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Nibiru is coming

Güncelleme tarihi: 17 May 2023

I tried to write modestly:

The expected global catastrophes with Nibiru's arrival:

1. Extinction of 95% of the North American continent

2. The extinction of 90% of the South American continent

3. The destruction of 95% of the European continent

4. The destruction of 80% of the African continent

5. The extinction of 80% of the Asian continent

6. The destruction of 95% of the Oceania continent

7. 90%+ destruction of the Middle East

8. The destruction of 40-45% of Anatolia

What awaits the remaining humans after Nibiru has passed?

1. Excessive day-night temperature differences

2. Transition of temperate and warm climates to continental cold climates

3. Displacement of magnetic poles

4. The extinction of most of the animals and plants on earth

5. The destruction of many mountains

6. Seawater flooding over 90% of the world's land

7. Very large earthquakes

8. Freshwater wars

9. Livable land wars

10. Great Sufyan and Antichrist / Deccal exits

11. Revelation of Jesus Christ / Hz. İsa (as) to the world

12. Mahdi's appearance

What is expected to occur in Anatolia with the arrival of Nibiri:

1. 30%+ of Anatolian lands flooding the sea coasts

2. Megatronic earthquakes of magnitude 9+

3. Mountain collapses

4. Massive drought and famine

5. The collapse of Istanbul with the Great Istanbul Earthquake

6. Landslides on alluvial plains

7. Activation of 4-5 volcanoes

8. With the bursting of Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia dams, flood disasters took these regions and Iraq

9. Fireballs and meteor showers

10. Partial acid rain

11. Partial radioactive fallout

12. The eruption of volcanoes in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean

Russia and Turkistan special information:

1. More than 80% of Russia disappears

2. 95% of Turkmenistan disappears

3. 80% of Uzbekistan disappears

4. 65% of Kazakhstan disappears

5. 100% of Kyrgyzstan disappears

6. From eastern Siberia a tail of Nibiru rubs against the earth

Arab World specific information:

1. Syria near the sea and beyond the range of volcanic mountains survives, flooding many other places

2. Megatronic earthquakes occur in Syria

3. Almost every part of Lebanon is destroyed

4. 40% of Israel and Palestine will be destroyed

5. The western side of the Arabian Peninsula is protected, other parts turn into a lake and meet the sea waters

6. 5-10% of Egypt remains dry, other parts are flooded and large earthquakes occur.

7. In Egypt, Alexandria and its surroundings are destroyed by a huge earthquake

8. Major earthquakes and sea flooding occur in North Africa

9. 95% of the Waqkabi kingdoms in the east of the Arabian Peninsula are flooded by sea water

10. Along the lines where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers pass, water floods everywhere up to the Persian Gulf and huge earthquakes occur here.

11. Major earthquakes occur in Iran, but sea waters do not flood this country.

12. West Khorasan stays dry and provides safe passage to Asia

In conclusion:

1 "Great Extinction" i.e. "Recurrence" Process every 100,000 years, 1 "Great Flood" Process every 30,000 years, 1 "Little Flood" Process every 10,000 years, 1 "Global Disasters" ie "Warning" Process every 1000 years, every 1 "Stunning Change" and "Famine" Process in 100 years, 1 "Drought" and "Suffocating" Process in every 30 years. The history of humanity is 7 million years. Before that, the world was dominated by demons. At their head were the Nephilim. However, whatever happened, many of them were put on the Star of Tarık and sent from the world, that is, they were removed. They probably started to see themselves as gods.

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