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Our Global Works

This is a general list of the works we have done. Take a look at the articles in our blog area as well. You can find a lot of information here. We are the only and the most reliable company in this field in the world. Find out the details and don't be biased. Everything is for your safety against the chaotic disasters of the near future and the destruction of Nibiru.

To get information, please contact by clicking on the buttons below. We are here to help you.

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The Book of the Guide to Salvation / Kurtuluş Rehberi
General Preparator Documents and Maps - Beginner Level
General Preparator Documents and Maps - Intermediate Level
General Preparator Documents and Maps - Advanced Level
Working out a Personal Disaster Escape Plan
Turkutopia Obas / Camps

Beginner Level Information about Nibiru/Tarik Star
(On our Social Media Sites, Websites and Youtube Channel)
Intermediate Level Information about Nibiru/Tarik Star (For Special Preppers)
Advanced Knowledge about Nibiru/Tarik Star (For Special Preppers)
Current Developments related to Nibiru/Tarik Star (For Special Preppers)


Take mission

By taking part in our websites, support us Decently, improve yourself and build a bridge of friendship between us. If you have time and a computer, make a new start immediately and be productive.


BAT Publication Studies, Oba Participation and Escape Plan from Cities

Please contact Ertuğrul Bey to get information about our work. Do not ask any other questions. Since BAT is interested in its work, do not ask him questions about the work. As of December 31, 2023, all statements and practices made before this date will be invalid. After January 1, 2024, we want to have all our publications published by a publishing house and sold in print. Our work on this continues. In other words, the promotions we made before and the free documents we provided will also become invalid. For questions and discussions at the consultancy level on the subjects in which BAT is an expert, Ertuğrul Bey should first be contacted and explained. If time permits, information will be shared through a suitable communication channel.


BAT has completed the recruitment of participants to its own camp. However, he will accept 3 more wealthy and conscious people (businessmen or those with a lot of savings) who can support the work in various aspects into his band. You can meet with him for this. Participation will be possible based on mutual consent. You can send an e-mail to to discuss such participation and present us your clear and strong offer.

Contact with Ertuğrul Bey:

Telegram DM: 



Help is provided to those who want to obtain publications from Germany and Europe via Germany and join camps. You can also contact Ertuğrul Bey regarding this matter.


All our work is turned into PRINTED PUBLICATION. In 2024, you will be able to access our works through Publishing Houses.

If you share your research and information-based articles in the field of blogging as a Writer on our websites, you will create your rapport with us. You can't expect us to show favor to you without such closeness. Another way to create closeness is to support us in every aspect of our work. Of course, this will not be a dry word support.



Since our nation is insensitive to important issues, it remains indifferent to such vital publications. Approaches such as "whatever happens to us can go away", "we die and we survive", "God protects us", "the state saves us" are taken against many major disasters and catastrophes. None of these have anything to do with Islam, science-based approach or our national mentality; We need to know that there is indifference, arbitrariness, the desire to live mindlessly, and the desire to waste resources and waste them. Whether people buy or not buy these publications has no benefit or harm to me. Whatever a person does, he does for himself, and whatever he does not do, he does not do for himself. “He who does not think at first will have to brood in the end.” Confucius

There are people who combine the information they receive from us with the nonsense in their own heads and present it on Internet platforms. We are aware of them. They add everything up. Those who listen to such people and come to us are trying to tell us their sentences, not our sentences. As if we had used those phrases.. There are also those who sell the information they receive / steal from us to people of various ranks and business people at high prices. We are also aware of them. To date, we have openly presented information about Nibiru that many people could not even imagine. But people with malicious intentions and using us have multiplied. They confuse people and mislead them. We are selective in our words and expressions. We don't want to confuse people by randomly writing and telling them.


From now on, we will no longer share three classes of information about the Nibiru / Tarik Star with everyone, namely Intermediate-Level Information and Advanced-Level Information, as well as Current Developments. Our shares to date are already at thousands of times the level of people who are engaged in the same work in the world. Moreover, no one else could make the comments and analyses we made. Anyone who wants more information, comments, analysis, current development news should contact us. We will not provide more comprehensive information to people who seriously do not support us in every way.


The most important destruction event ever is about to take place, the world has entered the age of disasters, and people are in the end times to give their own most important test. But the desire to connect to the world and enjoy life has engulfed people. They ignore the facts. Unfortunately, for the last 70 years, people around the world have been left ignorant and the most important information has been withheld from people. Superstitious faith was given to the poor and money/power was given to the rich so that people could linger with them and not use them for useful pursuits. Many of them who want to rule faith and money / power have already done their best for the destruction of both their nation and themselves. Of course, the desire to obtain information without compromising oneself leads to the lack of protection of our rights and our needs to continue our work. No effort happens by itself. Information thieves steal information from us and publish it without even mentioning our name. After that, anyone who needs information to publish or make news should ask me for an article, visual (image and/or video), news article. No one can use any of my articles and visual publications without my written permission.


We are already writing some books at the moment. By acquiring them, you will gain quite a high level of knowledge. When you get extra information documents from us and participate in the OBA, you will have taken a big step for your preparation.

If you want to learn useful and accurate information, read the blog areas and home pages of our websites, read our posts in social media areas (accounts, groups and pages), watch videos on our Youtube channel, look at posts in our Instagram groups, read what we share as files. You may have just noticed us and are trying to understand our publications. However, do not forget that we have a lot of work and efforts, thousands of messages are received in a day, almost all of the newcomers request special information for themselves. We have neither the time nor the energy to take care of each person individually. So take a look at the shares we have been making for 3 years. Do not write comments about topics that you do not understand and do not understand, and do not send us messages. Do not send us ridiculous statements and comments of others. Do not lower our energy. We will be needed as much when everything comes together as it is today. And don't be angry with us for not giving you personal attention. Thousands of people come every day, which one should we take care of? Do not write random comments in our internet areas and do not look at our posts in a biased way. Do not try to dictate your own ideas as if they are essential. Do not be angry with us when you are blocked. We are not on the Internet for the purpose of socializing, but for the purpose of sharing accurate and useful information. The thoughts of others do not concern us. If you are expressing an idea, you must also write valid and consistent references about it. We do not give credit to those who say, "According to me, this is true." We do not allow thoughts that contradict our beliefs and the beliefs we have gained after our research in our internet areas. Everyone can share what they want in their field, but never in our fields.. If you see comments in our areas that contradict our thoughts and research, do not ignore them. Someone writes thousands of comments in a day. People have ideas / philosophy without having knowledge / science and they can go astray. We can't bring every person to the path. Everyone who writes a comment is responsible for their own comment.

Our work in general

We continue our Turkish Preppers Community activities in 81 provinces of Turkey and various countries around the world. Some of our works.

- Natural, Sky and Human-Made Disasters and Disasters
- Disaster Survival Guide
- Land Flooding Maps
- Safe Area Maps Against Disasters
- Security and Risk Analysis Against Disasters
- Camping Areas to Take Shelter in Disasters (Türkütopia Camps)
- Surviving and Camping Information
- Escape Plans from 12 Major Seaside Cities in Case of Major Disaster
- Safe Area to Go from 12 Big Cities on the Sea Coast in Case of Major Disaster
Camping Maps

What do you need?

1. Survival information in harsh conditions

2. Maps of safe areas

3. Flood maps

4. Participating in campsites where you can be with other people

5. General information needed to survive disasters

6. Geographic information about cities

7. Disaster situation analyzes of cities

8. Plan to escape from where you are and go to a safe area.

9. Plan to reach the safe area easily and quickly

10. At least basic camping gear

If you can do it yourself, do it. If you cannot do this, get it from people who can or have done this work.

Why do Oba structures increase your luck?

Oba, or camp organizations, will remain very important and perhaps the only solution in the future. Because you see the trend. I was telling about these days 3 years ago. Nowadays, I'm talking about a few years later. Live and see.

1. It brings together people with similar thoughts and hearts for the same purpose. This minimizes security problems.

2. There are people from many professions and special interests such as Agricultural Engineer, Biologist, Farmer, Carpenter, Surviving Specialist, Doctor, Veterinarian, Chemist, Traditional Healer.

3. When and after the Oba areas will be created, what should be done and the task distribution are specified.

4. The best, most useful, most practical method was used, with which our ancestors survived for tens of thousands of years.

5. People in the camps have personal identifiers such as ID, password, and calling code. Thus, foreigners will not be allowed to enter the camping area.

6. Thanks to task distribution, you will be able to handle many tasks that you cannot do on your own or with your family.

7. When disasters become very difficult, you will be able to dig shelters together in a very short time. We shared a lot of videos on how to dig.

8. You will be able to protect the elderly, patients, children and young people much more easily. Moreover, their various needs (such as education, health) will also be met by the participants.

Great Istanbul Earthquake

This earthquake will happen whether we want it or not. Because while there were 1.5 million people in Istanbul in the 1970s, there are now more than 52 million people in one day. While the load per person did not exceed a few hundred kilos in the 1970s, it has now exceeded 3 tons. Moreover, the northern half of Istanbul shows extreme Magnetism. Enormous electricity is used in Istanbul, which creates a huge electromagnetic field. If we look at applications such as Windy; You see the constant accumulation of ion charge in the Ionosphere and in the Soil over Istanbul. This is also a big risk. In addition, the phenomenal images created by Tarık Yıldızı are quite common in Istanbul. I am not saying these based on the plans of the Globalists. I say this by looking at geological, geographical, climatic and astronomical data. Anyone can evaluate it as they wish.

1. Istanbul will have its share of the megatronic earthquakes that will occur after the emergence of the Tariq Star. The earthquake will occur in the form of an electromagnetic explosion with the accumulation of Cosmic Energy.

2. When the Supervolcano caldera formed by the volcanoes around Santorini in the Aegean and the Campi Fregrei volcanoes in Italy becomes active, it will have a very negative impact on Turkey. Istanbul will also get its share of this.

3. Almost every part of Istanbul will be affected by the land flooding caused by Tarık Star. Unfortunately, such an event, along with an earthquake, will cause much worse consequences.

4. After the earthquake occurs, Türkiye's economy will collapse. Because most of the industrial, commercial and financial structures are in this city.

5. With the earthquake, the European side will be completely cut off from the mainland, starting from Canal Istanbul. With tectonic movement, this new island will move towards the Marmara or the Black Sea.

6. When there is an earthquake, more than 10000 natural gas transmission lines will explode. They've already simulated this.

7. When an earthquake occurs, there will be tsunami storms of at least 20 meters. Maybe these tsunamis will continue for days.

8. Almost all buildings in Istanbul will be demolished. A huge pile of debris will remain.

9. Bridges will be completely destroyed and the connection between the two continents will be severed.

10. Istanbul's infrastructure and superstructure will be completely destroyed. No one will want to enter this city again.

What are we going to do?

"Honey is dripping from your mouth, sir, so what should we do?" I can hear you ask. Actually, I have answered your question many times.

The star will appear within 3-4 months after you hear the name of the Tariq Star. Meanwhile, major disasters and catastrophes will gradually increase. During this time, complete your preparations immediately and set off towards safe areas or camps in Anatolia. Don't wait for the last moment. If you wait for the last moment you will find regret. I have explained many times how the Sayha will be. Do not assume that every comet you see is Tarık and every noise you hear is Tarık's name. The one that will shake the earth.. The one that will blow the minds of many people, blind their eyes and deaf their ears.. This is not the tinkling of two tin cans..

There is no room or need for despair. Ignorance and indifference kill people, being smart and cautious makes people laugh. Everyone struggles with whatever they have accumulated.



1. In no way can you publish the publications, in whole or in part, on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vk, Gmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Messenger, iPhone Mail, Yahoo! You cannot share it from Globalist platforms such as Mail and other platforms. Stay away from the structures of Globalists at every moment of your life and keep us away too.


2. If you have a question about publications, you can ask us by calling. No response will be given by any other method. You will not get an answer when you ask questions using other methods. Then don't blame us either.


3. Our publications can never be discussed on social media. These are provided for your personal use. You can print it from the printer, but you cannot share it with others. There are good people and bad people. These are publications that are private to you.


4. Questions such as “when will Nibiru arrive” or “how should I prepare” are frequently asked. We have shared more than enough information on these subjects in the blog areas and home pages of our website and other websites. There are more than enough videos on our YouTube channel. Our aim is to prepare for major disasters and catastrophes. It does not concern us when Nibiru will come, which disaster will find us and when, which disaster will begin and when. We have to be prepared at all times. In 2000, Globalists started the “Controlled Apocalypse Process”. They want to make the people of the world experience an End Times under their control. The Signs of the End Times described in Islam have also begun in this process. If you are waiting for a disaster to happen to you to make preparations, then it will be too late and meaningless. There is no point in asking questions if you are not preparing. We are not astrologers or horoscopes (astrologers / astrology practitioners). We are interested in Astronomical Science. If you are going to ask about the date, you should go to astrologers. After the preparations we make, we try to be cautious against events that may occur with high probability by following the signs and signs in Islamic sources. Other than that, we don't care what will happen and when. The Globalists hide the existence of Nibiru, but they have shelters built for themselves. There is no point in asking questions after you are unwilling and unwilling to obtain the extraordinarily important documents we offer and participate in OBA organizations. Moreover, we do not answer these questions. Therefore, do not ask unnecessary and meaningless questions. If you trust the "everything is fine" lies of some internet influencers and just wait, the last thing that will await you will be desperation, hopelessness, being tied up, and being unprepared for disasters. A great destruction awaits the world, but if you are not making preparations for it, you should not find an excuse for anyone else.




Real wise people value knowledge. Don't care what others say. Disasters and disasters are a fact of our lives. Moreover, we live in the End Times, and in this time, true and useful knowledge is more valuable than diamonds. However, unbelievers, ignorant people and fools may remain indifferent to such important information. Because, open up and look at the topics Signs of the Doomsday and Signs of the End Times. Are the Hadiths, the Quran, the Sermons of Hazrat Ali (ra), the great Islamic scholars and even books such as the Bible and the Torah lying? In a hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "My ummah will not last until the 15th century." In other words, the apocalypse will come before the 15th century Hijri. We are currently in the year 1445. There are "at most" 55 Hijri years left until Doomsday. 40 years of this are the sultanate period of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the last Age of Bliss. There are 15 Hijri years left, which let's express as "the most". The great events of the End Times will take place within 15 years. We don't have 300 or 500 years.

As of December 31, 2023, all previous announcements are invalid. We will distribute it as PRINTED PUBLICATION in 2024. We will only give some of our publications to very special people.


Documents and Document Sets/Folders to Prepare for Disasters and Nibiru

1. Publication Name: Turkey Caves Map Set (Information and Coordinate Maps of Hundreds of Caves)

The publication is provided as a whole folder rather than some of the caves one by one. So you will get the whole folder.

2. Publication Name: Turkish Cities Flood Map Sets (For Places That Will Flood)

You can get the flood map of whichever city or cities you want out of 81 provinces. Each city's flood map set is separate and available separately. For example; If you live in Çanakkale, you'll want this city's flood map set. If you wish, you can also purchase the Balıkesir flood map set as a backup. If you have to leave the geography you are in during disaster times, you need to know that there will be no flooding on the retreat routes and you need to know which routes to follow. Otherwise, water may surround you. For someone living in Çanakkale; It would be logical to obtain flood maps for the cities of Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Bursa, Manisa and Bilecik. Because these cities are on the retreat path towards Central Anatolia. Water will also be able to reach some cities located relatively further inland through rivers and valley passages. Water will reach some, but not all, of the city. Since we do not know where more water will reach, the minimum possible distance of 457 meters was taken as a reference. How was the figure of 457 meters achieved? Relative humidity in the sky, mountain glaciers and polar ice caps were calculated and the spread of all of these to the earth was taken into account. There are no flood maps for all 81 provinces. Flooding map sets are available for the following cities:

Adana, Antalya, Artvin, Balıkesir, Bartın, Bilecik, Bursa, Çanakkale, Denizli, Düzce, Edirne, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Giresun, Hatay, Istanbul, Isparta, İzmir, Maraş, Kastamonu, Kilis, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin, Muğla, Ordu, Osmaniye, Rize, Sakarya, Samsun, Urfa, Sinop, Şırnak, Tekirdağ, Trabzon, Yalova, Zonguldak.

3. Publication Name: Health Folder (Dozens of Documents - Including Jab detoxes)

There are hundreds of documents in the Big Health Folder.


4. Publication Name: Camping Documents

Two documents


5. Publication Name: Survival Information Folder for the Unprepared (Dozens of Documents)

If you haven't made any preparations...


6. Publication Name: Safe Area Maps of Turkey's 81 Provinces / Map of Where in Each City Are Safe Against Disasters

Less than 8% of Turkey is 70-80% safe in terms of disasters and calamities. These are maps we created after our studies to determine relatively safe areas of cities in terms of disasters and catastrophes. The safe area map of each city or cities among the 81 provinces is separate and provided separately. For example; If you live in Afyon, you'll want this city's flood map set. If you wish, you can also get the Ankara safe area map as a backup. If you have to leave your geography in times of disaster, you need to know that there will be no danger of disaster or disaster on the retreat routes and you need to know which routes to follow. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the middle of many difficulties. For someone living in Istanbul; It would be logical to obtain safe area maps for the cities of Istanbul, Balıkesir, Bursa, Manisa, Eskişehir, Bolu and Ankara. Because these cities are on the retreat path towards Central Anatolia.

7. Publication Name: World Countries Flood Map Sets

Less than 14% of the world is 70-80% safe from disasters and calamities. These are maps we created after our studies to determine relatively safe areas of countries in terms of disasters and catastrophes. The flood map set for the country or countries listed is separate and available separately. For example; If you live in the USA, you'll want this country's flood map set. If you wish, you can also get a flood map set of neighboring countries as a backup. If you have to leave your geography in times of disaster, you need to know that there will be no danger of disaster or disaster on the retreat routes and you need to know which routes to follow. Water will reach some, but not all, of the country. Since we do not know where more water will reach, the minimum possible distance of 457 meters was taken as a reference. How was the figure of 457 meters achieved? Relative humidity in the sky, mountain glaciers and polar ice caps were calculated and the spread of all of these to the earth was taken into account. There are no flood maps for all countries in the world. However, it can be prepared if there is special demand. Currently flood map sets are available for the following countries:


USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Australia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Syria, Bashkortostan, Western Thrace, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Netherlands, England, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, Kazakhstan, TRNC, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Macedonia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Romania, Tatarstan, Greece, Turkmenistan, New Zealand.

8. Publication Name: Edible Plants in Nature Folder (Dozens of Documents Inside)

Plants you can find and eat in nature..


9. Publication Name: German Liberation Guide (PDF and Additional Documents)

218 page document.


10. Publication Name: Nibiru Promotion Picture Set (Texts on Picture Files)

Information cards containing basic information about Nibiru.


11. Publication Name: BAT Nibiru Book Chapter 9 (An important part of the book written by Bülent Abdullah Turgut - PDF)


Chapter 9 of the book written by BAT


12. Publication Name: German Survival Kit (PDF Books)

Survival documents from German expert


13. Publication Name: Line Bobbin Construction File (PDF)

Making of Mishine Coil


14. Publication Name: On the Way to Healing Diseases (New Perspectives on All Diseases - PDF or Word)

Searching for a cure for diseases through natural means..

15. Publication Name: Grower Guide for Atalık Tohum (PDF)

Guide to heirloom seeds


16. Publication Name: The Healing Breath of Nature (PDF or Word)

Research on healing with natural ingredients


We provide convenience for participation in Oba Organization. You will be able to obtain Oba documents, IDs, passwords and call codes more easily. You can't do much on your own. But you will get through difficult times more easily with people who will struggle within an organization.



You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obas

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

TOL6KTA 1: Participation in a single tribe.

TOL6KTA 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTA 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTA 4: Participation in sixteen tribes at once.




You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obas

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a city

TOL6KTB 1: Participation in a single tribe.

TOL6KTB 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTB 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTB 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.



You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obas

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a city

6. Huge publication package (thousands of documents and maps)

TOL6KTC 1: Participation in a single camp.

TOL6KTC 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTC 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTC 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.




You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obas

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a city

6. Huge publication package (thousands of documents and maps)

7. City escape plan (being able to quickly leave your city and go to safe areas in 3 different cities)


TOL6KTD 1: Joining a single tribe.

TOL6KTD 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTD 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTD 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.




You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obans

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a city

6. Huge publication package (thousands of documents and maps)

7. City escape plan (being able to quickly leave your city and go to safe areas in 3 different cities)

TOL6KTE 1: Participation in a single tribe.

TOL6KTE 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTE 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTE 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.




For those who want to join the camp both in Turkey and abroad.

You will receive:

1. Multiple map sets of Sixteen Obans

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a city

6. Huge publication package (thousands of documents and maps)

TOL6KTEXT 1: Participation in a single tribe.

TOL6KTEXT 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTEXT 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTEXT 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.




For those who want to join the camp in a foreign country.

1. Arabian Obas: Each package contains 2 or 3 obas. All are given at once.

a. UAE-Qatar-Oman Obas,

b. Syrian-Lebanese Obas,

c. Obas of Saudi Arabia.

2. World Obas:

a. US Western Bands: 3 tribes

b. US Eastern Bands: 3 tribes

c. German Obas: 2 Obas

c. Southern Obası of Azerbaijan

D. Northern Oba of Azerbaijan

to. Central Oba of Azerbaijan

f. Oba of Kazakhstan

g. Oba of Uzbekistan

g. Oba of Turkmenistan

You will receive:

1. Foreign country oba map sets

2. Basic set of documents

3. Participant's ID, password and call code set

4. Safe area maps of ten cities

5. Flooding map set of a country

6. Huge publication package (thousands of documents and maps)

TOL6KTY 1: Participation in a single tribe.

TOL6KTY 2: Participation in two tribes.
TOL6KTY 3: Participation in three tribes.

TOL6KTY 4: Joining all sixteen tribes.




Marmara Region: M1 Obası (Thrace) - Kırklareli

Marmara Region: M2 Obası (South) - Balıkesir

Aegean Region: E1 Obası (North) - Manisa

Aegean Region: E2 Obası (South) - Aydin

Mediterranean Region: A1 Obası (East) - Mersin

Mediterranean Region: A2 Obası (West) - Antalya

Central Anatolia Region: IA1 Obası (East) - Sivas

Central Anatolia Region: IA2 Obası (West) - Ankara

Central Anatolia Region: IA3 Obası (South) - Konya

Black Sea Region: K1 Obası (East) - Artvin

Black Sea Region: K2 Obası (West) - Bolu

Black Sea Region: K3 Obası (Middle) - Amasya

Eastern Anatolia Region: D1 Obası (East) - Erzurum

Eastern Anatolia Region: D2 Obası (West) - Malatya

Southeastern Anatolia Region: GA1 Obası (East) - Mardin

Southeastern Anatolia Region: GA2 Obası (West) - Gaziantep

Macedonia: MAK1 Obası - Strumica / Strumiça

Macedonia: MAK2 Obası - Gostivar

TRNC: Island Obası - Çatalköy

Note: Participation in Macedonia and TRNC camps is treated like Turkish tribes.


Methods and maps you can use to escape from cities during disaster times. The answer to the question where can you go?..

Escape Plan from Antalya

Escape Plan from Istanbul

Escape Plan from Izmir

Escape Plan from Mersin

Escape Plan from Muğla

Escape Plan from Samsun
Escape Plan from Çanakkale
Escape Plan from Trabzon
Escape Plan from Tekirdağ
Escape Plan from Bursa
Escape Plan from Manisa
Escape Plan from Adana

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are camps a facility?

Camps are not a facility, they are an organization. If we had established a facility, we would be selling millions of lira of real estate. We are Preppers and we organize based on practical, effective, safe cooperation. Don't perceive our work that way by looking at TV series and movies. We are working as a Prepper Community.

2. Are we doing Oba practice?

There is no such thing as "oba work". We organize an organization that brings together people who can come together in chaotic disasters and think about fighting for the same goal. You either agree with this or you don't. If you want to join, you have to say "I want to join the camp". If you say "oba work" as if we are doing camping, training or activity related to the tribes, we will respond negatively, assuming that you have not understood us at all. Please read our posts first and find out what's what.

3. Are superior merits required to join camps?

We are not interested in approaches such as "I can do forty somersaults in the air", "I was a commando in the military", "I am a master of survival", "I graduated from 3 universities". First of all, it is more impressive for us to be humble, to be respectful to the leader of this structure, to contribute in terms of loyalty and knowledge, to be diligent in preparation, to read and watch our previous posts. After all, in accordance with the saying "We are as strong as the weakest chain", we are aware that the spiritually weakest people are in a better situation.

4. Are there oba everywhere?

Oba organization was planned for only 16 places across the country. Oba area in each province and district not considered. Because in terms of disasters, some cities are 70-80% safe, some cities 50-60%, some cities 30-40%, some cities 10-20%, some cities 0% safe. The rate of those that are 70-80% and 50-60% safe, based on country geography, is below 8%. It is not logically possible for us to consider settling in unsafe cities and geographical areas.

5. Does the Liberation Guide / Kurtuluş Rehberi book's pre-order form constitute a purchase or reservation?


We have created a "Pre-Order Form" on our websites regarding our book Liberation Guide. However, after the book was released, we made an announcement to people and informed them that the book was out. The Pre-Order Form is no longer valid. Filling out this form does not mean purchasing or booking a book. You must purchase the book yourself from the Publisher's website.

6. Are there any studies abroad?

We also carry out oba and analysis studies on different countries of the world. We also have a Liberation Guide publication about Germany. This has not yet been compiled into a book. But it exists digitally.

7. Tariq / What is Nibiru?

There are thousands of publications on this subject in our Social Media areas, Youtube Channel and website. To those who ask what its importance is for the near future of the world, we can say this:

1. It is a gigantic structure that has shaken, injured and even torn apart the planets and the Sun in our Solar System for 1600 years (some planets and moons are known to have been torn apart by it in the past).

2. It is a structure nicknamed "The Destructor" that, when it comes to its closest position to the Earth, physically interacts with the Earth and brings about the end of most of the organic life on Earth. It is mentioned in the Bible as Wormwood, in the Kolbrin Bible it describes the chaos it caused during its arrival in the past, and in the Surah Tariq it is stated that it is "a special structure belonging to Allah".

You can start by reading a few articles:

Nibiru Introduction:̇bi̇ru-tanitimi

What Will Happen When Nibiru Arrives? - 1:

What Will Happen When Nibiru Arrives? - 2:

8. What is the spiritual significance of Tariq?


Tarık / Nibiru Star is a special structure of Allah and this planet came when He was going to reset / reduce the population on the Earth. For example; It is known that some pharaohs had more than 2 million soldiers in their armies. However, when Nibiru came during the Sumerian period, he uprooted many communities from their homes and reduced the population tremendously. Hz. At the time of Jesus (pbuh), the world population had fallen below 1 million.

9. What do natural disasters have to do with Tariq?

Natural disasters and catastrophes, which are increasing in number and severity, occur due to the influence of Tarık. Nibiru increases its effects on the Earth and the Sun, the Sun increases its effects on the Earth and other planets, and the other planets increase its effects on the Earth. Nibiru sends all sorts of things, such as electromagnetic waves, tails (iron oxide dust, asteroids, fireballs, frequencies, petro-oils, etc.), radiation and plasma discharges, electric arcs, etc., to every planet in our Solar System. Schumann Resonance, Earth's Axial Rotation Shift, Magnetosphere Breakup, etc. This situation is also seen in the measurements.

10. How should I prepare?

4 golden rules of preparation:


- Get a good leader/guide

- Make all kinds of supplies as much as you can.

- Get necessary information and maps

- Be with people who think like you


A. What should you do during the physical preparation phase?


1. Food and beverage stock

2. Security equipment

3. Security measures, observation and keeping watch

4. Various tools and equipment

5. Communication devices: Walkie-talkies

6. Developing alternative communication methods

7. Joining or forming a camp union

8. Creating separate preparedness plans in the city and in the countryside

9. Creating an emergency kit, first aid kit and rural transit kit

10. Buying clothing and masks for NBC

11. Stocking up on medicines

12. Obtaining information sources (books, documents, etc.)


B. What should you do during the information and map acquisition phase?

1. Learning to build shelter

2. Learning to camp

3. Learning where safe areas are

4. Creating written disaster plans

5. Creating a city escape plan

6. Obtain important maps

Main preparation steps:

1. Mental preparation and understanding the age you live in (what awaits us in the end times)
2. Information and map preparation, knowing what can happen to you and how to protect yourself from it
3. Preparation of camping equipment and tools
4. Preparation to unite and act together / such as common camping areas / meeting with trustworthy people
5. Surviving, camping, first aid, preparation for life in nature
6. Escape plan from cities
7. Preparation to determine which safe areas you will go to when you escape from cities / meeting with reliable people
8. Creating archives on important topics / like posts in our archive group on Telegram
9. Better; practical commando training, camping training, Tarık Yıldızı consultancy, first aid training, survival training, Apocalypse training
10. Having a good guide, leader and companion for chaotic times
11. Observing the course of the world and knowing how to take action at the right time
12. Creating a systematic disaster survival organization in a safe area / building a shelter, security, meeting needs, etc.
13. Liberation Guide Book + BAT Publications / a must...
14. Reading articles in the blog areas of our sites
15. Watching videos on our Youtube channel:


11. How should domestic residents prepare?

A. To complete the information acquisition phase:

1. Get information packs

2. Follow developments

3. Buy "Kurtuluş Rehberi" book

B. To be united:

Join the obas

12. How should those living in different countries prepare?

A. To complete the information acquisition phase:

1. Get information packs

2. Follow developments

Get book 3

B. To be united:

Join Obas in Türkiye and worldwide

13. What happened during Tariq's previous visits?

He said that many events such as the extinction of the dinosaurs, Noah's Flood, the splitting of the Red Sea, the withdrawal of the Sumerians from the scene, the abandonment of the cities of the Akkadians, the formation of the Scythian Sea and the abandonment of the Turks from their homeland, and the emergence and sinking of the Mu Continent were due to Tariq's influence. There are religious and human resources.

14. Can you recommend a few movies to watch and learn from?

- To see similar events in Nibiru's contact with Earth: "Greenland", 2020.

- To see the Blackout that Nibiru will bring about: "Leave Behind World", 2023.

- To understand the massive disasters caused by Nibiru: "Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock"

15. Do we not present evidence for what we say?

First, read what I wrote and said. Then write a comment. If you look at two posts, comment and try to judge us, you will become a slave to your prejudices. What we are telling is a lighter dose of narration. Read what ancient civilizations and religions tell us. Your mind goes away. From time to time, I also told what they told in my publications. People do not understand or do not care about such processes because they forget those times and cannot bring themselves to bear them. I made the chronological order of the End Times and put it on my website. This is the process of destruction called the Apocalypse of the End Times. The Doomsday process will begin after the reign of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) (40 years). Not all of the great signs of the End Times have been completed. But even what will happen during the Apocalypse is not something that everyone can handle or understand. That's why we say "be prepared mentally too". Doomsday is coming whether we want it or not. It is stated in a Hadith that the lifespan of humanity will last until the 15th century at the latest. It is currently the year 1445. The maximum is 55 years. 40 years of the sultanate of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).. We are left with 15 years at most. 5, 7 or 9 years of Mahdi's sultanate. We are left with 6, 8 or 10 years. Within these 10 Hijri years, at most, all the major signs and mischief of the End Times will have come to an end.

In the hadiths (in the original works of some hadith scholars, especially Naim bin Hammad), Hz. I have repeatedly explained the evidence in Ali's (ra) Sermon, the Bible, the Torah, and the Kobrin Gospel. You haven't read it or watched it. It is available in the blog areas of my websites and on my YouTube channel. I even presented the sources. We have already passed through the chapters you mentioned. In fact, in the Sermon of Hazrat Ali (ra), there are explanations about Tariq's effects and appearance, as well as signs and signs during his arrival. He explained it in such detail.. We found the original work of Naim bin Hammad from the Princeton University Library and the original of the Sermon of Hazrat Ali (ra) from the Egyptian Al Azhar University Library. We translated both of them into Turkish and published them.

We shared a lot of information about Tarık Yıldızı, mentioned as Pelin / Wormwood in the Bible, and the Apocalypse process in Turkish in the blog section of our website. We also shared what the Kolbrin Gospel tells. It won't work if you get lazy and don't read it and then say "this is it for me".

Tariq's Star brings destruction and the death of billions of people throughout the world. There is evidence of this in the sources we mentioned.

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