cities and those who live in these cities. That's why I thought it was necessary to give importance to these cities first. Other places are relatively a little better. People will have dry areas. But when the waters start to fill from the seas to the land, those living in coastal cities need to know what to do and which way to go. I have already prepared and printed a book for the whole of Turkey: The Guide to Survival. I have studied city by city and prepared maps of safe areas. 

Are the Survival Guides of Turkey and the City Survival Guides talking about the same things? Not. In fact, the City Survival Guides have a Civil Defense and Military Action Plan-style information structure. The information in these publications is also extremely unique. More details and planning were considered for much more specific and action-oriented issues. If people knew how much these publications would be useful at a vital level tomorrow, they would buy 10 or 20 of them, let alone take them one by one. When chaotic times begin, the importance of bandits, wild animals, destructive communities, nerve-destroying atmospheric conditions, Decadent economy, drought and thirst, hunger and famine in the hands of reliable human factor coming together will be understood at that time. The word that people will use the most at that time will be "I wish". Then they will realize how meaningless the excuses they put forward today are. It's easy to let it go when you're living comfortably now. They will also understand that no one will come to save and protect them at that time.

How long will Nibiru's effects last?

The Sumerians, the Mayans, the Book of Enok, the Gospel of Kolbrin, the Bible, the Sermon of the Prophet Ali Al-Bayan, the following appeared when the Hadiths were examined:

It is obvious with its omens and signs, but it is not possible to give an exact date. I don't have that kind of talent. I don't want to make a fuss. Everything will not happen in 40 days. Where did you get him from? It stays in our Solar System for 1800 years, and during this time its effects decrease and multiply. In the last few years, the effects have been increasing excessively and leading to devastating effects all over the world. These are the kind that burn down buildings. The last one coincided with the Oghuz Khan era (2200 BC- 1900 BC). There are no traces of the palaces, mansions and works of Oguz Khan left. Look at the "Disasters in the World" group on Instagram. It's my band. You see what happens there every day. There is an address on the front page of my website. We can say that there will not be a stone on a stone in the world. We have watched the trailer so far. The world has always been protected until now. Woe to us after Nibiru was exposed.. We have no choice but to be patient. It is wisest to take precautions and prepare in advance. At least at those times you know what to do and you have hope.

40-60 days after the big noise of Nibiru (sayha) was heard, it left the Eastern direction at an angle of 13 degrees, the next 40-60 days Nibiru met with the Earth, 3 days of complete darkness and chaos, 40-60 days of primary distance, 7 years of the continuation of destructive primary effects.. its effects will last for another 800 years.

The first most powerful effects of Nibiru will last for 7-8 months. After that, major disasters will continue for 7 years. After that, the troubles will continue again for 800 years. Of course, if the Doomsday does not occur at that time, according to the Hadiths, there are at most 55 Hijri Years before the Doomsday occurs. The 40th year of this is the period of the sultanate of the Prophet Jesus, there is a period of the sultanate of the Mah Dec between 5 and 9 years.. The great events of the End Times mentioned in the Hadiths will take place "most of all" in the next 5-6 years.

There is an account, there is a mind..

Who said what?

​According to Carlos Munoz Ferrada, the characteristics of Hercolubus (the name of the Star Tarik / Nibiru in Latin America):

1. It is a red planet that presents the elliptical orbit of a comet and the large mass of a planet, in other words, a “comet planet”.


2. The star is loaded with cosmic energy with rare radiation that, according to scientists, alters behavior and health, and will cause incurable epidemics and irritability, bring wars.


3. It does not obey traditionally established celestial physical laws.


4. It travels between our Sun and a Dark Sun located 32 trillion kilometers away. Dec.


5. It will pass 14 million kilometers from Earth.


6. It is about six times larger than JUPITER, so its approach of 14 million kilometers from our Earth will exert a catastrophic attraction on the incandescent liquid minerals inside the Earth, causing enormous internal pressures and, therefore, volcanoes and earthquakes.


7. It will penetrate our Solar System and be photographed as visible to the naked eye.

8. His arrival will cause human and geophysical change, bring change and destruction.

Everything he says is not the law. There may be different situations, but if we look at what is happening right now, it largely matches his data.

The posthumous report dedicated by the Magazine El Salvador Today to Carlos Munoz Ferrada is as follows:

"To explain his observations and predictions, Muñoz Ferrada theorized Geodynamics based on the attractions of celestial bodies and cycles of geophysical disturbances in large explosions on the sun. With this method, he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate changes, discovered new planets and comets, deciphered their orbits and other characteristics."

The Last Prophecy of the Alcione Society:

Samael Aun Weor, the great Gnostic who gave numerous lectures in Mexico in the "70s. He talked about Hercolubus and announced that the Earth would be approaching recently. Due to its huge electromagnetic power, he said, it will destabilize the earth's crust and cause large earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and natural disasters. Hercolubus used to approach our solar system in ancient times to reveal the disasters that destroyed the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Now, he said, he will come again to end our civilization and allow a new era to begin."

in 1998, he wrote the book "Hercolubus or the Red Planet". V. M. Based on his direct and conscious experiences, Rabolu describes the terrible events that will happen on our planet in the short term and explains the path that man can follow to achieve a profound transformation:

"Hercolubus, a planet named by the sages of antiquity, is approaching our Solar System and is of great concern to those who know about such cosmic phenomena. In our previous encounter, Hercolubus put an end to the Atlantean civilization. These facts are duly associated with all the “Universal Floods” of different religions and cultures.”

"The result of Hercolubus being too close will be turmoil in every corner of our planet.”

- V. M. Rabolu's "Hercolubus or the Red planet"; Diana's Pub (October 1, 2002)

Argentine Benjamin Solari Parravicini, nicknamed the South American Nostradamus, wrote several decades ago: "The hours will come, and in its darkness the crash of the great planet will be received. The world will turn around. Everything will fall".

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